If you have an audience, you have everything you need to become a full time creator.

HI 👋

If you're reading this you have probably thought about either:

  • Making some extra money as a creator 💸 or;
  • Making enough money to work as a creator full-time 💸💸💸

If so, kudos! This whole “Full-Time Creator” thing is really, really new. And it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and go for it. Especially since (and you've probably noticed this), there's no rulebook or tidy how-to guide on making it as a full-time creator. Between all that newness and the lack of easy-to-access resouces, it can feel like.... a lot. The Leap changes that.

Our Mission

The Leap helps creators go full-time for the long-term.


The Leap is lots of stuff—a publication, newsletter, TikTok channel, a community. Our big goal is to help creators make the leap from “whoa I have an audience” to “I can ditch my 9-5.”

To do that, we bring together advice from full-time creators who have been there. Monetizing your audience? Taxes and boring admin stuff? Preventing burnout? We’re here for all of it.

Our Purpose

To give every creator the opportunity for freedom, fulfillment, and stability in the creator economy.

Our Purpose

The Leap is the go-to hub for making it as a creator. But we're also up to something bigger...

The creator economy is booming. 50+ million creators. $3 billion expected investment in 2022. But $$$ doesn't tell the full story.

The creator economy is more than just another place to find a job. It's an opportunity for creators to build a business on their own terms. Businesses where passion and impact brings fulfillment and stability. Freedom, fulfillment, stability. That’s the creator economy package, and we think everyone should get their fair share.

Through transparency, inclusion, and support, we're making sure that the sweet perks of the creator economy are open, welcoming, and accessible to anyone.

For Creators,
by Creators.

We've got an absolutely *stacked* and growing team of super smart creators to help you make “full time creator” happen.

Want to contribute? Got some creator know-how to share? Come say hey and tell us what you're about!

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