The Leap Newsletter – October 20

by The Leap Team · Published Oct 20, 2022

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Making money on Instagram vs. YouTube vs. TikTok.

This week’s content creator news: served just the way you like it.

Good morning. It’s the Halloween szn and the scariest thing of all is that there are only 72 days left in the year, which means it will be 2023 before you can say pumpkin spice latte. Isn’t it time you made good on those goals and plans for the year? What have you been waiting to start? It’s time to take a crack at it (thanks for the inspo, Erica Choi). Start the business. Secure the YouTube shorts handle (more on that later). Start creating the content you want. Stop letting that idea grow cold – the world is ready for that piping hot, fresh brew that only you can make.

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Erica Choi Puts All of Her Eggs in One Basket

How do you take a side gig and turn it into a full-time thing? Ask Erica Choi – founder of the wellness rooted skincare brand, Superegg. Launched in 2020, Choi had been cooking up ideas for her brand well before she took the leap, but it wasn’t until her corporate job as VP of Digital Design at Barneys came to a close that she knew it was time. A visual story-teller by nature, the success of her brand began through growing her audience on Instagram and her blog. Now, she works with clients ranging from Tiffany & Co to Mercedes-Benz. Hear what this successful creator has to say about burnout, cutting your losses, and dealing with perfectionism.

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Little Extras

🗺️ If you need a map on how to take your creator hobby and turn it into a very successful business, Vanessa Lau is your cartographer and guide.

🌝 Are you cheating on your full-time job? If so, you may be entering your moonlighting era, along with everyone else trying to survive in this economy. 

🤓 Introducing a new sub-genre of creator: the analyst. Consumerism? You’re done. It’s all about providing value now.

📈​ The numbers are in: Everyone and their grandma is downloading BeReal. But how many people are really using the app?

🏖️​ Are Millennials all having a collective existential crisis? Probably — and tbh it looks pretty nice on the other side. 

🌎​ TikTok is hot on Amazon’s heels, which just further proves that TikTok is trying to take over the world. 

🏃 Run, don’t walk: YouTube is letting you pick your handle, so go and secure yours before someone else does ASAP.

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Oh My.

It’s a wild and wonderful world out there for content creators. With apps competing with each other, offering constant updates and better features, there’s no better time than now to make money online. But where does one start? Which platform is worth diving into? We analyzed the three top players in the short-form video game: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. To figure out which platform you should focus on, read on to learn how each of them is rewarding creators for their hard work.

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