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by The Leap Team · Updated Sep 23, 2022

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Webtoon’s Got Money On Their Mind

Webtoon, a huge webcomics online community, is looking for English creators and they’re willing to pay up. In an interview with Forbes, they said they paid out over $1 million USD per month to English-language content creators (and over $27 million in total) since 2020. This is an almost 75% jump in payouts for artists in the American market since 2019. Are you a comic artist or writer? Time to turn those doodles to dollars, friends.

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Little Extras

🤥 Hath TikTok deceived us? According to Embedded, a Substack newsletter by Kate Lindsay and Nick Catucci, the answer is yes, especially when it comes to making a living making UGC. The topic is trending online, but these writers come with a warning: not everyone is going to be able to strike gold right away, so maybe don’t quit your job yet?

🌊 Drowning in content? Welcome to the new wave: building a community and driving conversations. As influencers set up groups, play around with subscription options, and bring together their more dedicated followers, we’re seeing the rise of controlled spaces where people can exist without worrying about trolls.

🤝 IG really said: it’s not easy enough to spend money on here. Zuck just announced a new feature that allows you to buy products from qualified small businesses directly through the DMs. They’ll send you a “request,” you’ll pay directly in the app, and everyone will live happily ever after.

📚 TikTok is taking a page out of the #BookTok trend with a novel idea: their own book club. Joined by 5 designated “BookTok Laureates,” the first book discussed by the community will be Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” Sounds like they’re trying to “persuade” #BookTok lovers to join in.

📞​ Snapchat just announced they’re adding video calling, shaping and chatting to desktop, which means you can continue the chats at work while looking like you’re doing work. Sounds like they’re expanding to paid subscribers first – does this make you want to level up your subscription?

🌱​ Influencer trends going strong: be a real human, go live often, embrace sincerity. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s driving how people engage and who they’re looking to follow online. This is good news for newbies, as this means the rise of the micro- and nano- influencer. Think it’s all about numbers? Guess again!  

🧑‍🍳​ Yes, chef. People are obsessing over The Bear, and we love to see the subsequent spicy illustrations and cultural analyses. A new series like this has some serious content potential, so here’s your cue to tune in, jump into the prep line, and cook up some *chef’s kiss* memes. 

🕊️ Ladies and gentlemen, her. Miss Excel, aka Kat Norton, is the main character in the rags to riches narrative, going from rock bottom to developing a seven-figure business. In this To Be Magnetic podcast episode, Kat explains how she manifested her dream life (and how you can, too).

5 Creator Platforms You Should Explore

Remember Clubhouse? Exploring Substack yet? How about Twitch? Look, it’s not just all about TikTok – creators are utilizing a plethora of other apps to build community and reach unique audiences. You might not hit big on the big OGs, but there’s lots of opportunity to diversify your content reach by using apps and platforms that might fit your content better. Here are the top 5 creator platforms you should be experimenting with (a few might surprise you).

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