The Leap Newsletter – August 5

by The Leap Team · Updated Oct 4, 2022

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Make Instagram Instagram Again.

Your end of the week creator news treat. 

Good morning! Time to wake up and smell that sweet summer breeze while you still can. Let’s face it, summer is basically over, right? We saw a meme with Mariah Carey in a passenger’s side window that said “objects are closer than they appear” yesterday and cried a little. But if you know how time works, you know it goes by fast, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to sit down and plan some holiday content. Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday – they comin’, oh lord they comin’. 

You can do this.
– The Leap

Should IG Creators Be Concerned? 

Somebody call Vin Diesel, IG’s updates are hitting us too fast and too furious. Everyone from your bestie to the Kardashian family hit the digital space in protest recently with the chant: Make Instagram Instagram again. There’s even a petition going with close to 300k signatures asking the IG gods to focus on pictures again. 

As the app tries to keep up with TikTok and the demand for video, it’s been under some fire for all of the constant changes, namely full-screen mode and pushing vids from accounts you don’t follow. Should IG creators be worried? For the full scoop, read our take below.

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Little Extras

🐗 Mr. Beast just went BEAST MODE, hitting 100-million subscribers on YouTube. As only one of five creators in the 100 million club, he’s celebrating by releasing some merch, exclusively shoppable through YouTube’s Live Shopping feature. 

⚠️ With Instagram trying to become TikTok, maybe one day Instagram will try to be like BeReal? The app taking the world by storm is hot for many reasons, one being that people are nostalgic for the good old days when you could actually see what your friends are doing. No posing, no filters, just real life.

🇫🇷​ Long live the Summer of Scam. A new dark comedy called Not Okay is based off of scammers and Influencers gone wild, following the story of a sad and lonely Instagrammer who decides to fake a trip to Paris. Seems real, isn’t. Or is it?

💔​ To collaborate online with your significant other or not? That is the question. Brands love to work with couples because it’s giving ~ precious and homely ~ but what happens when influencer couples break up? Fake it for a while to rake it in?

🧠 What are you doing tonight, TikTok? Oh, just the thing we do every night: try to take over the world. Rumor has it ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) has filed a trademark application for “TikTok Music” which means users could one day purchase, stream, share, and download music right in the app. TikTok is really fighting for that BAE status.

👠​ You could go viral on TikTok unboxing vintage clothing – all you need is an iconic grandma to bequeath you a collection of stunning pieces. In case that’s not part of your family tree, live vicariously through Olivia Joan who’s going viral right now in her grandma’s Louboutins.

The Secret Sauce to Going Viral 

What do depressed fish, school nostalgia, and cultural heritage inside jokes have in common? They’re all elements of viral TikTok videos. We chatted with Kylen HodgesFrancine Ng, and Abbie Budden about some of their magic moments online, how being bored turned into relatable content, and what they’re doing to grow their audience. Note: it helps to be funny.

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