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How To Use Instagram Collab Posts for More Reach and Engagement

by Jenni Stablein · Published Dec 1, 2023

Ever found yourself wondering how to make a Collab post on Instagram? We don’t blame you!

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of Instagram, collaborations between creators have become a potent force for expanding reach and fostering engagement. Enter Instagram Collab posts, aka the dynamic duo (or trio) of content creation. 

These posts aren’t just about joining forces with another creator; they’re a strategic alliance aimed at maximizing your brand visibility and audience interaction. At their core, Instagram Collab posts are collaborative efforts between two or more accounts, pooling creative energies to produce content that resonates with both their audiences. It’s like hosting a party where your friends bring their friends. Collabs allow you to create space for followers from different corners of the platform.

When two or more creators team up, it’s more than just a mere sharing of content — it’s an endorsement. Each collaborator introduces their followers to the other’s content, expanding the potential reach exponentially. These partnerships merge diverse perspectives, styles, and audiences into a single post, generating heightened interest and engagement. 

By the way, Instagram’s algorithm loves this engagement, giving collaborative posts a boost in visibility, often leading to increased exposure across the platform. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Instagram Collab posts, how to Collab post on Instagram like a pro, and some creative ideas for leveraging the tool to boost engagement.

How to create a Collab post on Instagram

Step 1: Create a post 

If you’re stressing over how to create an Instagram collab, don’t worry. Luckily, it’s super easy to create your Instagram Collab post the same way you would any other content. 

First, Open Instagram. Tap Create (the + button) in the middle of the bottom menu, and choose Post.

Note: If you’re creating an Instagram Reel, tap Create on the top right and choose Reel. The following steps apply to both creating a post or Reel. 

Step 2: Choose your content

Next, it’s time to choose your content. Like any Instagram post, you can choose between a single image, multi-image carousel, or a video post in the post details menu.

Step 3: Invite a collaborator 

Once you’ve curated your content and crafted the perfect caption, it’s time to invite a collaborator. To do this, tap Tag People. Next, tap Invite Collaborator

how to use instagram collab posts

Type the name of the handle of your collaborator and tap it in the list of accounts that come up.

how to use instagram collab posts

Keep in mind that tagging and Instagram Collabs are different functions. Tagging is putting a user tag on a post. Yes, they’ll still be notified that you tagged them, but you won’t access any of the cross-account actions that you do with the Collab feature. 

Step 4: Adjust Collab tag 

Just like the tagging feature, you can adjust your Collab tag by moving it around within the image or video post. 

This is a useful feature if, say, you have multiple people or objects in the post and want to make it clear which part of the content your collaborator is associated with. 

how to use instagram collab posts

Step 5: Share your Collab post 

Congratulations! You’ve created your first Instagram Collab post.

Tap Share and pop that bubbly if you feel so inclined. 

Once you’ve published your post or Reel and it’s live, your collaborator will receive a Collab request. If they accept the request, the post or Reel will automatically appear in their feed post as well, and their username will appear next to yours. 

Pro tip: Just like any Instagram post, you want to make sure you’re posting at the right time to get the maximum amount of engagement. Before posting, make sure to check in with your collaborator on their high-traffic times.

How to accept an Instagram Collab post invitation

So, you’ve been invited to collaborate. First of all, awesome! Definitely take a moment to appreciate the opportunity. 

Luckily, accepting a collab Instagram post invitation is just as easy as sending one. Read on for the full play-by-play:

  1. Tap the message symbol in the top right of your Feed.
  2. Tap the conversation from your Chats list where you’ve received the invite.
  3. Tap the collaboration invite.
  4. Tap Review
  5. If it all looks good, tap Accept.

That’s it! In just five simple steps, you’re an Instagram collaborator.

Benefits of Instagram Collab posts

There are so many benefits to collaborating with other creators, including the potential to access a wider community, enhance discoverability, and improve engagement. 

Read on to learn more about how a Collab can benefit your as a content creator.

Increased visibility 

how to use instagram collab posts

By partnering with another creator, you expand your content’s exposure beyond your immediate followers, reaching a new pool of engaged users within your collaborator’s network. This “new pool” could represent a more diverse demographic than your existing audience, or even a more global reach. Think of it as expanding your fanbase without breaking a sweat. 

These collaborations act as an introduction to a different audience, allowing both you and your collaborator to introduce their unique content styles to a fresh set of eyes. The combination of different perspectives and content styles often pulls people in, stimulating higher engagement levels and fostering a sense of novelty among your followers.

The collaborative impact goes beyond immediate visibility. Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor collaborative efforts, recognizing increased engagement and expanding the post’s reach across the platform. This algorithmic boost further amplifies the post’s visibility, making it more prominent on users’ feeds and increasing its potential to attract new followers.

Ultimately, collaborative posts function as an invitation to a broader audience, facilitating meaningful connections and organic growth opportunities for both collaborators. 

Social proof

how to use instagram collab posts

Long story short, social proof is the physiological and social effect where people copy the actions of others in order to fit into accepted behavior based on normative social influence. While that definition may feel a little cringe, if you’re a content creator, you know how valuable social proof is to you and your business. 

Keep in mind that, despite the formal definition, social proof doesn’t mean that we’re all a bunch of sheep. But sometimes it can be hard to break free of social bubbles or circles, especially those that are driven by social algorithms. 

That’s why Instagram’s Collabs feature can be an essential tool for creators wanting to expand their audience reach while also gaining increased social credibility and influence. 

When people see that others are engaging with your collaborative post — liking, commenting, sharing — they’re more likely to engage because they see others doing the same. It’s the whole “everyone’s doing it, so why not me?” mentality.

Moreover, the collaborative effort amplifies your content’s visibility. As the post garners more engagement, Instagram’s algorithm recognizes it as valuable content, pushing it higher in users’ feeds. 

This increased visibility not only validates your content but also positions it in front of a broader audience, further enhancing your social proof and influence on the platform. Ultimately, Instagram’s Collabs feature is a powerful tool for building credibility, fostering engagement, and expanding your influence through the lens of social proof.

Higher engagement 

how to use instagram collab posts

These days, Instagram has been pumping out a bunch of new features like broadcast channels to help creators improve their audience engagement. And if there’s ever a feature that’s a total win-win situation, it would be the Instagram Collabs feature. Why?

Well, first off, you get to tap into a whole new audience. Partnering up means your content reaches your audience and your collaborator’s followers. That means a double dose of exposure, which leads to more likes, shares, comments, and saves all of which equals more engagement. 

The more engagement you get, the more Instagram pays attention to you. So, if suddenly your post is getting some extra love on people’s feed, Instagram’s algorithm is more inclined to favor you. See what we mean by win-win?

5 ways to use Instagram Collab posts to boost engagement

1. Host a giveaway

Using Instagram Collabs feature for giveaways is a game-changer. Partnering with another creator magnifies your giveaway’s reach, tapping into their audience and yours simultaneously. This amplification sparks excitement, drawing more participants and boosting engagement. 

Collaborative giveaways create buzz, leveraging combined follower bases to maximize visibility and participation. This all results in heightened engagement and increased brand exposure for both collaborators. 

2. Cross-promote your Instagram accounts

If you’re a creator with multiple side projects (and multiple Instagram accounts), the Collab feature can be an invaluable tool for exposure. Think of it as one project acting as social proof for the other, with the added bonus of boosting engagement across multiple accounts at once. 

Not only does cross-promoting your other projects or brands help boost engagement across all your accounts, it also signals to the Instagram algorithm that you deserve some of that quality exposure on the Feed, which ultimately helps your audience see more of what you do.

3. Partnering with creators

In short, using the Collab feature for partnerships with creators is a savvy move. 

When two Instagram accounts join forces, it elevates the content’s authenticity, making it feel more genuine to audiences. This shared endorsement amplifies engagement, as followers see a trusted collaboration rather than a blatant ad. 

The combined credibility and relatability boost engagement rates and enhance the impact of the post for both collaborators.

Plus, when two creators produce a post together, that means less of the same thing popping up on everyone’s feed, which can feel a bit spammy, even for high-quality campaigns or content. 

4. Showcase your work 

For creators who make content that is highly visual — florists, makeup artists, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, etc. — Instagram Collabs can operate as a virtual exhibition and testimonial.

For example, if you’re a makeup artist, you might want to utilize Instagram Collabs to promote content featuring a particularly popular influencer client for a boost of engagement. 

5. Promote an event

Whether it’s a concert, holiday market, bake sale, book-signing event, conference, or exhibition, leveraging Instagram’s Collab feature for event promotion is a smart play. Partnering with another creator amplifies event visibility among both audiences, generating more interest and attendance. 

All that buzz draws in followers from both sides to engage, share, and attend. This combined effort boosts engagement, stirs up anticipation, and ensures a wider reach for the event, benefiting both you and your collaborator with increased engagement and event attendance.

Want to grow as a creator?

Wondering how to boost your engagement and monetize your audience? Leveraging Instagram’s Collabs feature is a great place to start.

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How do I make a Collab post on Instagram?

Wondering how to use the Instagram Collabs feature? Luckily, it’s a breeze to co-author content.

You can partner with another creator by initiating the post from your account, then tap Tag People and select your collaborator. They’ll receive a notification to join in, and once they accept, both of you can co-author the post seamlessly. 

How many collaborators can you include in an Instagram Collab post?

Thanks to the feature’s latest update, Instagram users can include up to three collaborators in a post.

Partner with creators by tagging them in your Instagram posts, engaging up to three accounts for a collaborative effort. There’s really no better way to blend multiple perspectives and styles into one engaging piece of content!

Why can’t I do a Collab post on Instagram?

If you’re experiencing difficulty creating a post on Instagram, a few reasons might be at play. First, check that all collaborators have the latest app version and are using a Business or Creator public account.

You might also want to keep in mind your account privacy settings. For example, while a private or public account can invite collaborators, a private account user can collaborate with only their account’s followers.

Sometimes, technical glitches occur, so restarting the app or trying again later often resolves the issue.

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