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TikTok Adds Edit Post Feature and Option To Save Videos Without Watermark

by Teresa Lam · Updated Mar 28, 2024

TikTok is launching some new updates to improve the user experience of the app, including an “edit post” feature, the option to save videos without watermark, and an “auto scroll” mode.

According to a tweet by social media consultant Matt Navarra, all three features are coming soon to TikTok, although users in select regions may already have access to them.


TikTok is giving us what we want and NEED!!!! #tiktokupdate #tiktokupdates

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Editing TikTok posts

First, the “edit post” feature allows you to edit post captions, hashtags, thumbnails, and cover text. But there’s a catch: Users can only edit posts published within the last seven days. Additionally, you can only edit a post’s description or cover thumbnail once a day.

To edit a recently published post:

  1. Select the published video from your feed.
  2. Tap the three dots icon (…) on the right menu.
  3. Scroll along to find and tap Edit post.
  4. From here, you can edit the video’s description and hashtags, or change its cover and cover text.

For a quick demo, watch this video by @danthomasuk:


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Saving TikToks without watermark

TikTok is also adding an option for users to save videos without watermark, making it easier for creators to repurpose their content for other platforms. This is great news for users who previously relied on different hacks to remove the TikTok watermark from their videos.

As shown in this video by @jonahcruzmanzano, you can now download your TikTok videos without a watermark directly from the app’s video upload flow. Here’s how:

  1. Find and hit More options (…) near the bottom of your Post screen.
  2. Scroll down to find the Save posts without watermark toggle. Turn on the toggle.
  3. As you publish your video, the no-watermark version will be automatically saved on your device.

TikTok added an option to save posts without watermark under more options. Note: Must be your own videos or photos posted by you . Any previous videos already uploaded by you also allows you to simply save video without watermark! #tiktokfeauture #saveatiktokwithoutthewatermark #newfeaturetiktok

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Auto scroll mode

Finally, TikTok has introduced a new “auto scroll” viewing mode that allows videos to autoplay one after another. With this update, users can enjoy watching an uninterrupted stream of TikToks, without having to manually scroll through their feed to load the next videos.

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