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Stan Store vs. Linktree: Which Link-in-Bio Tool Is Better?

by Jenni Stablein · Published Apr 17, 2024

Both Stan Store and Linktree are popular link-in-bio tools boasting features that help you organize your links in one place, grow your audience, and sell digital products. While Linktree was one of the first link-in-bio tools on the market, Stan is quickly becoming a top contender. So, how do these two link-in-bio tools compare?

Read on to learn more about the key differences and comparisons between Stan Store and Linktree. By the end of this article, you should be able to decide which platform works best for you — or if you need to consider an alternative altogether.  

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Stan Store vs. Linktree: Key differences

The biggest difference between the two platforms is that Linktree is first and foremost a tool that helps creators direct their followers to their most valuable links. While it’s a powerful link-in-bio tool, Linktree doesn’t have the same monetization features that Stan offers. However, some creators might prioritize simplicity over a feature-rich platform. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you’re looking for, and it all begins with understanding the different offerings of each platform. 

Stan StoreLinktreeWhich ones better?
Pricing No free plan, but it charges 0% transaction fees for paid plans that go from $29-$99/month.Offers a free plan with unlimited links, tip jar, and other minimal monetization support. Paid plans range from $5-$24/month.Linktree
Simplicity Offers a user-friendly interface for both its online store builder and course builder.Excels at helping creators efficiently and effectively direct followers to their most important links.Linktree 
Allows creators to monetize by selling digital products, hosting and selling online courses, managing email lists, and scheduling meetings.Focuses primarily on providing a simple link management solution with less robust monetization features. Stan Store
Community and support Provides an affiliate program, creator community, and 1:1 creator strategy coaching, which could be helpful for those looking for tailored advice.Benefits from a larger user base and established community, which can help creators find tips, advice, and troubleshooting solutions.Linktree

What is Stan Store?

Over the last few years, Stan has quickly become one of the most popular creator monetization platforms. However, while the platform boasts itself as an “all-in-one creator store,” this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution.

Several things about Stan might not suit every creator’s needs, especially its price tag. On the flip side, Stan is popular for a reason. For one, it charges zero transaction fees. It also offers many helpful features like robust customization, several payment processing options, an online course builder, and audience analytics.

stan store vs linktree link in bio tool

With Stan Store, you can: 

  • Use its drag-and-drop builder to effortlessly create a professional-looking online store without coding or design skills.
  • Automate your workflow via integrations with third-party platforms like Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and more. 
  • Use Stan’s affiliate marketing program to earn a commission by promoting other creators’ products.
  • Track detailed analytics on your audience including demographics, engagement rates, and more. 
  • Build online courses directly within the platform.  

What is Linktree?

For starters, Linktree is the OG link-in-bio tool and therefore one of the most popular. It’s not just useful for creators, but also for businesses, community groups, and pretty much anyone who has more than one link to share. 

But is Linktree the best option for you? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for from a link-in-bio tool. Some creators might enjoy Linktree’s effortless setup and simple interface, while others might find themselves craving more features for selling digital products.  

With Linktree, you can: 

  • Easily create customizable, on-brand landing pages. 
  • Share limitless content with your followers across all social platforms. 
  • Drive engagement to high-priority content with link animations.
  • Get paid through PayPal or Shopify for the content and products you offer. 
  • Collect email and SMS subscribers to help generate leads. 
  • Measure marketing performance with cross-channel insights. 

Stan Store vs. Linktree: Comparison

When it comes to deciding between Stan Store or Linktree as your link-in-bio tool, it’s important to consider the features offered by both platforms. 

Features Stan StoreLinktree 
Pricing$29-$99/month.$5-$24/month. Free plan available.
Customization Drag-and-drop editor allows for complete branding customization, giving you full control over the look and feel of your store. Extensive customization options available with paid plans.
Monetization features Allows creators to monetize by selling digital products, offering online courses, and scheduling appointments.Offers creators the ability to share content and products and accept donations.
Analytics Provides analytics on audience demographics, link clicks, and sales.More advanced analytics available with paid plans.
IntegrationsNative integration with several third-party platforms.Offers many integrations across a broad range of categories, such as Shopify and Typeform.
Ease of use Offers a user-friendly interface for both its online store builder and course builder.Simple to use, but lacks many of the monetization features that Stan has.
Community and support Creator community, affiliate program, and 1:1 creator strategy coaching available.Dedicated community with a wide range of members.

Stan has many of the same features as Linktree’s — the main one being the ability to host all your links in one place. However, it also comes with additional features like an online course builder and native calendar for meeting bookings.

While Stan’s monthly subscription is more expensive than Linktree, it comes with zero transaction fees. This means it can be a good option for creators who are serious about selling digital products at a higher volume and don’t want to get dinged with a transaction fee for every sale. 

Meanwhile, Linktree is a great option for creators who are just starting out. It’s ideal if you want an easy-to-use platform that allows you to host multiple links in one place, share digital products, and accept donations — without breaking the bank. 

1. Pricing 

When it comes to pricing, Linktree stands out as the more accessible platform.

Linktree offers a free plan that allows you to share unlimited links. And if you want to pay a little extra for more advanced features like audience analytics or customization, its paid plans start at only $5/month, which is much cheaper compared to Stan’s subscription which starts at $29/month. 

linktree pricing plans free
Linktree’s plans and pricing.

stan store plan creator pro pricing
Stan Store’s plans and pricing.

2. Customization

While both platforms offer customization options, Linktree’s feature offering is certainly more impressive.

While Linktree’s free plan doesn’t allow for a ton of customization, its paid plans (ranging from $5-$24/month) give you plenty of these features. From the ability to hide the Linktree logo, to a wide selection of themes, to the option to use an NFT you own as your background image, there’s lots of room for personalization.

linktree templates themes
Linktree offers an extensive library of pre-designed templates.

Meanwhile, with Stan, you can create a custom domain and use its drag-and-drop editor to easily organize your content.

stan store drag and drop editor
Stan’s drag-and-drop editor helps you organize your links effortlessly.

3. Monetization features

One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is what they offer to creators in terms of monetization features. While Linktree is a super simple way to share links, it’s not much of an e-commerce tool. On the other hand, Stan is all about being a platform that helps you monetize your following. 

Stan operates more like an online store, allowing you to host any type of link you might want to share with your audience alongside digital products and services, like online courses, ebooks, 1:1 coaching sessions, and more. Not only does Stan let you sell your digital products, it also has an online course builder, allowing you to create courses directly within the platform.  

4. Analytics 

Both Stan and Linktree offer analytics for greater insight into your link performance, like total views, link CTR (clickthrough rate), an overview of trends that have occurred over time, and more. While you can access basic analytics with Linktree’s free plan, the platform’s more extended analytics sit behind a paywall. 

Stan offers pretty robust analytics with its Creator plan for $29/month. Not only does Stan’s analytics cover similar ground as Linktree, but it also provides metrics on the performance of your digital product sales. 

Stan Store vs. Linktree: Which one should you choose? 

Both Stan Store and Linktree excel as tools for hosting multiple links in one place. Linktree has been around for longer and is considered the OG link-in-bio tool. Because of this, it has a large community of users and a proven track record of success. 

If you’re looking for a link-in-bio tool that operates more like an online store and provides analytics, customization, and monetization features, then Stan might be the better option. While Stan Store is more expensive than Linktree, it also offers more features for creators looking to make money online.

Ultimately, the choice between Stan or Linktree should be based on your business objectives, your budget, and your most desired functionalities. 

Still not convinced that either of these platforms is the one for you? Read on for the best alternative on the market. 

A free alternative to Stan Store and Linktree: The Leap

The Leap is a link-in-bio tool that functions as an all-in-one creator store, with an easy-to-use, AI-powered digital product builder — all for free

Designed with lead generation, product promotion, and sales in mind, The Leap helps creators monetize easily, allowing them to sell their digital products and process payments directly through their link-in-bio page.

As we’ve dissected in this article, some link-in-bio tools are more robust than others. But no other link-in-bio platform has a digital product builder, or at least not as one as smart as The Leap’s. 

the leap digital product builder ai
The Leap’s AI-powered digital product builder helps you generate mini-courses, guides, and more in minutes.

The Leap’s AI-powered tool doesn’t just give you digital product suggestions like a chatbot, it can actually generate product drafts in seconds and help you bring your digital products to life more easily, whether you’re looking to create mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and more. Since The Leap’s digital product builder is super user-friendly and completely free, it’s automatically way easier for creators to turn their products into lead magnets, which in turn helps them grow their email list — and earn more $$$.

The Leap also offers you analytics including sales and leads reports, giving you the insights you need to create digital products that your audience will love.

If you’re a creator looking to jumpstart your monetization journey, then The Leap is for you. Try The Leap for free to build your own creator store.


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Stan Store vs. Linktree FAQ 

What is Stan Store used for?

Stan is a creator store used for sharing multiple links and selling digital products and services, like online courses, guides, coaching sessions, and more. The platform also helps creators capture leads and grow their email list.

How much does Stan Store cost?

Unfortunately, Stan doesn’t offer a free plan. Its Creator plan is $29/month, and Creator Pro plan is $99/month, both with zero transaction fees. Stan also offers a 14-day trial, so you can get a taste of its feature offerings before fully committing. 

Is there a better alternative to Stan Store and Linktree? 

While both Stan Store and Linktree are great options for a link-in-bio tool, if you’re looking for a free alternative with even better features, look no further than The Leap

The Leap is an all-in-one creator storefront with an AI-powered digital product builder, which can help you generate mini-courses, tutorials, guides, and more in minutes. Aside from being completely free to use, The Leap also offers many of the same features as Linktree and Stan Store — like a link-in-bio tool, an email list builder, native email (coming soon!), simple payment and order fulfillment, audience analytics, and more.


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