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Stan Store Pricing 2024 Review: Is the Creator Platform Worth It?

by Jenni Stablein · Published Apr 3, 2024

Over the last few years, Stan Store has become a popular creator monetization platform. For one, Stan charges users zero transaction fees, which is rare compared to many of its competitors. Moreover, the platform is full of useful features like several payment processing options, an online course builder, and audience analytics.

And while Stan boasts itself as an “all-in-one creator store,” this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. Several things about Stan might not suit every creator’s needs — mainly its price tag. 

Read on to learn more about Stan’s pricing structure and key features. If you’re not convinced Stan is right for you by the end of this article, don’t worry — we’ve also included deets on the top Stan Store alternative. 

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How much does Stan Store cost?

When it comes to Stan Store’s pricing, the platform keeps it pretty simple by offering only two plans. Its basic Creator plan costs $29/month, while its Creator Pro plan is $99/month. Both plans come with zero transaction fees. 

Unfortunately, Stan Store doesn’t offer a free plan. That means all users must pay to access the platform.

Here’s a quick glance at the features offered in Stan’s Creator and Creator Pro plans: 

FeaturesCreatorCreator Pro 
Mobile-optimized creator store
Calendar invites and bookings 
Unlimited courses
Monetization features
Email list/Newsletter builder
One-tap checkout 
Email marketing
Unlimited funnels
Discount codes and upsell offers
Payment plans
Affiliate payments 
Pixel tracking 

Stan’s Creator plan is pretty feature-rich in terms of monetization and customization features. However, if you want to use its email marketing and other advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to Creator Pro.

Pro tip: Stan offers a 14-day free trial, so you can give it a whirl before committing to subscribing.

Stan Store pricing: Creator plan 

Stan’s Creator plan is pretty robust — it’s designed for creators looking to monetize their content by selling digital products and services directly from their link in bio. $29/month might seem steep to creators first getting started in their monetization journey, however, because Stan charges zero transaction fees, that could be considered a small price to pay once you start making some sales. 

Stan’s Creator plan comes with a range of features to help you make those sales. Some of its key features include: 

  • Customizable landing page: Use Stan’s drag-and-drop editor to customize your storefront to match your brand’s look and feel.
  • Creator store: With Stan, you can sell an unlimited number of digital products or services like online courses, videos, digital artwork, downloadable guides, and more. 
  • Calendar invites and bookings: You can use Stan’s native calendar to sell services, like 1:1 consultations, coaching sessions, and more to your audience. 
  • Online course builder: Stan allows you to create online courses with its drag-and-drop editor directly within the platform. 
  • Subscriptions: Set up subscriptions as another way to monetize your content for a recurring income. 
  • Email list/Newsletter builder:  Build your email list by using the Stan platform to get followers to subscribe to your newsletter. 
  • Links and earnings analytics: Track sales and customer behavior using Stan’s built-in analytics. 

Stan Store pricing: Creator Pro plan  

Stan’s Creator Pro plan offers everything its Creator plan does, plus more advanced features for enhanced marketing strategies. The Creator Pro plan is ideal for creators who have already got their online business up and running and want to bring it to the next level. 

Some of the key features of Stan’s Creator Pro plan are: 

  • Email marketing: Send automated emails to your followers and subscribers through built-in email workflows. 
  • Unlimited funnels: You can boost conversions and increase your average order value by building sales pages, offering order bumps, and more. 
  • Discount codes and upsell offers: You can offer your customers discount codes and upsell your digital products or services.
  • Payment plans: You can offer your customers the option of payment plans, which makes your products more accessible and can help increase sales.
  • Affiliate payments: You can create an affiliate program that encourages other creators to promote your offers and products in exchange for a commission. 
  • Pixel tracking: You can add Facebook and Google tracking codes to help you go the extra mile in your marketing campaigns. 

The best Stan Store alternative 

Still on the fence about Stan? Lucky for you, there is a Stan alternative that might appeal to you more. Enter The Leap, a free, AI-powered creator store that enables creators to start making money, right now. 

The Leap understands that getting into the digital product game can be a bit overwhelming, so it created a free tool (yes, 100% free to use) that helps you build, promote, and sell digital products in record time — and with minimal effort. The best part? You can do it all from one place. No bip-bopping around from one platform to another. The Leap truly is an all-in-one tool for creators. 


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The Leap pricing

The Leap is completely free to use. No monthly subscription fees, and no hidden platform fees. The only thing you’ll be charged is a standard 2.9% Stripe payment processing fee per sale. That’s it!

The Leap key features

The Leap is the only creator store platform that has an AI-powered digital product builder, which helps users build digital products like mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and more directly within the platform. 

the leap digital product builder mini course challenge tutorial guide ai powered

The Leap also has built-in generative AI, which means that it goes beyond simply giving suggestions and can actually generate digital product drafts for you in a matter of minutes.

the leap digital product builder generator ai powered

Coming soon to The Leap is a native email feature that allows creators to write and send emails to their leads and customers within the platform itself. This email marketing feature will help creators promote their digital products to their leads, and turning them into paying customers. 

The best part about The Leap is that it’s super easy to use and designed to feel like you’re creating content on any other social platform.

The bottom line? The Leap is an intuitive, AI-powered tool that lets you do everything from creating, promoting, and selling digital products all in one place. 

The Leap vs. Stan Store: Comparison

The Leap Stan Store
PricingFree!$29 – $99/month
Mobile-optimized creator store
Digital product builder ✅ AI-powered digital product builder✅ Online course builder
Generative AI
Native email🔜

Ready to make money without spending it?

While Stan is a great option for a creator platform with monetization and analytics features, it’s quite limited in the kinds of digital products it can produce. If that’s important to you, then chances are what you’re actually shopping for is a Stan alternative

The Leap is the best Stan alternative on the market. Not only does it offer many of the same features that Stan does, but it also provides an AI-powered digital product builder that literally generates product ideas and drafts for you in mere seconds. Plus, it’s completely free to use. No high transaction fees, and absolutely no monthly subscription fees. 

At the end of the day, The Leap is a brilliant choice if you’re looking to keep all your revenue from selling digital products online. 

Ready to make some serious bucks without spending any? Try The Leap free today to build your link-in-bio creator store and sell your digital products.


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Stan Store pricing FAQ 

What is Stan Store used for?

Stan is a creator store platform used for sharing multiple links and selling digital products and services like online courses, guides, roadmaps, 1:1 consultations, and more. Creators also use this platform to record audience analytics and product performance, as well as to capture leads and grow their email list.

Is there a free version of Stan Store?

While Stan offers a 14-day free trial, it does not offer a free plan. Its basic Creator plan costs $29/month with zero transaction fees, and comes with a range of features to help you customize your storefront, monetize your content, and track revenue and customer behavior. 

Stan’s Creator Pro plan is $99/month, also with zero transaction fees. While Stan’s Creator Pro plan is pretty steep in terms of price, it’s designed for creators who want to up their game with email marketing and more advanced features like pixel tracking, affiliate programs, and more. 

Is there a free alternative to Stan Store? 

While Stan is a great option for a link-in-bio creator store, if you’re looking for a free alternative with even better features, look no further than The Leap. It’s an all-in-one creator storefront with an AI-powered digital product builder, all for free.

Aside from being completely free to use, The Leap also offers many of the same features as Stan’s — like a more versatile digital product builder, analytics, simple payment and order fulfillment, and more.


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