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Discover how The Leap stacks up against popular creator store option Stan.

Hi! 👋 Are you thinking of making the jump to The Leap? Or maybe you’re trying to decide which creator store is right for you? Then you’re probably wondering what the differences are between The Leap and Stan Store. We’ve made things easy for you by compiling an in-depth comparison between the two platforms.

The Leap Stan
Price Free!

$29 – $99/month

Product builder AI-powered digital product builder 🪄

Online course builder

Creator store
AI tools AI-powered product builder creates digital products for you in minutes!

AI chatbot generates text based on your social content

Email marketing Free
(limits may apply)

Premium plan only

Email list builder
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So, what is Stan?

In the last few years, Stan has grown in popularity as a creator monetization platform. On its homepage, it claims to be an “all-in-one creator store.” But this doesn’t mean it’s a one-size-fits-all solution.

In fact, there are a number of things about Stan that just don’t suit the needs of all creators. Number one? Its price tag.

Stan boasts 0% transaction fees, but it charges a hefty monthly user fee.

Signing up for Stan’s most basic plan will set you back $29/month, while its premium plan, which offers additional features like email marketing, will cost you a whopping $99/month. As the months add up, your Stan bill ends up taking a pretty big bite out of your yearly income. Ouch!

With Stan, you can only build online courses.

In addition to its link-in-bio storefront, Stan provides users with an online course builder. The tool itself is fairly easy to use, however, its functionality is limited to creating only one kind of digital product: online courses. This is great for a small number of creators, but leaves all those looking to build other digital products, like tutorials and guides, in the dust.

But look, it’s not all bad.

Stan promises to have your creator store up and running in just 10 minutes, and its easy-to-use storefront builder does deliver on that promise. The platform also helps users build their email lists via in-app sign-up forms. Additionally, it allows you to drip-feed your course content, create bookings in-app, and sell webinars and subscriptions easily. But remember: all of these features come with a price tag.

So, what does The Leap do better?

The thing creators love about Stan is its ease of use. The Leap more than delivers on this front, even one-ups Stan when it comes to some of our tools. The Leap’s intuitive storefront builder allows you to set up shop in minutes, but where we really surpass Stan is with our digital product builder.

The main difference is that our digital product builder is powered by generative AI. That means that our tool can actually create your digital products for you, speeding up the process and minimizing effort. Sure, Stan’s online course builder is fairly user-friendly, but it doesn’t have AI integration. This means you’ll need to create your products yourself, almost entirely from scratch. And that takes time and effort.

Beyond that, let’s dive into what else The Leap does better.

Everything you need – for free

The Leap is the only all-in-one creator store that provides creators with everything they need to create, sell, and market their digital products for free.

While Stan charges users a monthly fee ($29 for a basic plan and $99 for a pro plan), The Leap offers the same set of tools plus a superior digital product builder, all for $0. Once you start making sales from your Leap store, all you need to pay is Stripe’s small 2.9% transaction fee. That’s what we call a great deal.


No need to go Pro

Some platforms offer users free accounts with limited features, reserving all the good stuff for paying customers. But we’re not like other platforms.

Once you sign up for your free account on The Leap, you gain access to all of our features, including our AI-powered digital product builder, our link-in-bio storefront tool, our email list builder, and email marketing.

On the other hand, Stan provides basic plan subscribers with its standard features (online course builder, online storefront, email builder) for a hefty monthly fee. If you want access to additional important features, like email marketing, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro for a whopping $99/month. With The Leap, you get access to everything for free.


Build the digital products your audience wants

The Leap caters specifically to creators who want to share their unique genius, allowing them to to package their knowledge and expertise into digital products their audience will love.

While Stan’s product builder allows users to create only one kind of digital product (i.e. online courses), The Leap’s powerful authoring tool enables you to create a variety of the best, most engaging digital learning products, like mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and challenges.

In other words: no matter your niche or education style, The Leap provides you with everything you need to better educate your audience – and to earn more $$$ from your expertise.


Generate more leads faster

Want to supercharge your business? We can help you with that. The Leap is geared towards lead generation, which helps you grow (and grow) your business and your revenue.

Because it’s powered by generative AI, The Leap’s authoring tool allows you to create lead magnets in just a few minutes and with minimal effort. By offering these lead-generating freebies in exchange for your audience’s email addresses, you’ll quickly grow your newsletter list – and your revenue. On top of that, lead magnets give potential customers a taste of your unique genius, getting them hooked so they’ll want to purchase your paid products.

In comparison, Stan’s product builder just isn’t up to par, meaning it takes you longer to create your lead magnets and start earning. In other words, The Leap helps you start generating more leads faster, so you start earning more $$$ sooner.



Bottom line? The Leap is best if you want a free platform that enables you to create and sell digital products in almost no time.

The Leap is best if…

  • You want a free all-in-one creator store
  • You want to create digital products in minutes
  • You want to save time creating lead magnets
  • You want to create and sell a variety of different digital learning products (including mini-courses, tutorials, guides, and challenges)

Stan is best if…

  • You’re willing to pay $$$ for basic and premium features
  • You want to sell subscriptions

Just one last thing…

The Leap is a free, AI-powered, all-in-one creator store that enables creators to start making money, right now.

We believe that the creator economy is so much more than a job market; it’s an opportunity for creators to build businesses on their own terms. We envision a world where all creators can find freedom, fulfillment, and stability in the creator economy. And with The Leap, we’re bringing that vision to life.

We know getting into the digital product game can be a little overwhelming. (“I don’t have the time!” “Where do I even begin?!”) That’s why we created a free tool that helps you build, promote, and sell digital products in record time – and with minimal effort.

Basically, The Leap makes kickstarting the creator monetization journey easy. Our tool empowers you to earn more than just your first few dollars, but to create a sustainable income engine by turning your expertise into profitable digital products.

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