The Leap Newsletter — April 25

by The Leap Team · Updated Aug 12, 2022

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First of all, WTH is the Creator Economy?

A market valued at nearly $100 billion dollars, the Creator Economy is a whole new world of opportunity for skilled creatives looking to define their own business outside the standard 9-5.

​For Creators, the road to success and financial freedom is paved with likes and follows, partnerships and collaborations. The best part about it? Literally anyone can make it as a Creator, all you need is self-motivation (easier said than done). If you’ve got that in spades, then all you need to do is figure out your value add, message, and what makes you stand out from the rest.

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To get started, we’re helping Creators (like you!) get a leg up with our Creator Starter Pack Giveaway.

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Little Extras

Zuckerberg really wants you to make a living off of being a Creator with Horizon World, aka the first big Meta thing.

Go home you’re drunk, auto-captions. Frustrated that a computer can’t figure out what you’re saying? Edit them yourself.

Coachella + Instagram = influencer heaven or hell?

Want to look like a golden god riding a unicorn? DIY your own AR filter with Effect House.

Girlypop host Ally Yost thinks Content Creators aren’t showing their true colors enough online.

How to Not Die Doing Your Taxes

It was all a dream, and a rude awakening came along: tax season. If thinking about your taxes makes your body seize up, you’re not alone. The good news? You can get good at it (even if you really, really dislike it). So don’t look into moving to Puerto Rico just yet – we’ve got some tips for you.

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