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by The Leap Team · Updated Oct 5, 2022

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Edit your tweets – but at what cost? $2.99 to be exact.

Your 5 min crash course in everything content creation.

Hello there! Just in case you’re not Adam Nuemann with a billion-dollar business deal despite the fact that you were politely kicked out of your previous business venture, may we suggest trying out a healthy mix of content creation endeavors? Such as: starting a podcast, creating a course, or making some UGC? If creating for your own personal audience isn’t the name of your game, take a course in copywriting or learn UI/UX design (filters are a great way to get your work noticed). There are so many options and avenues on the way to entrepreneurship. What’s the path you’ll take?

Hint: there’s no wrong way to go.
– The Leap

Gen Z Gets Comfy 

As the creator economy expands, we’re seeing a variety of archetypes emerging. One of our favorite ones is the “comfort creator.” You know the ones – they’re doing day-in-the-life vlogs, cooking at home, posting ASMR, and washing their face for viewers. In a climate that’s turbulent and overly stimulating, a growing amount of young viewers (slash all ages of viewers) are looking for content that’s going to bring on the zen energy after a long day of living in the world as a human being. Stay calm, tune into therapeutic content, and carry on, we always say. 

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Little Extras

☕​ It girl, Ganni queen and coffee expert Emma Chamberlain is changing the narrative on how influencers diversify their income streams. Chamberlain forwent the typical influencer route of clothing line to start her eponymous coffee company in 2019. Venture capitalists must see something brewing here – because she just raised $7M in funding. Steamy.

👛 The position title? TikTok Creator. Your position’s subtitles? Actor, director, filmmaker, writer, wardrobe assistant, and set designer. If you like to wear many hats and stay on your toes, brands and agencies are officially on the hunt for creators like you, and are willing to pay a pretty penny for your TikTok-ing skills. 

🐦​ Want to finally have the freedom to edit your tweets? Sure, pay up. For the low price of $2.99 per month, you can get Twitter Blue which gives you a variety of add-on tools including an edit option. But act fast – it looks like the price is going up to $4.99 soon.

👋🏻​ TikTok is testing a new feature that will highlight keywords in comments and link to search results, allowing you to find what you’re looking for with accuracy and ease. Is TikTok gearing up to be the next best search engine? Bye, Google.

⚠️ “Have you downloaded BeReal yet?” A question your millennial friends have probably asked you recently. BeReal, the app that prompts you and everyone you know to post one photo a day, is being touted as the new Instagram. But is it more like Wordle, in that it’s a little daily ritual?

♻️ It comes as no surprise that brands throw clothing at influencers like confetti at a wedding, but so many of those pieces are maybe worn once before being tossed. Detoure, an online consignment store, is hooking us all up with the leftovers – at very appealing prices. We love a sustainable shopping moment.

🔖​ Listen up, Shorty: YouTube Shorts is now adding watermarks to your short-form videos, so that when you share them on TikTok, people will know where it all really started. They say it’s so that your users will know you’re searchable on YouTube, but we think they’re just fighting to pull you back.

💑 The collab you’ve been waiting for. Shopify Collabs come to the rescue with a new feature that makes it super easy to help you find your perfect brand match. It’s like Tinder, but less creepy. No unsolicited pictures, reliable matches, and you actually get something worthwhile out of it. So, nothing like Tinder? Nice.

Redoux’s Asia Grant Manages Burnout 

Think you’ll avoid burnout as an entrepreneur? Guess again, sweetie. Asia Grant, cofounder of Redoux, learned the hard way by taking it all on during her first year as an entrepreneur. Even with a business degree, she learned that running a business was very different from what she expected. There are just some things a classroom can’t teach you, it seems. From corporate finance to building a vegan skincare business with her bestie, it hasn’t all been sunny days – but she’s learning how to manage boundaries, delegate tasks, and set healthy expectations. We sat down and got the full 411 on everything she’s learned so far.

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