The Leap Newsletter – May 23

by The Leap Team · Published May 23, 2022

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Whet your appetite with a 5-minute medley of all things creator economy

Hey, you! There’s a lot going on, isn’t there? Between Johnny and Amber, rising prices of just about everything, and the non-stop sagas of Elon Musk, it’s giving ~ chaotic ~ vibes. What can you do about it? Just show up as you are. Bring your humor, your flair, your wit and wisdom—the world needs your voice. So whether you’re providing commentary on all of the chaos or creating moments of rest for your audience, don’t forget to do your own thing. We need it. We love it.

You can do it,

– The Leap

Buckle In: It’s Time to Budget

How do you feel about budgeting? We know—there’s nothing quite like an excel spreadsheet to get the creative juices flowing. For most freelancers, it does not come easily, nor is it very thrilling to sit down and map out your money. But the reality is, being a content creator is a rollercoaster of jobs and projects, collaborations and viral successes. When life has its ups and downs, your budget is your seatbelt that keeps you from falling off the ride. This week, let’s learn how to:

  • Lock in your expenses
  • Start forecasting for months ahead
  • Create a backup plan
  • Be firm with your terms 
  • Ask for help

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Little Extras

L’chaim! It’s Jewish American Heritage Month and TikTok is showing some love to Jewish creators and #JewishTikTok throughout the month of May, celebrating their resilience and the ways they have made U.S. culture more wonderful.

Should you be paid for your ideas? Trick question! The answer is: obviously. We all know how hard it is to make money for content online, but now it’s getting a little easier with Jellysmack, Spotter, and even NFTs.

IG is back with another update! Who’s ready? IG is testing out Templates, which will allow you to create reels from another existing template. Is this a case of Instagram copying TikTok again? Hey, if it makes video creation easier, we’re not complaining.

Charlie Chang: the hero we all need. After being rejected from 15 medical schools, Chang finally threw in the towel and took to YouTube. $1.5 million later, here’s how he’s building multiple revenue streams while proving to his parents that he doesn’t need to be a doctor to be successful.

Julia Romano is serving middle child energy and we are here for it! From corporate lawyer to full-time famous person, she used to be known as “Jordan Romano’s sister” but thanks to TikTok, not anymore.

Have you heard about Web 3.0? It’s touted as an uncensored haven for creators where you don’t have to worry about getting paid. So how does anyone profit from it? Through blockchain technology, creators are rewarded for their work with cryptocurrency and a more engaged audience. Ok Web 3.0, you have our attention.

Natasha Samuel’s #FirstYear as a Content Creator

Natasha Samuel is as shiny as they come. A coach, speaker, and educator, Natasha is the bright-eyed and optimistic CEO of Shine with Natasha, a platform helping other creators find their audience and build their strategies so they can find success on Instagram. In an interview with our team, she shared all of the highs and lows from her first year as a content creator and what she’s learned from starting her business. Her mantra? It’s never too late to get back into the game.

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