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12 Essential Newsletters for Keeping up With the Creator Economy

by The Leap Team · Published Mar 30, 2023

The creator economy is an infinitely expanding universe — it encompasses everything from tech’s biggest business decisions, to tips for influencers seeking better brand deals. As such, it’s an easy place to get lost, especially if you’re trying to keep up with content creation at the same time.

But you don’t have to set up endless Google alerts or waste time doom-scrolling Twitter. Tracking down the rare piece of intel that’ll help you stand out, get fired up, and learn how to make better content is easier than you think. 

The hack? Sign up for newsletters that boil down the creator economy for you. 

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorites to get you started, split into four broad categories: 

  1. Staying up to date on creator economy news. 
  2. Getting the best in creator advice. 
  3. Honing your creator craft. 
  4. Monetizing and growing your creator business.

So stretch your fingers. You’re about to get very tempted to enter your email. 

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For staying up to date on creator economy news 

1. The Publish Press

Hitting your inbox every other day, The Publish Press covers the latest news from the creator world, puts it into context for you, and provides hot takes from writers Hannah Doyle, Nate Graber-Lipperman, and founders Colin and Samir (they’re creators, too).

From the debate of using AI tools for content creation, to news about industry celebrities and major platforms, The Publish Press links to news articles, tweets, and more to keep you up to speed on what’s going on in the creator space.

When to expect it: Three times a week.

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2. The Information’s Creator Economy Newsletter

Led by Kaya Yurieff, this creator economy newsletter is from The Information, a tech industry publication that garners subscriptions and appearances from some of the world’s most influential leaders in politics and tech. The newsletter is delivered four times a week, packed with news, analysis, and interviews with founders, VCs, and tech executives. It provides up-to-date information about venture deals in the creator space, new startup launches, as well as the latest social media trends.

When to expect it: Four times a week.

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3. Insider Creators

Following a recent relaunch on LinkedIn, Business Insider’s creator economy newsletter, Insider Creators, is once again hitting inboxes weekly. Written by reporter Amanda Perelli, this newsletter provides readers with scoops, trends, and strategies to help them navigate the creator economy. 

From business talk to emerging industry trends, Insider Creators is focused on helping you figure out what’s what and who’s who in the creator economy — and why they matter.

When to expect it: Weekly, on Thursdays.

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4. Tubefilter

To get the latest updates of the creator space through an entirely video-oriented lens, consider subscribing to Tubefilter’s daily newsletter. It monitors four specific aspects of the creator world: YouTube, TikTok, the influencers and self-made millionaires on both of these platforms, plus charts tracking top-performing channels. 

For YouTube creators specifically, you’ll find news and coverage on the platform more complete here than anywhere else. 

When to expect it: Daily.

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For getting the best in creator advice 

5. The Leap 

We here at The Leap have a single mission: to help you make money online as a creator, because we know how tough the grind is. Our newsletter is designed as a 5-minute breakdown of advice, tips, and stories. We analyze trends, get serious about helping you monetize, provide you with tips on audience growth, and keep you informed of the biggest news in the creator economy each week.


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Our newsletter comes once weekly, so you don’t have to stress about emails piling up. Inside, you’ll find links to useful, free resources and content that’ll guide you through things like making your first $100 online, avoiding creator burnout, and the reasons why now is a great time to become a part-time creator

When to expect it: Weekly, on Thursdays.

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6. Passionfruit

Passionfruit is a newsletter from The Daily Dot, a media company that reports on digital culture and trends. In the words of its editor Grace Stanley, “This is the aspiring creator’s guide for navigating the booming, ever-changing creator economy.” The biweekly newsletter features profiles of up-and-coming creators, interviews with established business leaders, as well as advice from popular influencers. It also deep-dives into internet trends and covers underrepresented creator subcultures.

When to expect it: Two times a week.

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7. ICYMI by Lia Haberman

A newsletter by Lia Haberman, ICYMI offers piercing perspectives on social media news and the creator industry. Haberman is a CMO and adjunct professor in social media and influencer marketing at UCLAx. Her newsletter is written for solo-preneurs — in other words, creators who run their own show — as well as social media managers and anyone in the space without a bigger team.

ICYMI is read by over 6,000 subscribers. It’s free, but it’s also supported by readers — meaning that for $50 a year, Haberman will throw in bonus resources to help you make more out of your presence online.

When to expect it: Weekly, on Fridays.

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For honing your creator craft 

8. Creator Science

If you’re looking to grow as a creator, this is the newsletter for you. Creator Science does away with top industry news and trends, and instead gets right down to the brass tacks of the creator craft. It’s written by creator Jay Clouse, with the goal of helping you “become a smarter creator” as quickly as possible. With Creator Science, you can expect advice for building your audience and in-depth interviews with top creators. You’ll also see the results of Clouse’s own experiments as a creator, and get reviews of new creator tools — with tips on how to use them. 

When to expect it: Weekly, on Sundays. 

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9. Later

From the social media management platform Later, this newsletter is all about upping creators’ social game — from how to create evergreen content, to tips for boosting engagement for your posts. It helps you connect social media trends to your content — or, if you’re on the social media management side, to the content that’ll help you impress your boss. 

The newsletter links to the Later blog, which covers everything from top TikTok trends to longer reads that explain how you can become a successful influencer.

When to expect it: Two times a week.

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For monetizing and strategizing as a creator

10. Create and Sell 

Create and Sell is written by Brennan Dunn, an email marketing professional with over a decade’s experience selling through email. His twice-weekly newsletter provides email marketing advice for creators, with information on how to segment, personalize, and automate email processes.  

Dunn specializes in helping his newsletter subscribers get high-quality audience growth and sales from their email marketing lists, fast. Plus, he focuses on personalization, guides for building and selling to an audience, case studies from creators making money through email, and reviews of creator tools. 

When to expect it: Twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursday.

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11. For The Interested

Josh Spector, a marketing and business consultant, shares tips in for growing your audience and creator business in this newsletter. In essence, he’s a content entrepreneur for content entrepreneurs, and his special thing is keeping creator strategies short and catchy. 

In Spector’s own terms, he’s obsessed with curiosity, creativity, learning — and especially curating valuable ideas to share with others. From advice for the side hustlers among us, to the words you need to nix from your messaging, Spector comes in quick and targeted with tips you can action immediately.

When to expect it: One-paragraph emails from Monday to Friday, and a full newsletter on Sundays.

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12. The Saturday Solopreneur

Justin Welsh is a business consultant who started out creating content about SaaS sales on LinkedIn –only to discover his audience was more interested in how he’d grown his LinkedIn audience in the first place. 

Now, he focuses on LinkedIn audience growth, with earnings of $3 million in just over three years. His newsletter, The Saturday Solopreneur, has over 90,000 subscribers and offers a single weekly actionable tip for launching, growing, and monetizing your internet business.

When to expect it: Weekly, on Saturdays.

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