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by The Leap Team · Published Jun 6, 2022

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This week’s update is hot and ready for you. Let’s tuck in.

Let’s get real. If you’re trying to use IG and TikTok to build a business and an online following, you’ve deeply felt the ups and downs. It’s like one day no one is seeing your stories, the next day your Reel gets 10k views, and then that post you spent an hour on got 2009-level likes. Forget keeping up with the Kardashians, we’re just trying to keep up with the algorithm. The key: stay consistent. Get into your flow and stay there knowing that building your audience takes time. Stick to it and stay in the game and it will all pay off. 

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Self Made Babe Says F**k it, Live Your Life

Founder, podcast host, and Chief Empowerment Officer Marie Ann Altuve is the almost-26-year-old powerhouse running Self Made Babe, and she doesn’t mince words when it comes to how she wants to live her life. We sat down and talked about her first year as a creator. After a major health scare, she realized she wanted to take a risk and go after her passions.

You might not expect it, but her advice to first-time creators is: Therapy. Take care of your emotions so they don’t become a bottleneck to your business, and then get out there and do what makes you happiest.

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Little Extras

📽️ Finally an update we want to see! TikTok’s in-video editor got a TLC-grade makeover and *gasp* it’s perfect. Now you can add music where you want, add photos, and snap everything into place. Get that update, fam!

📣 Creating a great Reel is like being the director, producer, and actor of your own short film. IG just announced that it’s now easier to make a masterpiece with: new sound effects, importing your own audio, interactive stickers, and trend-based Templates. Ready? Action!

🌈 Rebranded packaging, Pride Whoppers, Rainbow Doritos. Big brands are interested in Pride but sometimes it’s like, major yikes. At what point does corporate displays of “solidarity” become straight out “rainbow-washing”? 

🥱 Tired of pay gaps for influencers of color? Yeah, the UK is, too. Across the pond, MPs are recommending the gov. investigates and addresses indiscrepancies in pay for creators. It could even result in a trade union. Get your picket signs ready, mates.

🎊 TikTok takes LGBTQ+ content seriously, which is why seeing them listed as a presenting sponsor for this year’s LA Pride Parade just makes sense. They’ll have a float, two live backstage events and Kesha performing the finale. BRB we’re looking at flights to LA.

🤑 Creators: you hold infinite marketing power. Content is king and UGC is gold for mid-size and up-and-coming brands, which means you get to cash in even if you have a smaller following. 

💃 Zoi Lerma has 5.6 million followers on TikTok. Her advice: “If you really want to put your work out there and show everyone your gift, don’t hesitate! There are millions of people everyday showing off their work and talents, so why shouldn’t you?” 

🌎 From engineer to full-time creator, this 26-year-old is bringing in $170k a year (yes, you read that right) and is traveling the world while raking it in. No, we’re not jealous at all. Why do you ask?

🐍 Shady business is afoot. Crypto-influencers are often accused of exaggerating profits and hiding conflicts of interest while getting paid insane amounts of money to promote sometimes “joke currencies.” Is crypto becoming a world of snake-like scammers? 

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