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Creators of the Month: December 2022 Edition

by Roshelle Flores · Published Dec 31, 2022

Today’s content creators are becoming more multifaceted than ever before. With an entrepreneurial spirit, many creators are carving out their own path and redefining what a career can be. From creating online courses to offering virtual coaching sessions, some have even found new revenue streams beyond the social media platforms where they first got a taste of online success.

To wrap up the year, we’ve rounded up a list of creator-educators who exemplify the versatility needed to succeed in the content creation space. Continue reading for The Leap’s final Creators of the Month segment for 2022. 

Hyla Nayeri

Creating a multimillion-dollar business while snagging a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list are some of the biggest achievements of 437 Swimwear’s cofounder, Hyla Nayeri. She inspires her audience through her openness to discuss the lessons she’s learned as a young, female entrepreneur. On TikTok, Nayeri often posts videos about her entrepreneurial journey, including how she grew her brand through social media, partnerships, storytelling, and celebrity marketing.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, Nayeri offers startup mentorship through one-on-one calls, giving personalized support and advice. Alongside 437 cofounder Adrien Bettio, Nayeri has also created two courses called “How TF Do I Start?” and “How TF Do I Scale?,” covering everything you need to know to start and grow a company.


Aspiring UX designers, you’ll want to follow Lily for her knowledge of product design and insight into the tech space. Self-dubbed “your tech bestie,” Lily is known for sharing TikToks that unravel the hidden rules of the corporate world based on her experience as a product designer.

Educating her audience on the the rapidly evolving tech industry, the creator offers a number of product design tutorials, a free resume template, and even private coaching sessions including an app critique workshop. For those hoping to break into the tech world, Lily’s resources might just give you a leg up.

Eats by Ramya

Looking for healthy homemade recipes? Eats by Ramya has got you covered. The food blogger boasts over 374,000 followers on TikTok, who look to her for delicious recipe ideas — from scrumptious dishes like her creamy cajun mashed potatoes, to dreamy drinks such as her apple cider sangria cocktail pitcher

With the goal of teaching young people how to prepare quick, healthy meals, Ramya has created numerous recipes that are cognizant of calories and focused on the amount of protein. Her e-cookbook, Simply Healthy, includes 30 easy recipes under 500 calories guaranteed to have your mouth watering.

Jordan Samson

Has the end of the year inspired you to switch up your space to start fresh for 2023? If so, Jordan Samson is here to help with your interior design needs. With a unique vision, Samson’s videos provide plenty of inspiration — from a TikTok series that showcases accessible IKEA must-haves, to videos on how to create the perfect home office.

For those who want to consult with Samson, he offers a virtual design service where he can give you suggestions on furniture, decor, paint, and materials to help you complete your space.

Soma Chhaya    

Are you ever curious about the art of acting? Soma Chhaya, an acting coach whose credentials include Degrassi: Next Class, is here to help guide aspiring actors. Besides sharing acting tips and tricks on TikTok, Chhaya offers an in-depth acting program and private acting coaching for anyone looking to enter the film and TV industry and get supportive advice to level up their career.

Photo: Courtesy of Hyla Nayeri

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