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Listen Up: Our Podcast Recommendations for Creators

by Emily Ross · Published May 27, 2022

We all know to make good content you have to consume good content. Sometimes it’s a good idea to put down your phone, give your eyes a break, and stretch those ear muscles for a change? That’s right, we’re talking podcasts. 

We all have tried and true favorites to keep us company while running or washing dishes. But why not swap your true crime addition for a few podcasts that will help you raise your own content game? For your next HGW (“hot girl walk” for the uninitiated), take a look at the categories below, find a podcast to match your vibe, and start expanding your creator skill set.

Podcasts about being a creator

Hashtag Authentic

Life is about balance, but that’s one area where creators often struggle. Being a creator for the long-term means building an audience without sacrificing who you truly are. Discover how to take steps towards creating a business that reflects you with Hashtag Authentic. Sara Tasker uses each episode to not only share practical tips, but also share inspirational messages that are sure to pick you up, even after your most recent post flopped (don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone you deleted it). 

The Influencer Podcast

The name really says it all, but The Influencer Podcast is a go-to resource. Hosted by Julie Soloman, the podcast digs into influencer businesses of all types and shows how success comes differently to everyone. You’ll hear from a diverse set of guests and build a broader set of ideas around how to grow and succeed. Julie really focuses on giving actionable advice, so have a listen, then put what you learned into practice!

Podcasts about marketing and business


It’s so reassuring to listen to people starting their own businesses when you’re doing the exact same. StartUp is a longstanding podcast that explores what it really means to launch something on your own through in-depth stories and serial narratives (depending on the season). If you start from season one, for example, you’ll learn all about how Gimlet Media got its start. Other seasons delve into different companies each episode. No matter where you start, hosts Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow keep things interesting as they shed on the highs and lows of being a budding entrepreneur.

Being Boss

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? That’s a huge part of the draw of being a full-time creator. In Being Boss, Emily Thompson discusses all things entrepreneurial with a focus on female leaders and their points of view. Chatting through what it means to be in a creative business space, Emily brings on experts of all stripes to share their tips on everything from SEO to how to run a more sustainable business. 

StartUp Podcast Header with an building and a night sky

Podcasts about money and finances

Planet Money

Could we make a list of some of the best podcasts without including one from NPR? The simple answer: no. Planet Money is a finance podcast staple for a reason as it blends storytelling with simple explanations of ~what’s happening with the economy~. Though this listen isn’t necessarily about building a budget or management specifically, it does explore concepts of money and the financial space at large giving you more accessible context as you dig into this world. Bonus: Follow them on TikTok – their content is top notch.

Bad With Money

If you mix finances with humor, you get Bad With Money hosted by Gaby Dunn. In this bi-weekly show, Gaby alternates between hosting expert guests and sharing stories – all while infusing episodes with money tips. Though the undertone is lighter, this podcast explores some serious issues – from student loans to taxes and everything in between – all with a strong-willed bent that will certainly sit right with entrepreneurs like you.

Podcasts to help you think differently

Still Processing

Creator’s block? This podcast will give your brain a much-needed break and maybe your next big idea. From a little-known media company called The New York Times, Still Processing is all about exploring culture. With so much happening so quickly these days, it can be easy to get lost in TikTok trends and totally forget about the world beyond the screen. Hosts Wesley and Jenna dive into the intersection of news and culture to bring you what you need to know to stay current.

You’re Wrong About

Do you actually know what you think you know? You’re Wrong About explores all sorts of topics from new angles. This podcast mixes high-quality journalism with a whole lot of personality, making it a great listen when you need to take a brain break, but still want to learn something.

Hosts of Still Processing podcast with their heads titled

Podcasts are a creator’s best friend

Next time you’re stuck scrolling past your 150000th clip from the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, step away from the screen and step into an aural experience. Never underestimate what you can learn in a short while when you immerse yourself in stories told by fellow creators. Your own audience will thank you for it.

Emily Ross
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Emily grew up dreaming of being a magazine editor. Though she didn't quite make that dream a reality, she's built a career around her editorial passion through content marketing and creative strategy. Living in Vancouver, BC, you most definitely can find her wearing Patagonia on the weekends, but she's more multifaceted than that. She voraciously reads books (and magazines, of course), crafts homemade cocktails, strikes up conversations with strangers in grocery stores, and spends a little bit too much time online consuming content.
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