Instagram Is Testing Broadcast Channels, a Public Chat Feature for Creators

instagram broadcast channel

For creators looking to strengthen their connection with their Instagram audience, the platform is rolling out a new feature called broadcast channels. Dubbed a “one-to-many” messaging tool, this feature is designed to help creators share news and updates with their followers through broadcast messages.

“Creators can use broadcast channels as a casual, quick way to keep followers up-to-date. They can use text, photo, video and voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback,” Meta shared in a press release.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, broadcast channels will expand beyond Instagram to Facebook and Messenger in the near future.

Read on to learn more about Instagram’s latest feature and how to start your own channel.

What are Instagram’s broadcast channels?

Broadcast channels are public, discoverable chat experiences where creators can directly engage with their followers and share information such as new product releases.

All followers will be able to view the content on a channel, but only those who choose to join in will receive notifications when the creator posts.

Only creators can send messages. However, members are invited to read, react, and vote within the channel.

Instagram said that it’s working on adding more features to broadcast channels, including the ability to bring another creator into the channel for collaborations. Additionally, it plans to let followers submit questions for Ask Me Anything sessions via question prompts.

If you are looking for more interactive ways to connect with your followers, this new feature may be calling your (user)name. 

Who can use this feature?

Right now, Instagram is testing broadcast channels with a select group of creators., including Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim and director Karen X Cheng. The platform plans to expand the feature to more users in the coming months.

For those interested, you can try to sign up to be on the waitlist using a mobile device. Meta said in a press release that it will be “providing early access on a rolling basis.”

How to start a broadcast channel

If you are able to get access, you can start a channel from your Instagram inbox. Your followers will receive a notification to join your channel after you send your first message. To encourage followers to opt in, pin the channel link to your profile. You can also use the “join channel” sticker in Stories.

Image Credit: Meta

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