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by The Leap Team · Updated Oct 5, 2022

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Web 3.0. IYKYK. If you don’t – let’s get into it.

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Some real sh*t is brewing. With the constant talk of layoffs, the threat of a recession, and inflation making even butter unaffordable, you might be ready to switch your big kid underwear out for some pull-ups. Not so fast. We happen to know that creators, in particular, have an upper hand right now. Some are even calling them recession-resistant. Look at you – running your own personal brand, living that entrepreneurial life, and weathering the storm of a global lockdown to come out the other end thriving. If you can do that, you can do anything. The creator economy isn’t slowing down, and there’s no signs that you will, either. You’re adaptive, you’re flexible, you’re ingenuitive, you’re creative.

Listen, you’ve got this.
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How To: Explore Diverse Streams of Income

Three words: Sustainable. Business. Model. Put them together and what do you have? A … sustainable business model. What, were you expecting something else? In this evolving creator world, it’s not enough to just post content. What we’re seeing more and more is that creators and influencers are finding themselves more diverse income streams to account for the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. Covering all your bases will lead to – you guessed it – a more sustainable business overall. Where do you start? We’re talking sharing knowledge, making courses, selling physical products, and even private-access communities. Yep, those high school club days are coming in handy after all.

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Little Extras

💩 Sick of hearing about powders that make you poop? Yeah, we all are. Good news – IG just announced you’ll be able to block ads and various content that fall under the “Sensitive Content” umbrella, which includes weight-loss products and weight-control ads. 

🥊 Pinterest has entered the ring. No longer just helping you plan your dream wedding, the platform dedicated to creating mood boards has big goals to compete with platforms like Shopify, Instagram, and TikTok by working to create more opportunities for creators, brands, and advertisers. 

❓YouTube is growing. Alongside its new Shorts clips, viewers will be able to submit questions through a new function that allows video creators to use them as direct prompts for future videos. If you’re thinking, wow that’s exactly like TikTok, you’re right.

🧢​ Teens stan YouTube. In a research poll, results that are shocking to absolutely no one show that teens are leaving Facebook (no one wants to hear Uncle Bob’s political rants anymore), and spending even more time on YouTube.

🎬 Lights, Camera, Accelerate! As TikTok continues to foster a diverse and inclusive community, the app is bringing back its Accelerator for Indigenous Creators, presented by the National Screen Institute. This free, six-week online training program will help up to 40 Indigenous creators grow their online presence. Participants will be announced in the fall.

🧑‍⚖️​ Are you in your Elle Woods era? Because TikTok is. Or should we say, #LawTok. As law students study for and take the bar exam, they’re sharing their experiences and some inside info on how to rise and shine on the big day. You have the right to remain entertained.

🌐 Web 3.0. You’ve heard of it, but what is it? It’s the future – an internet that decentralizes content by storing data differently. Basically, it’s a monopoly out there, and people are working to change that. How does that affect content creators? Hint: it will be way better. For full details, read our blog post below.

🎧​ Matthew Belloni is joined by Taylor Lorenz for this ‘The Town’ episode all about how Hollywood can learn and benefit from the creator economy. Can influencers cross the golden bridge into big screen stardom? How do influencers get representation? Tune in for all this and more. 

What You Need to Know About Web 3.0 

BitcoinNFTsblockchainsdecentralized autonomous organizations – if that all sounds like gibberish to you, you’re not the only one. The world of Web 3.0 is a wonderland – mysterious and fantastic, seemingly unreal, but very much something to explore. 

Many creators are so focused on producing the best content they can that they don’t always pay attention to what’s going on behind the scenes. That can leave them blindsided when a platform suddenly changes its rules in a way that’s detrimental to their work. What makes Web3 more beneficial for them? For starters, it’s all about ownership, which means more control, and more freedom. 

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