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by The Leap Team · Updated Sep 23, 2022

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“IG Notes” – if MSN and Twitter had a surprise baby.

This week’s beans, spilled. Here’s your creator update in 5 mins or less.

Can you really make money in the creator economy? We don’t know how many times we have to say it, but yes, you absolutely can. Brand identity has come to rely on influencers and creators, making these individuals an integral part of the marketing strategy. Driving sales and nurturing trends, these “cultural mediators” are building communities in ways that brands can’t, and helping push forward new ideas and products. 

It’s never too late to test the waters, try your hand at some small partnerships or collaborations, or just throw some content out there and see what sticks. 

Go get ‘em! 
– The Leap

Creators of the Month

Watching creators make the leap into full-time: We love to see it. In this monthly feature, we’re spotlighting some rising stars from different corners of the creative world. From beauty TikTok, to art and design, to the food scene, these creators are making their mark.

Learn from the best: Khaby Lame, Steph Hui, Tal Maslavi, Mega McGrath, and Kaitlyn Wong are blessing the internet with fresh, unique ideas that keep their audiences (of thousands, even millions around the world) coming back for more. Take a look at their latest projects and milestones.

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Little Extras

🧐​ #dupe? Don’t you mean #plagiarism? Creators are being praised for finding cheaper alternatives to pricey trends, but when is it straight up stealing a whole look? People are wondering where to draw the line. Lululemon dupe = ok? Small business dupe = not ok? 

💩 Are you still doing your weekly dumps? By that we mean photo dumping on IG, obvi. Static posts are still alive and well on IG – as long as it’s in a carousel. Here are some reasons why carousels and photo dumping are still lit

🍿​ Did….a horny teenager hack RadioShack’s Twitter account? According to the CEO, no. We’re not sure who is running the marketing efforts at the moment, but it seems they are trying to stir up some attention and ruffle some feathers. Might as well get some popcorn and see what else unfolds. 

📝 WTF is “notes” on Instagram??? The people of the internet don’t know either. The update you didn’t ask for, notes is like if Twitter and your MSN status had an unexpected baby. Apparently IG has been playing around with the feature for a month or so. Will it stick around?

🎵 Spotify has released its Culture Next 2022 report showcasing how Gen Z is defining the current moment. From “stan” culture to podcast trends, if you listen closely, the sound of Gen Z is the roar of adoring fans, BTS interviews and Kate Bush in the background.

😘​ Literally every creator wants to know how the Instagram algorithm works (why is it always changing?). Your IG besties over at Later have pulled back the curtain and gathered all of the secrets you need to know about the algorithm in 2022 and it’s *chef’s kiss.*

🧃​ What looks like an ad, sounds like an ad, but you’re not sure if it’s an ad? Ads on TikTok. Despite a lot of laws and regulations, secret sponcon is going strong. Maybe that influencer just really loves sparkling water, maybe they’re getting paid? On TikTok, you’ll never know. 

🐥 Let’s collab on a Tweet. The good people of Twitter are working away like busy little bees on a new feature: Tweet Collaborations. You’ll be able to band together with your besties on a thought, idea, argument, controversial idea – the limit does not exist.

IG Launches Its 2022 #BlackVisionaries Program

Are you a Black creator or small business owner? If so, you should apply for the 2022 #BlackVisionaries program, created by the Brooklyn Museum and Instagram. Last year the program awarded five Black designers a total of $205K. This year, they’re stepping it up and offering a total of $650K to 10 emerging names. That’s a lot of money to go around! Grants make a huge difference for artists and creatives, especially when trying to make the leap into full-time. “Most folks who don’t have traditional pathways into spaces like the arts and design just need opportunity,” Antwaun Sargent, writer, art critic and #BlackVisionaries Creative Chair, says in an official statement. “A grant like this could mean a world of opportunity.” Applications close July 29.

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