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by The Leap Team · Updated Sep 23, 2022

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“I just quit my job / Damn, they work me so hard.”

You see it, you want it (a new job). You’re 5 mins away from the boost you need.

ICYMI, Beyoncé’s new single “Break My Soul” has a particular je ne sais quoi to it that makes you want to pack up your desk and move to Bali. Maybe it has something to do with these lines: “I just quit my job. Damn, they work me so hard. Work by nine then off past five and they work my nerves, that’s why I can’t sleep at night.” 

Striking at the heart of our collective discontent, Queen Bey is saying what many have been feeling: It’s time to seriously reconsider what life and work can look like. Going from the “female version of a hustler” to antiwork girlie might be a shocking shift for some, but we welcome our new zen goddess overlord. 

So when you show up in your boss’s office with your letter of resignation, just say, “Beyoncé made me do it.”

Release ya job, release the time.
– The Leap

Elyse Myers content creator tiktok

Influencers Are Sick and Tired

Speaking of Beyoncé not sleeping at night, influencers right now seem to be flocking to social media to talk about one thing: their mental health and online culture. Through tears and honest explanations, the theme is that many of us are struggling right now, so please be kind.

Being a content creator is amazing, don’t get us wrong: flexibility, agency over your schedule, creative control and freedom, etc. makes it so rewarding. But it comes with its challenges. 

Bullying and hate-watching run rampant online, especially on apps like TikTok, with viewers savagely targeting people like Elyse Myers, who are just trying to share their lives in a playful way. Online harassment is a main concern in the mental health conversation, plus the ever-present demand to be relevant, talk to everyone in your audience as if they were your bestie, and keep up creatively. 

If you’re worried about burning out or dealing with harassment online, it could be a good time to start thinking about setting boundaries, switching it up, or taking a little break to recharge. Start with the five strategies found in our blog below.

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Little Extras

⛳​ Still focused on getting videos to go viral? Well, Gen Z isn’t. YouTube just released their Culture and Trends Report focused specifically on Gen Z viewers and creators, and it looks like they’re more interested in creative content that’s relevant to them. So if you like to play the long game, you’re in luck. 

😿 Tired of being hacked on IG? Trick question. The answer is yes, and what the hell do we do about it? This startup is stepping in to provide “hacking insurance” for creators who need a little bit more peace of mind on the app. 

🩳​ How does one use YouTube Shorts to their financial benefit? Tim Jablonski, SVP of Programming and Audience Development at Little Monster Media, also wondered, so he did the leg work by rounding up the stats to collect the insights. TL;DR: A good story matters.  

✌️This TikToker gets the recognition he deserves from everyone, except the NY Post who prefers clickbait over a real name in a headline. His name is Khabane Lame, and he has officially become the #1 most followed TikTok creator at the ripe age of 22. We see you, Khaby.

💰​ Why work with a brand when you can create your own? The influencer trend you love to see: moving from paid partnerships to launching personal collections. Cutting out the middleman means more money straight to pocket, not to mention more creative freedom.

🤒 Is Daily Harvest the drama? Unanimously, yes. The meal kit service is taking a hard hit after a bunch of people posted how they were seriously ill – even getting gallbladders removed – because of the French Lentil + Leek Crumble. Daily Harvest was valued at $1 billion last year. We wonder how much they’re worth now? 

⚠️ Facebook, whom? TikTok is the go-to money maker for Gen Z, rendering old platforms kind of obsolete. Alyssa McKay went from broke student to making six figures on the video app, and it’s not beginner’s luck. The algorithm is so good, it has a chokehold on us all. Meta, you better watch out.

🦗 Alastair Aiken is the wise YouTube master we all needed. Creator Ali-A is sharing his wisdom and learnings with young grasshoppers by hosting a new talent show called “uTure” to find promising personalities to mentor into stardom. Tuning in asap.

Okay, I’m Ready to Quit. Now What?

If you’re like, “okay, you made a compelling case, Beyoncé, I’ll do it, I’ll quit,” first of all, omg congrats! Secondly, let us help you make the next step. For those seriously ready to leave that 9-5, there are just a few small things to think about. We’ve put together four main points for consideration, like preparing your community, getting an accountant and building out a revenue plan. You. Can. Do. This.

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