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12 TikTok Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

by Nicholas Bouchard · Published May 17, 2023

Whether you’re an established TikTok creator, or you’re just dipping your toe in the short-form video app, you’re probably trying to get a vibe check on what 2023 will bring. What kind of content does the TikTok algorithm favor? Will the platform see more advertising dollars pour in this year? What types of videos engage most with audiences these days?

Below, we cover some of the biggest TikTok trends to watch in 2023.

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12 TikTok trends to watch in 2023

1. TikTok SEO will be more important than ever

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about growing your reach by making sure your content is easily searchable. This process usually involves packing websites with keywords that people might search on Google. But did you know that SEO is important for TikTok, too? That’s because TikTok is quickly becoming Gen Z’s search engine of choice, and this trend is looking to continue in 2023.

As TikTok becomes more and more crowded, using SEO will be super important if you want to stand out from the pack. After all, everyone’s competing for that top spot on the For You page and in search results.

What TikTok creators can do

To rank your videos high in TikTok’s search results, you need to have a good understanding of your target audience. Figure out the top keywords in your niche, and include them in your content. From captions, to hashtags, to voiceovers, there are many possible ways to incorporate keywords in your content. Doing so will help give your content a better chance to be seen by the right audiences.

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2. Short-form learning content will be the next big thing

Short-form learning involves educational content doled out in digestible, bite-sized chunks, making it perfect for a platform like TikTok.

According to Thinkific’s Digital Learning Trends 2023 Report, microlearning will see a huge boost this year. In particular, 41% of the people surveyed think short-form content is great for discovering new topics. Meanwhile, more than half of them prefer consuming content on their phone than anywhere else.

As market conditions get tougher and people’s lives get busier, many will be looking to build up their skills in a quick, easy, and effective way. And soon, there’ll be an army of creators ready to teach them.

What TikTok creators can do

You probably identify as a content creator, but have you ever considered yourself to be a creator educator? Odds are there’s a topic or a specific niche that you know more about than your audience, so try creating a few TikToks sharing your knowledge. And if you’re not already an expert? Jay Clouse, the creator educator behind the Creator Science newsletter, suggests you position yourself as a curious beginner who’s ready to share your discoveries as you learn.


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3. TikTok videos will get longer

In February, TikTok announced a new monetization tool called the Creativity Program Beta. The program has a list of eligibility requirements, many of which won’t be a surprise to you if you’ve already been monetizing your TikTok account through the original Creator Fund. But here’s one that stands out: your videos have to be at least one minute long. That means TikTokers will need to create longer videos in order to earn some cash through the program.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has encouraged creators to make longer videos. In early 2022, TikTok increased the maximum video length on the platform to 10 minutes, seemingly looking to compete with other video platforms like YouTube.

What TikTok creators can do

It’s time to experiment! If you’ve only been making 15-second TikToks, start exploring longer video ideas. No matter what your niche is, there’s always an opportunity to produce more in-depth content.

For example, a TikTok creator within the beauty niche could create longer “Get Ready With Me” videos, while a fitness influencer could film vlogs detailing an entire workout.


Breaking news: TikTok just announced the “Creativity Program” that will require creators to create long form content to earn revenue👀💰Let us know your thoughts in the comments! #creativityprogram #creatorfund #socialmedianews #tiktokupdate #greenscreen

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4. Brands will continue to spend on TikTok advertising

The rising popularity of TikTok has made the platform one of the hottest marketing channels for businesses and brands. According to eMarketer, ad spending on TikTok is expected to reach $8.75 billion in 2023, up nearly 47% from 2022. For creators, there could be potential opportunities to make some serious money from brand partnerships.

Even when the economic environment is certain, marketers are always looking to get the best bang for their buck. That means they’re unlikely to abandon social platforms like TikTok for advertising.

What TikTok creators can do

If you want to make brand deals one of your income streams in 2023, you will need to step up your content creation game. Though marketers will be spending on TikTok, due to the current economic climate, they will also be more selective when choosing creators to partner with.

According to Bradley Hoos, CEO of influencer marketing agency The Outloud Group, marketers will prefer “creators that have a track record of performing for brands targeting similar customer demographics.” This is to ensure that their ad spending is “delivering high efficiency.”

To land lucrative brand deals, creators will need to demonstrate their ability to create high-converting content. Whether it’s storyboarding, shooting, or editing, it’s time to sharpen your skills.


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5. Brands will lean into UGC

As audience trust becomes more valuable on TikTok in 2023, brands will need to work harder to get their customer base’s attention — or they’ll have to be smarter about it.

User-generated content (UGC) straddles the line between influencer marketing and pure advertising. While UGC is traditionally known as organic content created by a brand’s real customers, recently, it’s taken on a new meaning with the rise of UGC creators. An alternative to conventional marketing campaigns, UGC creators get paid to make authentic-feeling content that brands can use in their channels to promote their products.

Case in point: In its 2023 Trend Report, TikTok reveals that the furniture brand Fantastic Furniture used UGC to create a campaign that drove more engagement, brought in more revenue, and cost less than a normal advertising campaign.

What TikTok creators can do

Consider UGC creation an opportunity to unlock a new revenue stream. For reference, some brands pay over $250 for a 60-second video. And if you’ve been creating content, you’ve already got the skillset to become a UGC creator. Reach out to brands, or use platforms like Trend or UGC Shop to find gigs, and you can start raking it in.


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6. Audience trust will remain a hot commodity for TikTok creators

Chances are you’ve heard of the phrase “TikTok made me buy it,” but have you wondered what motivates someone to make a purchase after watching a short video?

Well, it all comes down to one simple yet essential thing: trust. Successful TikTokers are relatable, and people trust that their favorite creators have their best interests in mind.

According to TikTok’s 2023 Trend Report, 72% of users who bought a product or visited a website after going on TikTok said they watched a review from a creator they trust. To drive sales on TikTok, creators and brands alike will have to build that trust with their audience — no more misleading ads or clickbait content.

What TikTok creators can do

Like your follower count, your audience’s trust in you is something that’s built over time. As you’re creating content, you should always be thinking about your audience. How will they benefit from your content? It’s tempting to hop on the latest TikTok trend, but if you want to gain your viewers’ trust, you need to ask yourself how your content can add value to them.

7. Valuable content will be the best way to drive action from your audience

Even for TikTok’s biggest stars, creators rarely rely on the platform exclusively to grow their audience or make money. Learning how to diversify your income and create new revenue streams is a huge part of succeeding as a creator. But it’s not as simple as peppering your TikTok feed with calls to action and promotional posts.

In its What’s Next 2023 Trend Report, TikTok revealed that 92% of people who followed a link off of TikTok and took action said they felt a positive emotion that drove that action. That can mean anything from buying some of your merch, clicking on an affiliate link and making a purchase, or even just checking out your content beyond TikTok.

What TikTok creators can do

You need to make sure that your TikTok videos aren’t just a vehicle for you to sell something. Your audience is a lot more likely to stick with your content and contribute financially to your career if your content helps them learn, or makes them laugh or feel something positive.

So, while you should certainly diversify your income and find ways to monetize your audience, don’t forget that giving them value needs to come first.

8. Authenticity is still key

TikTok isn’t like Instagram, where flashy lifestyles and picture-perfect posts tend to get lots of attention. Authenticity has always been important on the platform, which shows in the raw, relatable content of many successful TikTokers. Whether it’s honest conversations about mental wellbeing, or open discussions about real-life problems, the demand for authentic content isn’t going away anytime soon.

What TikTok creators can do

No matter what kind of content you create, make sure that you show up as your authentic self the whole way through. People want to follow real people, not caricatures or fake experts. Be transparent and honest, even if that means sharing your failures or what you’d consider to be embarrassing moments with your audience. Your viewers will appreciate your ability to be vulnerable. You don’t have to perform or act like you know it all!

9. Content that sparks joy will reach more audiences

According to TikTok’s trend report, 2023 will be the year for positive vibes. 50% of TikTok users said the platform makes them feel happy, and more than a third of them said brands have to “lift their spirits” in order to motivate them to make a purchase. To engage with their audience and succeed on TikTok, creators will have to tap into that need for joy and levity.

What TikTok creators can do

Is your content spreading positivity? While it’s true that you can’t force positivity on every topic, tons of niches can benefit from this hunger for lighthearted content. If you specialize in DIY content, encourage your audience to try building things for themselves and make them feel capable. Are you a beauty creator who films makeup tutorials? Remind your followers that they’re beautiful just the way they are. Leave the doom and gloom for video essays and Twitter threads.


TikTok just launched their What’s Next report for 2023! If you’re a creator or a brand, keep these three themes in mind when planning for 2023 👀 Link to the full report is in our bio! #2023trendpredictions #2023trends #creatortrends #tiktoktrendreport #greenscreen #creatornews

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10. Micro-communities will get even tighter

Something that sets TikTok apart from other platforms is its many communities of different niche interests. TikTok is 1.8 times more likely to introduce users to new topics, and they know it’s the place for deep dives into that specific thing they’re newly obsessed with.

When people go on TikTok, they’re looking for creators who understand them, and who’ll inspire them to make a change — whether that’s learning how to use Excel like a pro, or creating their own #sundayreset routine. In 2023, that sense of community will be even more important, and no niche will be too small.

What TikTok creators can do

You don’t have to obsess over picking your niche. Whatever your content is about, there’s an audience for it. Just focus on a topic you’re an expert in — or something you’re ready to devote time to learn about — and you’ll find your following. Remember, no matter what your niche is, people want to learn and grow with you. So give them that!


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11. There’ll be pressure on TikTok to pay creators fairly

It wasn’t that long ago that TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world, putting it far above other popular platforms. But then Meta started investing in Reels, YouTube put more juice into Shorts, and soon TikTok began getting competition from all sides. And while TikTok still has a ton of users, it’s not the only player in the short-form video game.

One of TikTok’s biggest challenges is to make creators feel that they’re getting paid enough for all the time and effort they put into their content. Although TikTok has tested various ways to pay its creators, it hasn’t really outshined other platforms. YouTube recently updated its Partner Program to better reward Shorts creators. Meanwhile, Meta is testing Ads on Reels for Facebook and Instagram. In this race, the platform that manages to pay creators fairly will come out on top — and TikTok needs to act fast.

What TikTok creators can do

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If your specialty is short-form video content, start diversifying and posting on other platforms. For instance, YouTube Shorts and Reels are both great for discoverability. Building an audience beyond TikTok will help you unlock more monetization opportunities — your wallet will thank you.


Creators are NOT happy with TikTok right now, so let’s talk about some of the issues that creators are currently facing. The Digiday article is linked in our bio! #digiday #tiktokcreator #creatoreconomy #creatorfund #tiktoknews #tiktokcommunity #greenscreen

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12. Building multiple income streams will be important for TikTok creators

As mentioned, TikTok is experimenting with a new monetization feature called the Creativity Program Beta, which is meant to be a step up from the original Creator Fund. As the platform attempts to strike a balance between making revenue and keeping creators happy, things could keep changing, and sometimes creators could get left in the lurch.

Monetization on TikTok and similar social platforms is incredibly volatile right now, which means creators can’t just rely on these in-app programs to make money. Instead, they need to find new ways to earn through methods that aren’t dependent on TikTok or similar platforms.

What TikTok creators can do

While TikTok might be a great platform for growing your audience, its native monetization tools might not necessarily help you bring home the bacon. However, if you’ve built a substantial following on TikTok, you can always funnel your audience to your other income streams. That’s not to say you should completely ignore TikTok’s own monetization features — just don’t rely solely on them.

Haven’t worked out how to diversify your income streams yet? Don’t worry, here’s a list of ideas to help get you started.

TikTok appears to be the place for creators to explore new opportunities in 2023, whether you want to try out a new niche, make money creating UGC for brands, or ramp up your prospecting for brand deals. As long as you keep your audience in mind, create content that adds value to them, and give them the positive vibes they need to be their best selves, you can win big in 2023.

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