Cultivate Calm

Guide your nervous system toward rest, digestion and healing!

If you are ready to stop rushing and feeling wired and FINALLY have the tools to be calm and collected?!

Cultivate Calm is your step by step wellness tool to recognize dysregulation in your body and how to respond with ease and compassion.

What's the one thing that will take you from saying “I’m so stressed, wound up, overwhelmed that I can’t cope” to “OMG I feel so calm and capable”...

It's your nervous system! This system in your body is responsible for creating your entire experience. It’s so powerful, its time you understand it!

Nervous system work is the missing piece in so much healing work.

Most people don't recognize they are dysregulated. They don't have the awareness and ability to shift back into a regulated state. Which is such a shame because the tools are so easy...

When you know them!

Understanding different nervous system states and noticing when you are in a dysregulated state is the first step to creating a more resilient and flexible nervous system. If you are wanting more love, joy, peace, connection and creativity in your comes from a regulated nervous system.

In this succinct video guide, I’ll teach you the EXACT PROCESS that will help you shift from rush to calm and guide your nervous system into a state of rest, digestion and healing as a busy gal who wants to be successful and enjoy her life. 

Can you imagine a day where you can notice your anxiety in the moment, redirect it and move on with your day without spiraling??

Yes, its a thing and its delightful!!!

In the video guide, I’ll teach you how to:  

  • become a buddy to your nervous system rather than a bystander

  • Know what ‘state’ your nervous system is in and how to respond with ease and compassion 

  • Use super simple somatic tools and practices to regulate your stress response so you can have more calm and less anxiety 

  • Implement the tools so you BECOME a regulated, calm gal that doesn’t fly off the handle (we’ve all been there!)

How could your life change if you knew how to regulate your stress response? 

Lots of busy gals have already applied this wellness tool and are cultivating calm in their daily lives in under 5 minutes a day! 

This video guide is optimized to be watched on a phone (it does work perfectly fine on a computer as well). I highly recommend leaving it open as a tab so you can reference it as needed.