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Creators of the Month: September 2022 Edition

by Roshelle Flores · Published Sep 30, 2022

Creators have the unique ability to not only provide entertainment, but also serve as a conduit for information to their communities. With social media platforms being used more and more like search engines these days, audiences often turn to creators when they want to learn about something. Many creators have embraced this challenge to share their passion or expertise online, producing content that isn’t just fun to watch, but also adds value to their followers.

From helping you decorate your space with clever DIY ideas, to educating you on sustainable practices, the following creators are making thoughtful and engaging content across a range of topics. Keep reading for The Leap’s creators of the month.

The Kwendy Home


How to make glow in the dark mushroom lights 🥹 thanks for the teaching us @mystiquerealm #cottagecorediy

♬ original sound – Ethan Hodges

With over 7 million likes on TikTok, Wendy’s videos serve up home decor inspiration with a dash of cheeky humor. Taking her audience on her journey as a homeowner, the creator shares everything from room transformations, to easy beverage recipes, to tips and tricks on how to clean your home. In addition to her intriguing TikTok tutorials, Wendy also has a blog where she gets into the details of her home, and publish guides like “How to Make Mason Jar Ice Cream” and “How To Make a Plant Pulley.” It’s hard not to be in awe of Wendy’s incredible ability to create the comfortable, inviting feeling necessary for a home.

Venetia La Manna


how do @boohoo have enough money to pay for a greenwashing campaign featuring Kourtney Kardashian as their newly appointed ‘sustainability ambassador’? exploitation of course! #boohoobykourtneykardashian #boohoo #greenwashing #secondhandseptember #slowfashion #sustainablefashion

♬ original sound – Venetia La Manna

Becoming a sustainable consumer of clothing can be difficult, especially with today’s rapid cycles of fast fashion and trends. Venetia La Manna is here to help you think twice before shopping. Boasting 176,000 followers on Instagram and 921,500 likes on TikTok, La Manna is the creator of the hashtag #oootd, a play on the term “outfit of the day” that stands for “old outfit of the day.” With the hashtag, she hopes to help remove the stigma around outfit repetition. La Manna is also the host of her podcast, All The Small Things, where she interviews thought leaders, writers, and activists about how we can make life-changing impacts in minute ways. If you are looking to educate yourself about living more consciously, look no further than La Manna’s curated list of resources ranging from books to a podcast that raises awareness about garment workers’ wages.

Isaias Hernandez

Known by his moniker @queerbrownvegan, Hernandez is a content creator and an environmental educator. Having built a community of 108,000 on Instagram and 35,500 on TikTok, he uses his platform to educate people on simple environmental issues, with videos that discuss green washing and lead poisoning among other topics. While Hernandez’s content centers around environmental justice and awareness, it also promotes self-acceptance, self-love, and reflection.

Travel and Munchies

Are you constantly stuck on what to cook for dinner? Nadia of @travelandmunchies has got you covered. On her TikTok and Instagram, the Toronto-based creator shares recipes that’ll have you drooling. Besides posting Ghanaian recipes that she grew up with, she also develops recipes inspired by international cuisines through diligent research — from blonde chocolate to gnudi to a scrumptious garden egg stew. Need more inspo? Check out one of her most-watched videos this month, Ugali with Goat Dry Fry and Sukuma Wiki, a Kenyan recipe.

Laura Jane Jones

Sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement and uplifting words of inspiration to get through the day. The Instagram posts of illustrator and content creator Laura Jane Jones are nothing short of that. Through her colorful artworks, Jones seeks to spread awareness for mental wellbeing. As an educator herself, she also publishes YouTube tutorials on creating digital art and illustrations. If you enjoy Jones’ feel-good content, sign up to receive free phone wallpapers or a heartwarming newsletter from her every week.

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