How To Become a TikTok Shop Affiliate

by Nicholas Bouchard · Published Oct 17, 2023

Looking to make money on TikTok? Historically, one of the best ways for TikTokers to make recurring revenue on the short-form video platform was to find brand deals or third-party affiliate marketing programs and use TikTok content as promotional material. With the recent launch of TikTok Shop, however, creators can find these opportunities without even leaving TikTok.

Curious about how you can become a TikTok Shop affiliate? Below, we break down how this new affiliate program works, and how much you can expect to make from it.

What is TikTok Shop affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising where creators can earn a commission for every sale they generate for a brand. Before the emergence of social media platforms like TikTok, bloggers would write about all sorts of products on their blogs to earn affiliate income. Now, creators can get in on this revenue stream, too.

For instance, Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most popular, and many creators will add affiliate links in the description of their YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and TikTok videos. But to make that affiliate income, you always had to go through some kind of third party, which could make things complicated.

Wth the release of TikTok Shop in the U.S., however, creators can now make bank with affiliate marketing through TikTok. No dealing with third parties, nor messaging brands. You simply have to find products you want to promote through TikTok Shop, plug them in your videos with a direct link to the TikTok Shop tab, and you’re all set.

With TikTok Shop affiliate, it’s never been easier to add affiliate marketing to your content monetization game.

How much money can you make as a TikTok Shop affiliate?

TikTok Shop’s affiliate program allows sellers to set their own rates, typically ranging between 5% and 20%, so you’ll have to do a bit of research to see which products are worth promoting for you.

That gives you an idea of the rate you can expect. Want hard figures? Let’s look at two inspirational stories shared by TikTok.

Nis (@itsnisrin)

Nis is a beauty-focused creator, but she also creates content around women’s health, shares the results of her burgeoning painting skills, and slips in the occasional comedy sketch. 

Her TikToks regularly get tens of thousands of views, and she’s also one of the most successful affiliate marketers on U.K. TikTok. Her affiliate TikToks usually show her unboxing and demoing products.

But she’ll also share updates after she’s used a specific product for a while.


One year update on the Nuface! 🫶🏽 #nuface #results #currentbody @currentbody

♬ original sound – nis

According to TikTok, Nis’s affiliate marketing work brings in an estimated £450,000 GBP, or approximately $553,000 USD. Considering that TikTok Shop has only been available in the U.K. fairly recently, that means she’s really raking it in!

So where’s her success coming from?

Nis’s beauty tutorials are simple and relatable — just being able to see her using the products she recommends helps create trust for her audience. After all, if she unboxed a product and showed it off without using it, her viewers would probably not be as likely to purchase it.

Richard (@richardsalesofficial)

Richard is one of the biggest creators on U.K. TikTok. With over 7M followers and 425M likes, his TikToks regularly get hundreds of thousands of views. He’s a variety content creator, though a lot of his recent TikTok videos see him reacting to other popular TikToks.


#duet THIS HAS ME FEEL USELESS IN SO MANY WAYS 😂😂😂 cheers – IG – richardsalesofficial #viral #xyzbca #FYP

♬ original sound – RichardSalesOfficial

While reaction TikToks are a dime a dozen, Richard’s natural charm and hilarious jokes make seeing his face in the corner of a video a lot more enjoyable. He brings that same style to his affiliate content.


GUYS IM BACK – and what a way to start off my morning making a cold coffee even COLDER @ukcaffelatte – AD – IG – richardsalesofficial #viral #xyzbca #FYP #ukcaffelatte

♬ original sound – RichardSalesOfficial

So how much has Richard made from affiliate marketing? From the numbers TikTok shared, it’s looking like about £150,000 GBP, or $184,000 USD. It’s clear that bringing his trademark humor to his affiliate work has turned it into a massive income stream for him.

While these two creators are definitely rare examples of the highest earners, there are some key takeaways that all creators can learn from:

  • You’ll see more success as a TikTok Shop affiliate if you stick to your usual style. If the promotional content you create is too different from your regular content, you risk turning your audience off of whatever product you’re trying to pitch them.
  • No matter your niche as a creator, you can make bank as a TikTok Shop affiliate.

How to become a TikTok Shop affiliate

Interested in becoming a TikTok Shop affiliate? Let’s take a look at how you can join the program.

Note that the TikTok Shop affiliate program has only launched recently, and there’s not a lot of public info yet on things like eligibility requirements. That being said, according to Business Insider, those who want to become TikTok Shop affiliates need at least 5,000 followers and be at least 18 years old.

Here are five simple steps to get yourself set up as a TikTok Shop affiliate:

  1. Find products you want to market through TikTok Shop: Browse through the Shop tab to find products you want to promote.
  2. Get permission to sell products: Before you can promote anything, you need to reach out to the seller and apply to be an affiliate for their store.
  3. Add your contact information: Sellers you want to work with need to know how to get in touch with you.
  4. Add products to your showcase: Choose products that are a natural fit for your audience and add them to your showcase.
  5. Get samples and sell the product: Many sellers provide free samples that you can showcase in your TikTok content.

And that’s how to become a TikTok Shop affiliate

TikTok Shop’s new affiliate marketing program is a great opportunity for creators looking to diversify their income streams. For those who are used to third-party affiliate programs and hustling for brand deals off the platform, being able to promote products directly through TikTok is a refreshing change. So go get set up, find products you can market, and start bringing in that affiliate income.

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How much commission can you make as a TikTok Shop affiliate?

It depends. Each TikTok Shop seller sets their own commission rates, so it can be hard to estimate how much you’ll earn. That being said, most affiliate marketing programs on other platforms — like Amazon’s — pay between 5% and 30% to affiliate marketers. And remember that you earn that percentage on every single sale you make.

Is it worth it to become a TikTok Shop affiliate?

Absolutely! Since some of TikTok’s other monetization tools aren’t paying creators all that much, it makes sense to diversify your income as much as you can. After all, you don’t have to pay anything to get product samples (sellers will often send them your way for no charge), so there’s literally no cost for you. While you have to spend some time creating that affiliate marketing content, the upside is more than worth it.

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