7 Essential Newsletters For Creators To Up Their Game

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Are you choosing what information you feed your brain – or letting algorithms decide for you? 🤖

As a creator, you spend lots of time on social media. Sure, it’s entertaining (and your bread and butter), but social media pushes content to us — and most of it is sensational and hasty. 

Ingesting nutrient-rich information is a game-changer. You’ll expand your worldview, spur creative thinking, and become a more knowledgeable creator. 

If you’re looking to elevate your content diet, it all starts with curating your newsletters. 

They cut through ads and algorithms, are value-packed, and connect you directly to their author. You learn from creators who share exactly what they know and love, without pandering to a feed. 

We pulled nutritious newsletters worthy of forking over your email address, touching on topics such as “1,000 True Fans”, Marketing 101, and Web 3.0.   

If you’re here to upgrade your creator content diet, you’re in the right place. 🥦

1. The Publish Press by Colin and Samir 

For creator news 

The Publish Press delivers news on the creator economy and is written by two of its stars. 

Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry break down growth and business strategies in The Publish Press — but it’s not all business. They also offer “Creator Support,” a Q&A section where they address burning questions on solopreneurship. 

As Colin mentions:

We feel like being a creator is one of the most sought-after careers, and also one of the least understood. Our goal is to shine some light on how different people are actually pursuing this career.” 

This top-notch newsletter keeps you both informed and supported.  

2. Li’s Newsletter by Li Jin

For a look into the future of creators 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a crystal ball to peer into the future of creators? 🔮

Li’s Newsletter is akin to a fortune teller. Li Jin writes thoughtful analyses on the platforms and marketplaces that help creators (like you!) make a living from what they love. 

She tackles ambitious topics, offering predictions on things like the creator middle class and the unbundling of work. But Li’s Newsletter isn’t a snackable read — it’s a dense deep dive. 

This is required reading to understand the fundamentals — and future — of the creator economy. 

3. The Leap by The Leap

For making the leap to full-time creator 

We might be a smidge biased, but we had to throw in our newsletter. 

Becoming a full-time creator can feel like you’re traversing murky, turbulent waters. We see ourselves as your lighthouse, guiding you to shore. 

The Leap newsletter offers a 5-minute weekly roundup of advice, tips, and stories. 

Some stuff you might find in your inbox include: 

  • How to send an invoice (one that doesn’t include pesky fees)  
  • Trend forecasting so you can ride that next viral wave into the sunset 🏄🏼‍♀️
  • 5 simple strategies to avoid burning out, so you can keep doing what you do best – creating 

4. Zero to Marketing by Andrea Bosoni 

For marketing 101 

Want to grow your creator business?

You’ll need to learn copywriting, SEO, social media strategy, and more — basically, the skills of a full-blown marketer. But what if marketing just isn’t your thing. 

Well, you could hire a marketing strategist, but they charge anywhere from $100 to $175 an hour. 😣Or you could go the opposite route and try to find someone you’ll actually trust with your business on Fiverr…  

Thankfully, there’s a third option. Marketing expert Andrea Bosoni bestows his knowledge – free of charge – in his newsletter Zero to Marketing. 

Once a month, Andrea picks a small business and offers a step-by-step strategy showing how he’d grow it. You can steal Andrea’s tactics and apply them to your own business. 

5. Milk Road By Shaan Puri and Ben Levy 

For a web 3.0 crash course 

With 100K + subs, Milk Road is the resource if you’re looking to untangle the knots of crypto. 

Crypto is much more than dogecoin or Bored Ape Yacht Club. It’s accelerating the creator economy. Creators are experimenting with new ways to find fans and showcase their work through NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs. 

But many creators struggle with the complexity and jargon of crypto. That’s why Milk Road’s tone – witty, charismatic, and uncomplicated — is a breath of fresh air. 

As Milk Road’s writers, Shaan Puri and Ben Levy, explain: At Milk Road, we are not fanboys or haters. We are curious, and just want to know what’s actually going on.” 

6. Total ANNARCHY by Ann Handley 

For Writing and Thinking Clearly 

To create original content, you need to be able to think clearly. 

The best way to think through your ideas is to write them out. But writing can be hard as hell. 

That’s where Ann Handley’s newsletter comes in. Every Sunday, you’ll get a jam-packed edition overflowing with writing tips, tricks, and templates. Past editions include a four-step framework to unclog your copy and a template to build a daily writing habit. ✍🏼

P.S – Want to launch your own newsletter? Check out Ann’s free guide, How to Newsletter

7. Ungated by Rob Hardy 

For guidance on how to get your first 1,000 true fans 

The internet is packed with tacky marketers claiming you can get tons of followers overnight. 

Ungated goes against the grain by squashing clicktastic disinformation and instead, encouraging creators to grow with patience and authenticity. Past editions touch on unorthodox topics such as: 

  • Ignoring grammar rules 
  • Why it’s okay not to scale 
  • Giving up on finding your niche 

Ungated is your “mission instruction manual for 1,000 True Fans” — and what creator doesn’t want that? 

Fill your inbox, fill your brain

The right newsletter will stimulate ideas, widen your perspective, and deepen your creative capabilities. That’s not an overstatement. A single email can make you a smarter and more informed creator. 

In the words of Nick deWilde

Be thoughtful about the information you consume, since the information you consume will soon become your thoughts.” 

Have any other newsletters that could benefit creators? Share them with us on Instagram @maketheleap.

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