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9 Best Examples of Digital Products Created on The Leap

by Kelsey McLellan · Updated Oct 5, 2023

Extra, extra: The Leap has landed! That’s right, our new AI-powered digital product builder and link-in-bio storefront tool is finally here. That means you — and tons of other creators — can finally start using it to create and sell the digital products of your dreams, easily. With The Leap, you can start earning that passive income that much faster.

Need some ideas to get you started? Look no further than this article, because we’re giving you the lowdown on some of the best digital products that have already been created (and sold) by savvy creators using The Leap.

Ready to start earning? Create your own digital product on The Leap today — it’s free!

What kinds of digital products can you create on The Leap? 

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course guides tutorials challenges

A free, AI-powered platform, The Leap can help you bring tons of digital product ideas to life in just a few minutes and with minimal effort.

The Leap is a tool that caters primarily to creator educators (that’s creators who deliver educational content). With it, you can create a host of educational digital products, from mini-courses to guides.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the digital products you can build using The Leap:

  • Mini-courses: help your audience achieve a specific learning outcome.
  • Tutorials: help your audience accomplish a specific task.
  • Challenges: help your audience achieve a goal within a time window. 
  • Guides: help your audience form an opinion, make a decision, or take action.

What are the elements of a great digital product? 

So, what makes a digital product great? Read on as we break down three elements that separate the good digital products from the amazing ones.

Solve a problem

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course guides tutorials challenges

A great digital product solves a problem or helps alleviate a pain point for your audience. How do you get your digital product to do that? First, you need to do some research.

The easiest way to learn about your audience’s problems or pain point is to ask them. Social media provides you with a direct line of communication with you audience, so you’ll want to reach out to them on whichever platform they’re on. This could be as simple as asking your followers which digital products they’d like to see in a TikTok or Instagram Reel, or during a Live session. You could also leverage your platform’s Poll or Q&A features as well. 

Deliver an excellent, accessible user experience

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course guides tutorials challenges

A great digital product should be easy and accessible for everyone in your audience to use. This means building and delivering a seamless, intuitive, and accessible user experience.

To create an outstanding user experience for your audience, you’ll want to consider how they like to learn. For example, if you communicate with your audience primarily through TikTok or Instagram Reels, then chances are your audience would jive best with a digital product that’s video-centric. 

Offer unique genius

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course guides tutorials challenges

Lastly, a great digital product is one that’s totally unique! From mini-courses to guidebooks, the best-selling digital products are the ones that provide your audience with something totally new and fill a gap in your niche’s market.

“Unique” can mean one of two things. First, it could mean that your digital product provides your audience with knowledge or expertise that they can’t find anywhere else. Or, secondly, it could mean that your product teaches your audience existing information in a brand new way.

Either way, you’re going to want to get innovative when brainstorming and planning your digital product. That means getting those creative juices flowing!

9 Best examples of digital products created on The Leap

Want to start using The Leap but need some inspo? Here are nine of the best examples of digital products created using The Leap.

1. How To Become a Creative Director by @katarina

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course How To Become a Creative Director katarina Kate Terentieva

In her TikTok bio, Kate Terentieva (@katarina) calls herself “the internet’s Creative Director.” Jokes aside, in addition to being a content creator, Kate is a professional creative director and branding strategist. She’s also the COO and co-founder of Louder Creative Group, a new-gen full-service creative agency specializing in product innovation and “the future of advertising.” Talk about a multi-hyphenate!

Through Louder, Kate helps brands reinvent themselves and their marketing strategies, tackling everything from SEO to UGC, and offering everything from prototyping to 360-degree integrated marketing strategies. Over on TikTok, Kate posts educational content related to her profession, aimed at helping those who aspire to become creative directors, themselves. Take a scroll through Kate’s TikTok page and you’ll see tons of advice and tips on being a creative director, alongside inspirational marketing ideas and her opinions on the latest in the world of marketing. 

After one of her recent TikTok videos went viral, Kate’s DMs and comments section were inundated with new followers asking for advice and tips. Rather than filming a TikTok Q&A, Kate decided to answer the FAQs through a mini-course that she created in just a couple hours using The Leap. 

The mini-course, titled “How To Become a Creative Director,” guides learners through exactly what a creative director does and how to kickstart your career. Kate offers her mini-course for $19.99. In the week after its launch, she made 10 sales for her mini-course!

Kate also uses The Leap’s Ask Me Anything feature to offer Portfolio Audits, where she provides constructive, actionable feedback about customers’ portfolios, including a Google Doc of feedback and a video walk-through of the portfolio. Kate offers her Portfolio Audit for $50.

Read: How Kate Terentieva built a mini-course in 30 minutes using The Leap

2. Launch Your Wedding Planning Business by @candice

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Launch Your Wedding Planning Business Candice Coppola

Candice Coppola (@candice) is an business coach, author, and “purpose pioneer.” Did we mention she’s also a wedding planning pro?

Candice built her wedding planning business Jubilee Events from zero to six-figures in just two years before selling it in 2019. Since then, she’s been helping other wedding professionals build profitable, recognized businesses just like hers.

On Instagram, Candice provides followers with all the tips, tricks, and “short cuts” she used to build her own wedding business, doling out advice like how to revamp your marketing strategy, how to build a recognizable business, and even how to harness AI to grow your business in the wedding space.  

In addition to her educational content, Candice also sells an assortment of courses and guides through her personal website. Her most recent mini-course called “Launch Your Wedding Planning Business” was created using The Leap’s AI-powered authoring tool. This short, video-centric course helps users create a comprehensive business plan for their wedding planning business.

Putting that marketing expertise to good use, Candice chose to offer this mini-course for free as a lead magnet, which helps her grow her email list.

3. B Roll Library Guide by

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered guide Laura Bitoiu B Roll Library Guide

The headline on Laura Bitoiu’s ( website boasts that she’s “the only Instagram Reels expert.” Certainly, there’s no arguing that, as a creator, Laura is totally one-of-a-kind.

After six years of working as a social media manager for million-dollar businesses and a consultant for hundreds of business owners, Laura launched her own social media marketing agency, B Squared Social, which focuses on Instagram Reels strategies. Why? The eagle-eyed entrepreneur noticed that the rollout of Instagram Reels was a massive hurdle for many of her clients, with many looking to figure out straight-forward Reels strategies that would boost their business. 

Since then, Laura has become a creator — and the internet’s de facto Instagram Reels strategist, providing her 114K Instagram audience with educational content around Reels to help them gain clarity and confidence when it comes to creating Reels. On her profile page, you’ll find videos on the latest trends in Reels, Reels ideas, and tips and tricks for creating top-performing Reels.

One of the trickiest Reels techniques to tackle? B roll footage. That’s why Laura created a guide on the topic using The Leap. The creator promises that her B Roll Library Guide is “the only guide you’ll ever need to creating quick, engaging B Roll for your Reels.” In this guide, Laura offers tips on how to organize and optimize B Roll clips, along with 30+ B Roll ideas that can be recorded same-day.

Laura currently offers this guide for free as a lead magnet — talk about an effective and efficient way to grow that email list.

4. Protecting Your Business from Disasters by @techsavvycreative

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Dawn Richardson Protecting Your Business from Disasters techsavvycreative

Meet Dawn Richardson (@techsavvycreative). She’s a software engineer-turned-wedding photographer who loves teaching other creatives how to use technology in their businesses. Oh, and she’s also an Instagram creator!

Through her company Tech Savvy Creative, Dawn promises to help business owners go from “tech overwhelmed to tech empowered,” providing creatives with tons of resources (like her AI toolkit and Mac quiz), as well as one-on-one coaching to help clients find the tech solutions that work for them.

Dawn’s Instagram account serves as an extension of Tech Savvy Creative’s services and offering. There, she keeps her followers up to date on the latest tech news, tools, and products, and teaches them how to take care of the tech they already own. She also enthusiastically answers any questions her followers have regarding tech.

Obviously, Dawn receives tons of questions from her followers. One of the most-asked, however, is from business owners looking to protect their business (and their tech) from natural disasters. To answer these pressing questions, Dawn created a mini-course on the topic using The Leap.

Aptly titled “Protecting Your Business from Disasters,” the mini-course guides users through safe-guarding their business against major disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and more, in three simple steps.

Currently, Dawn offers this mini-course for free as an email list-boosting lead magnet. Nice!

5. Body Goals Blueprint by @britneyinezrand

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Body Goals Blueprint britneyinezrand Britney Inez Rand

Britney Inez Rand (@britneyinezrand) is TikTok’s “Body Goals Specialist.” In her bio, the personal trainer and wellness expert promises to teach her followers “how to lose fat and build curves” — and her content delivers. Britney’s TikTok and Instagram pages are chock-full of workout-optimizing tricks, meal-prepping tips, and tons of train-with-me content.

Of course, to burn fat and build muscle, you need to train well — but you also need to eat properly. The latter concern is exactly what Britney covers in her latest digital product, created using The Leap. Titled “Body Goals Blueprint,” the mini-course helps customers create their own fat-loss meal plan, easily — no calorie-tracking apps or spreadsheets needed! More specifically, clients will learn how to create a well-balanced diet and gain the skills needed to maintain a balanced meal-plan long-term.

Enrolling in the course also unlocks access to Britney’s Body Goals Blueprint Challenge, which helps keep learners on-track and accountable throughout their nutrition journey. Britney sells this Leap-powered mini-course for $17 a pop.

6. Money With Mel: Expense Tracking 101 by @melanielaurene

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Money With Mel: Expense Tracking 101 melanielaurene Melanie Laurene

Melanie Laurene (@melanielaurene) is “your internet big sis” — and your personal finance pro. In addition to being the head of social at Calgary-based digital media agency Arcade, Mel is an entrepreneur and content creator. Across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, where she has a cumulative 58K followers, the creator shares content to do with mental health, self-care, and personal finance.

Alongside (seriously) aspirational lifestyle content, Mel’s TikTok and Instagram pages feature bites of wellness and self-care wisdom, alongside regular money diaries, which the creator expands upon on YouTube.

Mel’s personal finance advice is some of her most-watched educational content. So, it’s no wonder the creator sought to monetize that expertise by building a mini-course on the topic using The Leap. “Money With Mel: Expense Tracking 101” empowers users to take control of their expenses with the goal of feeling more grounded, at ease, and confident about their personal finance journey. Delivered mostly via video content, this mini-course helps learners understand the benefits of expense tracking and grants them access to Mel’s tracker template on Notion. The course also features mini-quiz checkpoints to ensure learners are retaining all that great info.

Mel offers her expense tracking mini-course for $15.

7. Go Live to Get Clients by @latishastylestv

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Go Live to Get Clients latishastylestv LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles (@latishastylestv) has made $1M+ selling her knowledge. Now, she’s helping her followers do the same.

LaTisha is a branding and marketing consultant who helps business owners generate demand for their services through custom video content. In addition to being a writer and speaker, LaTisha is also the founder of her own business, You’ve Got Clients. Just as its name suggests, the venture helps online coaches raise their rates by building the marketing systems they need to turn major profits. 

Essentially, LaTisha is in the business of helping others make money for their businesses. It’s an endeavor that extends to her social media channels as well. Across Instagram and YouTube, LaTisha provides her followers with tips on how to boost your online income, including how-to guides for creating online courses, launching a proftitable coaching business, pricing your digital products, and more.

LaTisha’s latest how-to guide arrives courtesy of The Leap. The creator used the platform’s AI-powered authoring tool to create a new mini-course, titled “Go Live to Get Clients.” Aimed at online coaches, this mini-course provides customers with an understanding of emotion-based content, strategies to engage and connect with audiences, and tips for creating a compelling live stream.

Currently, LaTisha is offering her mini-course for free as a lead magnet — for a limited time only. This time-sensitive offer incentivizes more potential customers to download (in exchange for their email address, of course), which helps LaTisha supercharge her newsletter list. Such a great strategy — but we wouldn’t expect anything less from LaTisha.

8. Planning Your Digital Products by Juan Galán

the leap by thinkific digital products examples ai powered mini course Planning Your Digital Products Juan Galán  IG Creator Academy

Juan Galán started his journey working in marketing for corporate and startup companies — Instagram was just his side hustle. After years of balancing the two, Juan decided to finally take the leap, becoming a full-time Instagram creator and founding his own business, IG Creator Academy. Through his company, Juan seeks to help content creators embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Juan brings over 10 years of marketing expertise to his educational content, which spans macro topics like leveraging AI to elevate your business, to smaller tips like crafting the perfect IG caption

Recently, Juan teamed up with The Leap to create a brand new mini-course using our AI-powered authoring tool. Juan’s course teaches you how to plan which digital products to sell, including researching audiences’ pain points and adopting an MVP mindset. This mini-course is offered for free as a lead magnet.

9. Building Your Email List by Millie Adrian

Millie Adrian is a prominent YouTuber and creator educator, and the founder of The Modern Influencer. While working 9 to 5 as a Project Manager, Millie grew her social media audience to 400K+ followers. Now, she’s helping her audience do the same.

Leveraging the knowledge she gained from project management and drawing on her personal experience balancing a day job and side-hustle, Millie provides her YouTube and Instagram following with everything they need to know to build their brands while grinding it out at the 9 to 5. 

Alongside videos that teach viewers how to grow their social media following, Millie’s content also explores topics like productivity and creator burnout. Basically, if you’re looking to grow your social media audience, Millie is the creator to follow.

Recently, Millie has applied her expertise and knowledge to a brand new mini-course created using The Leap’s AI-powered digital product builder. This video-based course teaches users how to build their email list. In it, she touches on the importance of lead magnets and the concept that your social media followers are a “rented” audience.

Applying Millie’s mini-course advice, The Leap currently offers “Building Your Email List” for free as a lead magnet. 

Create your own digital product with The Leap

Are your creative juices flowing yet? Hopefully these nine examples of the best digital products created using The Leap have provided you with ample inspiration to starting creating and selling your own. 

The first step? Sign up for The Leap free and get started today!

the leap by thinkific ai powered digital product generator builder link in bio tool storefront


What digital products can I create and sell on The Leap?

The Leap is an all-in-one AI-powered digital product builder and link-in-bio storefront tool that allows creators to build and sell digital products quickly and easily.

The Leap’s easy-to-use authoring tool allows creators to build a number of different kinds of digital products, including:

  • Mini-courses
  • Tutorials
  • Guides
  • Challenges

Through The Leap’s storefront tool, creators can sell virtually any kind of digital product. Of course, creators can use The Leap to sell the products they’ve created on the platform, but they can also use The Leap to sell existing digital products that they’ve already created — like a craft pattern PDF, a Lightroom preset, an ebook that they’ve uploaded to Dropbox, a contract template created on Google Doc, and much more.

What are the benefits of creating digital products on The Leap?

There are tons of benefits to creating your digital products on The Leap.

First, The Leap’s AI-powered tool takes most of the effort out of creating your digital products. On average, it only takes a couple of hours to create one digital product on The Leap. This means you can start selling your digital products (and monetizing) faster than ever.

Because The Leap makes digital product creation so easy, the platform empowers creators to offer their products as lead magnets, which helps them build a bigger email list faster.

The best part? The Leap is 100% free to use — try it yourself now.

What are some examples of great digital products created on The Leap?

Many creators have already started using The Leap to build outstanding, fast-selling digital products.

Some examples of great digital products created on The Leap include Millie Adrian’s mini-course Building Your Email List, B Squared Social’s B Roll Library Guide, and Kate Terentieva’s mini-course How To Become a Creative Director.

What makes a great digital product?

Great digital products are great for a number of unique reasons. However, every great digital product has the same three features in common:

  • Great digital products solve a problem for your audience.
  • Great digital products deliver a seamless and accessible user experience.
  • Great digital products provide your audience with something unique that they can’t get anywhere else

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