HappyBaby Bodywork Tummy Time Guide

Introducing our HappyBaby Bodywork Tummy Time Guide for new parents! 🌟

Enjoy the journey of developmental milestones with confidence as you discover the secrets to fostering your baby's strength, coordination, and motor skills through the power of Tummy Time. Our expertly crafted guide is designed to make this essential practice enjoyable for both you and your little one.

In this 15 page illustrated guide that will be sent directly to you for immediate download, you will learn:

👶 Bond and Grow Together: Develop a deeper connection with your baby as you engage in delightful Tummy Time activities. Watch as their curiosity and joy unfold, creating precious moments that will last a lifetime.

🌈 Fun and Engaging Exercises: Say goodbye to monotony! Our guide is filled with creative and entertaining exercises that keep your baby engaged, turning Tummy Time into a playful adventure. From colorful props to interactive games, every session is a celebration of growth.

📚 Expert Tips and Guidance: Written by an infant occupational therapist and developmental expert, our guide provides invaluable insights and tips on the importance of Tummy Time in your baby's development. Learn how just a few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

ğŸŽ Exclusive Bonus Content: Unlock access to bonus content that includes tummy time progression month by month and recommended resources. Elevate your Tummy Time experience with tools designed to enhance your parenting journey.

🌟 Celebrate Milestones: Revel in the joy of your baby's achievements as you witness the magic of Tummy Time milestones. From lifting their head to the first roll, every accomplishment becomes a cherished memory.

Invest in your baby's future with our Tummy Time Guide – the ultimate companion for new parents navigating the wonderful world of early childhood development. Embrace the joy, strengthen the bond, and watch your little one flourish! 🌈👶💕

Testimonials from new parents


"As a first-time mom, the Tummy Time Guide has been a game-changer! The exercises are so much fun, and my baby absolutely loves them. I've seen incredible progress in my little one's development, and the expert tips have been invaluable. Highly recommend for all new parents!" -Emily H.


"This guide has turned Tummy Time from a chore into a highlight of our day! The exercises are not only beneficial for my baby's development, but they're also entertaining for both of us. The expert advice gave me the confidence to guide my baby through these crucial milestones. A must-have for any parent!" - Jessica M.


"I can't thank Kasey enough! Tummy Time has become a helpful bonding experience for me and my little one. The exercises are diverse, keeping my baby engaged and excited. The expert insights provide a solid understanding of the importance of Tummy Time. This guide has made parenting so much more enjoyable!" --Sarah K.


"The Tummy Time Guide is a treasure trove for new moms like me. The exercises are not only beneficial for my baby's physical development but also foster a stronger connection between us. If you're a new parent, don't miss out on this incredible resource!" - Melissa R.


"I stumbled upon this guide on TikTok, and it's been a lifesaver! Tummy Time used to be a bit intimidating, but the guide makes it so enjoyable. The variety of exercises keeps my baby entertained, and I've noticed improvements in strength and coordination. I can't recommend this guide enough to fellow new moms!" -Hannah M.