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by The Leap Team · Updated Sep 23, 2022

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Time to say RIP to Google and IG?

You’re 5 minutes closer to kissing the content creator dream hello.

Hey bestie! Wherever your content creation endeavors take you, the most important part is enjoying the process and having fun. Every creator will tell you that their business started as a pet project or a creative outlet on the side — a place to authentically be themselves in a world asking them to fit into boxes or perform for promotions. As you explore your own unique voice and perspective, find your audience, and start making money, don’t get lost in the hustle. You left that boring job for something more exciting, so remember to enjoy it. 

Get out there and have fun!
– The Leap

Madi Prettyman is Not Bored Anymore

Madi Prettyman TikTok creator influencer

“Lazy girl makeup” queen, Madi Prettyman, went from bored in the (accounting) house to thriving as a content creator and a coach to beauty brands. Founder of Choose Your Glow and Choose Your Social, she’s dewy, she’s glowing, she’s the moment, and we sat down to find out more about her #FirstYear as a creator.

Madi Prettyman TikTok creator influencer

Sometimes it’s hard to see around the first corner of entrepreneurship. Madi explains that it was scary at the beginning, and her sister and her mom were probably her only dedicated followers. From feeling like her content didn’t matter to endless comparisons, Madi pushed through, found her purpose, and has a successful business as a result. Read our full interview to get the tea.

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Little Extras

👋 Bye, Google. Ain’t nobody got time for you. Despite the fact that it has become a verb, does anyone “google” anything anymore? For a lot of TikTokers, the answer is no because #tiktoktaughtme. Although people are sometimes double checking on the iconic search engine, TikTok is now BAE. 

⭐ TikTok isn’t just a good distraction to help you fall asleep (or keep you awake) – the app is out here helping musicians book venues and take control over their careers in ways other platforms haven’t been able to. For example, it’s giving life to queer musicians like Mxmtoon, Cat Burns, and Jake Wesley Rogers. Rock on, sweet star children. 

🚵 Have you ever thought: “I could be a Peloton instructor. What, like it’s hard?” We just want to let you know that these instructors are basically building entire empires for themselves and cashing in on brand partnerships with giants like Adidas, NARS, Nissan, and Whole Foods. So, you know, put that on your bike and spin it.

🪑 “I can’t afford to die, I’d lose too much money.” – Instagram. Big ad agencies don’t want to work with influencers who edit their appearance, which is a sign that corporations are looking for more authenticity. As content creation standards reach maturity, does this mean the end of IG as we know it? Some experts think so. 

🍔​ Remember Normcore? It was when sneakers and white t-shirts became haute couture. Well, regular looking dishes are now gaining popularity online, creating an appetite for “Normfood” (you heard the term here first). Say goodbye to unicorn lattes and cereal-topped ice cream and say hello the most basic burgers and pizzas you’ve ever seen. 

⚡​ Still not sure about crypto? This 25-year-old influencer quit college and made 3.7 million through YouTube last year. He invests $50K a month (???!!) and is helping his parents pay their mortgage. So, like, maybe it’s time to get off that fence?

Microinfluencer TikTok: Cult or Nah?

We’re not saying it’s a cult, but we’re also not saying it’s not a cult. Microinfluencers, y’all be wildin’ on TikTok and we’re just wondering if you cuties are okay. Blink once for yes, twice for mind your business.

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