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Google Perspectives Will Feature Creator Content in Search Results

by Nicholas Bouchard · Published May 17, 2023

When it comes to searching for information on the internet, Google is the old reliable. By typing a few keywords in the Google search bar, you can instantly get pages of relevant articles, images, and much more. But in the age of social media, when people seek to learn about different topics from their favorite content creators and other internet users, is Google’s star fading? Have people started turning to other platforms to search for what they need?

Well, with its newly announced “Perspectives,” Google is trying to ensure that it doesn’t lose the top spot in the search engine game. Read on to learn more about the new search feature.

What is Google Perspectives?

Google Perspectives is both a filter and a dedicated section that will be added to the Google search engine in the coming weeks. Tap that filter — or visit that section — and you’ll get more than just dozens of links to different websites. You’ll see a feed of short-form and longer videos, images, and written posts that people have shared on online forums and social media platforms.

Essentially, Perspectives is designed to help you find tips, advice, and stories shared by real people and content creators. To help you discern the credibility of such content, Google said it will display more details about the creators of the content, “such as their name, profile photo, or information about the popularity of their content.”


Google announced Perspectives, a new section of search that showcases content from creators across TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, and other community platforms 🤳 What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments! #google #googleupdates #contentcreation #greenscreen

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Why is Google launching Google Perspectives?

It’s likely that Google is feeling the competition from TikTok’s surging popularity as a search engine. At the end of 2021, TikTok sailed right by Google and became the most-visited website of the year. Not only that, but in 2022, Google’s own research also showed that nearly half of Gen Z preferred using TikTok when looking for a place to eat rather than Google. Understandably, that had Google a little rattled.

But you can’t put it all on Gen Z’s shoulders. Other community websites, like Reddit and Quora, have become so popular that many are googling specific threads on these platforms, using queries like “how to make money online reddit” or “best retinol skncare reddit.” It’s so common that Google started listing discussions from these forums among other search results back in 2022. So, it seems like Perspectives is a natural evolution of this solution.

What Google Perspectives means for creators

Google Perspectives is about to change the game, not just for those who use Google Search, but also for content creators.

Search engine optimization (or SEO for short) has always been important for reaching a wider audience and boosting visibility on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. But now that your content can appear in Google search results (not to mention that Google is still the most popular search engine by far), your ability to reach new audiences is even more remarkable.

Think about it this way: your content won’t be confined to the platform where you create it, as Google can now help further distribute it to its Search users.

While your SEO game will have to change a bit — Google is prioritizing content with fresh, original perspectives made for people rather than the most optimized posts — the launch of Perspectives still presents a huge opportunity for creators to grow their online presence.

Share your perspective

With Google search results displaying content from social media platforms and discussion boards more prominently, creators would want to step up their game.

The launch of Google Perspectives means that creators will have a greater opportunity to reach new audiences beyond their platform of choice. However, it also means that their pool of potential competitors is about to get a lot wider. To stand out from the crowd, ultimately, creators should focus on making quality content that shares their unique expertise and experience.

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