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by The Leap Team · Published Sep 8, 2022

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Is BeReal bringing authenticity back?

5 minutes to entrepreneurial takeoff! 

Hello, you! Setbacks happen, disappointments come, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. But hey, if NASA can scrap the launch of Artemis 1 and schedule it for a later time, you can roll with the punches, too. Even with the best of planning and a great team behind you, sometimes you just need to keep your project, plan, or idea grounded for just a little bit longer until the timing is right. Whatever you’re facing, remember this: it can be done, it will happen when it’s supposed to, and you have people behind you who believe in you (it’s us). 

Together, we can see your mission through.
– The Leap

BeReal is Bringing Authenticity Back 

Remember when Instagram was just unfiltered photos you had to take with an iPhone? How about when there were no ads? Ah, those were the days. BeReal – the buzzy app you’ve likely heard of by now – is tapping into core memories of what life used to be like, except even more minimal. No random followers, only one post a day, and no likes. Instead, you can leave behind a real photo of your face, making the best expression you can muster up. It’s weird, it’s wonderful. And if you haven’t jumped onto the trend yet, may we suggest reading more and considering it? Make sure to add us (jk, most brands aren’t on there yet).

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Little Extras

🌽​ Think the internet is done with the corn-loving kid? You thought wrong. Between showing up on Chipotle’s feed and releasing his own song on Spotify, Tariq has become incredibly popular on Cameo – the platform that connects you with your fave celebs for birthday greetings and shout-outs. The price for a Corn Kid greeting? $220 for personal, $1,000 for business.

🎭​ Being an influencer is no easy task. There’s a lot of strategy and consistent planning that goes into it, to the point where it can feel like a full-time job even before you’re getting paid like it. A handful of influencers online share their process, some success stories, and the five main emotions that unlock growth.

💡 I’ll take the platform with the most users but the least amount of engagement for $500. Facebook, your old friend, still sees lots of log-ins, but it seems people aren’t really interacting in their feeds as much as they do with Instagram, TikTok and others. The question is, what are people using Facebook for these days?

🤔 Speaking of Meta, it looks like ad revenue is down, so the team is putting their brains together to strategize new ways to monetize the apps. Coming down the pipeline: a paid program across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

📢​ If your bestie isn’t communicating through voice memos and memes, are you even friends? Speaking of memes, you know the one where the girl is yelling at her boyfriend and the captions are explanations of niche things? It’s called “Girl Explaining” and everyone from politicians to your local library are using it to get on their soapbox.

🪑​ Influencers, you have a seat at the table. Recognized as the leaders we didn’t ask for, but the leaders we need, influencers have always held valuable perspectives about their industry, but now they’re taking on a new title: investor. Some brands are even considering offering them equity in exchange for their insights. 

🐶​ Who let the dogs out? Snoop did – for the sake of the children. Launching a new YouTube channel, Snoop Dogg has created “Doggyland,” an educational show for kids featuring characters like Bow Wizzle (voiced by Snoop himself) and Yap Yap who sing, dance, and – yes – rap. Can adults watch too? Asking for a friend.

👻​ TikTok adds another app to their hit list. Snapchat struggles to keep young users’ attention as TikTok grows. Is anyone surprised? Known for sending snaps that disappear, the app is losing steam, resulting in a war for the youth’s attention.

Artist Gab Bois’ #FirstYear Lessons

From a tumblr teenager to that girl who makes assemblage-style art, Gab Bois became an internet sensation almost overnight when she started posting things like her Nike braces and condom lollipop in 2016. When Nike reached out, she thought she’d be handed a cease-and-desist order. But lo and behold, the marketing gods smiled upon her by giving her a brand deal instead. What prompted her to jump into it full-time? Getting let go from her 9-5. After the company went bankrupt, she took it as a sign to try doing her work full-time. The result has been campaigns with SSENSE, VSCO, and Balenciaga

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