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Creators of the Month: November 2022 Edition

by Roshelle Flores · Published Nov 25, 2022

Many of today’s most inspiring content creators are multi-hyphenates. Beyond posting entertaining and aspirational content on social media, creators are becoming entrepreneurs, building their own businesses, and turning their audiences into loyal customers. Some are even becoming popular educators in their own right, as they deliver useful content and resources to an information-hungry audience.

We’ve gathered a handful of great examples of creator-educators who are shining in their respective niches. Read on for The Leap’s creators of the month.

Aja Dang 


Replying to @_jannahh how to build your emergency fund #emergencyfund #savingmoney #savingmoneygoals #budget get your money right in case you need to leave your relationship

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Known for sharing her debt-free journey online, Aja Dang creates content to help others make informed decisions about managing their money. By sharing her story and past mistakes, Dang hopes to break the stigma around money and to empower individuals, especially women, through financial literacy.

As the founder of MSTRPLN, a brand of budget planners, Dang seeks to help her audience become more financially independent by sharing easy budgeting tips in her videos and more. If you want tangible advice for working towards your financial goals, check out Dang’s TikTok and YouTube channel.

Kelsie Exley

For creators looking to grow their audience and understand the evolving landscape of social media, Kelsie Exley is here to help. In addition to her insight-packed TikTok videos, the “social media girl” offers a bunch of amazing resources for aspiring content creators — think a TikTok creator starter pack, as well as a social media manager course catering to those who’d rather take their skills behind the camera. A small investment for a wealth of knowledge!  

Sydney on Socials

New and aspiring content creators, you’ll want to follow Sydney for her plethora of growth and monetization resources. Known for sharing viral-worthy video ideas on her TikTok, the social media coach offers a TikTok crash course, a TikTok hooks vault, and even an account auditing service with personalized suggestions after a review of your account by Sydney herself.

Alisha Cohen 

Ever wonder how product photography actually works? Alisha Cohen has got you covered. With clients such as IHOP, DevaCurl, and Eggo, the photographer is known for sharing photo styling tips and tricks on TikTok. What’s more, she’s created an online course for those looking to level up their visual content, whether it be flatlays, stop-motions, or videos.

To help those interested in pursuing a similar career as hers, Cohen also offers a product photography contract template, and even one-on-one consulting calls for those wanting to pick her brain.

Korean with Ina

If you’re looking to master the Korean language, Ina has got your back. A certified teacher, the creator educates her TikTok and Instagram audience on simple and practical Korean phrases.

Alongside her educational, bite-sized videos, Ina offers additional resources including e-books and a five-week Zoom class for beginners learning Korean. With over 700,000 followers on TikTok, her classes are popular among those wanting to expand their language skills. Adding to her growing e-book catalog, she’s recently released an e-book on 300 must-know Korean verbs.

Photos: Courtesy of Aja Dang

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