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The Leap is a free alternative to Gumroad, with an AI-powered digital product builder that saves you time and money.

Finding the perfect all-in-one creator store shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together this overview of what features The Leap and Gumroad share, and what sets them apart. Read on to learn which platform will work best for you and your digital product business.

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What’s the deal with Gumroad?

When you use Gumroad as your creator storefront, it will take a 10% cut of your earnings. And FYI, that’s not including payment processing fees.

The Leap is totally free to use. Yes, credit card processing fees via Stripe do exist, they’re inevitable. But every other feature on The Leap is completely free.

But if the pricing structure between Gumroad and The Leap isn’t what bothers you, let’s dive into what’s similar between the two creator store options and what sets them apart.

Like The Leap, Gumroad takes a creator-centric approach to its e-commerce storefront.

It offers a customizable storefront with the ability to easily embed its checkout widget on your social profiles or website. Creators can sell digital products and services on Gumroad, set up subscriptions, create simple memberships, as well as build and sell online courses.

Both Gumroad and The Leap offer analytics and reporting tools.

These are helpful for creators to track sales, customer behavior, and other valuable metrics to make better-informed business decisions.

Gumroad has some unique features.

For example, the ability to generate license keys for software or create discount offer codes. Like The Leap, Gumroad’s features are designed to be simple to use, and intuitive for creators who are used to operating on social platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

However, Gumroad is significantly lacking in a few areas.

First, Gumroad doesn’t have the ability to produce a wide range of digital products within its platform. And while Gumroad boasts automated email workflows, it doesn’t offer other smart AI tools that’ll help creators supercharge their sales.

Why The Leap is better

With The Leap, everything – from building and selling digital products, to email marketing, to tracking leads – is done within the same platform. Plus, you get to keep all the revenue. That’s right, no sales commission or hidden platform fees.

The Leap is also powered by Thinkific, a platform that has a rich history of providing creators (over 50K to be exact) with the tools they need to earn a living as a creator. Since its inception, Thinkific creators have earned over $1.6B directly through the platform and published over 154K digital products.

As the latest tool in Thinkific’s powerful toolkit, The Leap is backed by a ton of experience, and it’s putting all that experience toward helping creators make their first leap toward something big.

Create digital products in a format your audience already knows and loves

The Leap provides a digital product builder that’s as intuitive to use as your social platforms, allowing you to create bite-sized courses, guides, and more that are as fun to consume as TikTok or Instagram.

In this digital economy, ensuring that creators can set up and manage their online storefronts with minimal hassle is just a given. That means as a creator store platform, prioritizing a user-friendly interface is only the beginning.

Where The Leap goes one step further than most is using AI-powered technology to generate digital product ideas and templates for you. What makes this so special? While other platforms may have AI chatbots, The Leap is the only platform that can actually generate digital products for you (we’re not just talking about simple suggestions here).


Sell digital products and build them with generative AI

The Leap boasts an AI-powered digital product builder that can generate ideas and templates not only for mini-courses, but also for other digital products like how-to guides and tutorials.

This feature benefits both the creator who is just getting started in the digital product game (and maybe feeling a little overwhelmed coming up with ideas), as well as the more experienced creator who needs an extra boost to save some time and money.

The Leap’s AI digital product builder is also incredibly easy to use. Once you sign up, all you have to do is tell The Leap what your content niche is, and our authoring tool will generate multiple digital product ideas for you in literal seconds. From there, The Leap builds out comprehensive drafts that you can customize to your taste, incorporating your unique genius, personal stories, and tone of voice.


Drive leads and keep all your revenue

With The Leap, you have a lot of options. If you’re just getting started, you might choose to offer your digital products for free and use them as lead magnets to grow your audience. If you’re looking to start selling digital products, you can choose the price point or allow your customers to pay what they want.

Whatever you decide, you can do it all through your own mobile-optimized link-in-bio storefront. And by “all,” we mean process payments, promote your products, and gather valuable customer information that helps inform successful sales.

It’s easy to set up payment processing with The Leap’s plug-and-play Stripe integration. The only thing you’ll pay is the standard 2.9% Stripe payment processing fee. That’s it! The Leap won’t take any cut of your sales, so all profits are yours to keep.


Effortless distribution and fulfillment

Both Gumroad and The Leap offer seamless distribution and order fulfillment options. However, the biggest difference is that Gumroad charges a 10% flat fee for each of your sales, while The Leap does not.

If you create products on The Leap, sales pages are instantly generated and links to these pages are automatically added to your customizable link-in-bio storefront.

Once the sales start rolling in, The Leap will automatically send your customer a unique access link to your product. Plus, to protect your intellectual property, your digital product’s access links will expire after a certain time and can only be re-authenticated by the purchaser.



The Leap is the best option for creators who want a seamless, free experience building and selling digital products.

The Leap is best if…

  • You’re a creator who wants an all-in-one creator store that’s not only intuitive to use, but also offers you the ability to create digital products – like mini-courses, guides, and tutorials – quickly and easily.

Gumroad is best if…

  • You’re a creator who wants a lightweight, simple e-commerce option to easily collect payment for your existing digital products and services, or subscription and membership-based products.

So, to sum things up…

If you’re a creator who’s looking to sell digital products so that you have more financial stability, then The Leap is the best option for you.

Why? For one, when we say “completely free,” we mean it. The Leap will not only save you money, but our built-in generative AI will save you valuable time, too.

Gumroad certainly offers many features. However, its 10% sales fee may deter some creators, especially those just getting started in the digital product game.

With The Leap, creators can build digital products and an online storefront in no time and for zero dollars. If that’s not music to a creator’s ears, we don’t know what is.

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