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by The Leap Team · Published Sep 15, 2022

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Being an Amazon Influencer: Is it worth it?

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Hej, hola, bonjour. Europe will be cutting heat in the coming months, companies are cutting budgets, and Gen Z is cutting ties with Amazon. One constant you can rely on? Change. The better we can weather ups and downs, ebbs and flows, the more resistant we are to pandemonium, which seems to be around the corner these days. The nice thing about being a content creator is that you can work solo, anywhere you want, and in any financial climate. We happen to believe in you, and think you’ve got the chops for the task. There are 2 million professional creators out there – you can “cut it,” too.

Keep that creative fire burning.
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Is Being an Amazon Influencer Worth It? 

Tag teaming with Amazon can be one of many lucrative ways to earn income as an influencer. Simply by linking the things you love, creators can build storefronts to sell their own stuff or make recommendations, earning commissions pretty seamlessly. The pros? Super easy management and increased engagement. The cons? A fairly miniscule commission and no PayPal payout options. Not to mention, Gen Z is kinda suss about Amazon as a whole these days. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

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Little Extras

🧠 Ready to have your mind blown? Forbes follows the top creators of 2022 – everyone from YouTubers to IG and TikTok creators – divulging their average age, how many followers they have, and how much they really make. Warning: it is possible your jaw will drop. 

🖼️​ It’s always “what do you meme,” never “how do you meme.” In case you were curious about where memes are born, Know Your Meme follows the evolution of these digital masterpieces from Vine to 4chan to Tumblr and everywhere in between. This guide in particular tracks memes from 2010-2022.

☔ Influencers, we have good news for you: Apple’s privacy changes are in your favor. But the abundant rain of ad dollars don’t fall on everyone. Agencies and brands are suffering, realizing their ads aren’t performing as well, but that just means more influencer partnerships as a result.

💋​ Why can’t all platforms be more like LinkedIn? We know – said no one ever. But hear us out: LinkedIn’s working on a new native scheduling option that would be built into the post composer flow, allowing you to create, save, and schedule right in the platform itself. You like to see it.

🔍 Looking to crack the Pandora’s box that is the video algorithm on Meta? Luckily for you, it’s no longer a guessing game. Meta launched a comprehensive guide on the four key signals they use to rank video content, helping you create content that will be guaranteed to perform well. 

💰 F**k You, Pay Me. No, we’re not asking for money, we’re talking about the California-based platform by the very name (shortform: FYPM) working to create fairness and equity in the influencer market. Not only that, it’s a place where creators can call out exploitation and provide tools to help them negotiate for better pay.

Victoria Adesanmi On Leaving Her “Sexy” 9-5

Just because a career is sexy on paper, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be fulfilling. A year ago, Victoria Adesanmi was a color and materials designer at adidas, developing footwear products for the likes of iconic names like Beyoncé and Kanye West. But when the pandemic hit, she realized something important: she wasn’t happy and she wasn’t living her purpose. Leaving her 9-5 wasn’t as easy as submitting her resignation letter – she saved up and looked for other jobs before finally making the leap to launch her own business, Aesthetics Studios.

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