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by The Leap Team · Published Sep 29, 2022

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Creator-educators are laughing (all the way to the bank).

Your 5-minute foray into everything content creation

Okay, have you seen how ecstatic kids are about the face of our new Black aquatic princess? The joy on their faces just further proves how important representation is in every sphere of life, even (especially) fairy tales and entertainment. As a creator, you have the opportunity to create moments like this for other people. By sharing your story, your experiences, and your creativity, you could be helping people feel more connected and seen, which is the most beautiful gift you can give. There are people who want to be “part of your world” – so get out there and share it.

– The Leap

Hello, Tefi: The Dark Side of Life in the Spotlight

Being a creator has many obvious perks – flexible hours, a loyal community, and incredible collab opps. But we know that not all that glitters is gold, and for Tefi Pessoa, a life in the spotlight has its dark side. Tefi, aka @hellotefi, is a full-time creator with an impressive resumé, but beyond brand deals and hosting gigs, she still finds loneliness, comparison, and imposter syndrome knocking at her door. We sat down with Tefi to talk about how she overcomes the bad days and cares for her well-being in the midst of it being a TikTok star in the public eye. 

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Little Extras

💰 Go Shorty, it’s your pay day. YouTube announced some changes to its requirements to get paid, and it’s good news for creators of Shorts. 

💊​ Let’s keep the money ball rolling, YouTube. Using the music you want and getting paid on YouTube has been a headache, but it’s finally passing us some ibuprofen.

🧠 Having a bit of a business brain fart? Ugh, we hate those. Luckily, there’s a free course to help you – from one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers. 

🪑​ Watch your throne, Google. TikTok is coming in hot, riding on an SEO-breathing dragon.

📉​ Hey, influencers and creators: Need more convincing that it’s time to diversify your income streams? 

💭​ Gen Z ain’t got time for your corporate job offer. But is the dream of being a creator as glamorous as it sounds? 

👏​ ¡Paga artistas latinos! TikTok is honoring Latinx Heritage Month with major $$$.

🗒️​ All we want is fair pay, flexible hours, and a social media and Google algorithm cheat sheet. The first two are tricky, but hey – we’ve got you on the latter.

Why Creator-Educators Will Take All

Nearly one in four people are creators (according to Adobe’s recent study), which means these are your new entrepreneurial leaders. We, for one, welcome them! But which kind of creator is coming out on top? Some would say there are two types: creator-entertainer or creator-educator. The entertainers keep us laughing, while the educators keep us sharp. But who’s laughing at the end of the day? Creator-educators – all the way to the bank. With devoted followers and more earning potential, here’s why it pays off to teach the masses (or, ideally, educate while entertaining).

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