A ridiculously simple platform

All the features you need — and nothing you don’t.

Turn your followers into customers

Connect with your audience directly

Build bite-sized learning products

Sell on social

Turn your link-in-bio into a social storefront.

Custom Store

Build and customize your store, easily. Simply add a picture, link your socials, and choose a theme.

Theme Builder

Choose from 200+ combinations of themes, layouts, and colorways.

Landing Pages

Design landing pages for each offer, all connected to your store.


Share your content and anything you sell or curate, including products created outside of The Leap.

Create binge-able products

Build new digital products in minutes with our AI-powered product builder.

AI Assistant

Our AI assistant can help you brainstorm product ideas or create a first draft in minutes.

Mobile-First Formats

Create mobile mini-courses, challenges, guides or tutorials designed to engage social audiences.

Mix and Match Cards

Combine 8+ card types to create a product that’s unique to you. Choose from Video, Quiz, Download, Feedback, and more.

Embedded Upsells

Connect products so customers seamlessly upsell from one to the next.

Own your audience

Capture email contacts from your link-in-bio store and keep them in a mini CRM.

Contacts Dashboard

A home for your customer data. View all of your orders, and browse individual contacts’ transaction histories and subscription statuses.

Export Contacts Pro

Download a CSV of your contact data.

Put email marketing on autopilot

Nurture your audience every step of the way to turn prospects into paying customers, effortlessly.

Email Broadcasts

Reach your entire email list or target specific segments with one-off nurture and promotional email campaigns.

Automated Email Flows

Increase your contacts’ engagement with automatic emails based on the products they purchase or download from you.

Customizable Templates

Choose from 17 expert-recommended email templates, written by creators, for creators, and designed to deliver maximum impact.

Everything $$$, all in one place

Sell products, process payments, and keep 100% of what you make.

Powered by Stripe

Create or connect your Stripe account to start accepting payments immediately.

1-Click Payment

Boost your conversion rate by letting customers pay with one-click options like Google Pay and Link.

No Revenue Share Fees

After Stripe’s standard 2.9% transaction fee, you get to keep 100% of what you earn. That’s right — 100%!

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