Auric Field Purification Roadmap

Your biggest form of wealth is where you place your Attention.

Most people's attention is OUTSIDE of their Auric Field and as a result, have their energy and fragments of their psyche displaced all over the place without realising.

On top of this, other people's attention is ALSO displaced all over the place and often sits in YOUR Auric Field. 

I teach you a powerful practice to help ANCHOR your Attention Point that not only helps maintain a strong and cohesive Auric Field but also profoundly sharpens your Intuition and Focus. 

One of the biggest blocks to connecting to who you are at Soul level is a clogged-up Auric Field.

And with today's fast-paced society together with human consciousness rapidly expanding, we are becoming more sensitive to energy and our environment - leaving many feeling frazzled, experiencing busy brain, overwhelmed, and feeling like you're running on autopilot, no matter how disciplined you are with your spiritual or mastery practices.

One reason is that we splay fragments of our psyche all over the place, which weakens our Auric Field... because not only are you displacing your energy all over the place, but you also become prone to taking on other people's displaced energy!

Have you ever considered that many of the thoughts you have aren't even yours?

Yet you respond to them as if they're your own, leaving you feeling yuk and out of sorts, sometimes for days for things that have nothing to do with you!

I created the Auric Field Purification Roadmap - a 4 part audio mindfulness walkthrough series - to help you anchor your attention point, define your auric field, cleanse your auric field, and reclaim displaced energy.

Purifying your Auric Field takes meditation a step further because not only is it about getting still and present - it's about anchoring your consciousness back into "you" and taking charge where you direct your attention.

Key Benefits:

  • Reestablish Inner Connection.

  • Reclaim energy and vitality.

  • Greater clarity and focus.

  • Healthier boundaries.

  • Sharper intuition.

  • Feeling more grounded.

  • More deliberate conscious creator.

You will receive a Guide containing four audio files with instructions and suggested homework on how to best utilise the Auric Field Purification Roadmap.

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Investment: USD $33 (approx. AUD $49)

Your Guide: Vanessa Lougoon

Vanessa is a master level certified Akashic Records practitioner who helps spiritually conscious self-starters discover who they are at soul level and align to their unique Soul Vibrational Qualities and build an UNSHAKABLE spiritual foundation.