Optimizing LinkedIn for Creators

Hi there! My name is Kristen, and I'm excited to share my knowledge on optimizing your LinkedIn profile as a content creator.

In 2021, I was sick of sending hundreds of cold pitches and hardly ever getting responses.

I decided to try something new: To create genuine, long-term relationships with the people at the brands that I wanted to work with — thus becoming the Anti-Pitch Method.

With the Anti-Pitch Method, LinkedIn is one of the most utilized platforms because this is where all of the ✨business people✨ are hanging out.

But, the most confusing part? What the heck does your LinkedIn profile even need to look like in order to make the best first impression and connect with brands successfully?

In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through the key strategies and techniques to optimize your LinkedIn profile before you start using it to connect with brands. You'll:

  • Learn why you need to be using LinkedIn as a creator

  • Discover how you can build a fully optimized LinkedIn profile

  • Explore options for what to post on the platform

Ready to start monetizing your online influence and creativity? Let's dive in!