The Leap Newsletter – October 13

by The Leap Team · Published Oct 13, 2022

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Hold up. You can make money on Pinterest? 

7 minutes in creator news heaven.

Oh, hello. We know what you’re asking yourself: Is everyone still in Portugal? Without me? Yes. They are. You might have used up all your vacation time, but luckily, this European dreamland knows you really want to go there and has created a new digital nomad visa launching October 30. Just think about it, you could be remotely cruising around, drinking cheap wine, eating seafood cooked from pots buried in the ground. Not to put ideas in your head or anything, but maybe it’s time to follow the trend and see where the winds take you. 

Viva sua vida.

– The Leap 

YouTube: Aspiring Educational Powerhouse?

Have you been keeping up with the changes on YouTube? It’s an understatement to say the least that it’s been difficult for YouTube creators to grow their audience or monetize their channels. But YouTube sees and hears our collective cries, and it’s making some updates to decrease some of these hurdles so that creators (especially new or smaller ones) can hit the ground running. Aimed at turning the platform into a more educational space, YouTube has announced some new features that’ll help content creators transform their businesses. Will it really manifest all of these dreams to become an educational powerhouse?

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Little Extras

🙈​ When it comes to Kim K, please don’t do as she does or say what she says. Unless you want to pay over $1 million dollars in SEC charges.

👀​ In a different version of the same story: Twitter joins the ranks of apps that want to be TikTok.

🎶​ Good old Instagram had a feed, e-i-e-i-o. And an ad here, and an ad there. Here an ad, there an ad, everywhere an ad.

🏡​ Emma Chamberlain’s home is major #creatorgoals. BRB, adding that bathroom to the moodboard.

😶 Mikayla Nogueira breaks her silence on TikTok, in case you were wondering what she was up to (other than probably working harder than you).

🛑​ Hold up. Stop everything. You can make money on Pinterest?

🥖 TikTok vs. YouTube. The battle of the apps. The battle of the ages. But which one is the breadwinner for creators?

🤝 YouTube has an offer you cannot refuse (but won’t tell you exactly what that offer is).

Your Feed is Missing These Creators

Is your explore feed feeling a bit dull? Are you looking for inspiration and some new faces to follow? Well, aren’t you lucky, because our team rounded up some fave creators to watch and learn from that we are certain you’ll love. From home improvement creator @thekwendyhome and her growing obsession with miniatures (the tiny Smeg fridge!), to environmental activism and all around positivity from @queerbrownvegan, these delightful human beings are making thoughtful, engaging, and down-right adorable content that will bring joy to these strange days we’re living in. 

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How to Make Money, Honey, on TikTok

According to TikTok creator Karissa Wampler: “With the right strategy, any loser can make money on TikTok. I know, because it’s me. I’m the loser.” Wondering where to start? Look no further: we created a TikTok Monetization Guide that anyone can follow. Make your money dreams come true.

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