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The Leap is a free alternative to Snipfeed, with an AI-powered digital product builder that saves you time and money.

Hey there! 👋 Looking for an all-in-one creator store to monetize your knowledge? We’ve put together this overview of what makes The Leap different from Snipfeed, so you can decide which platform might work best for you.

The Leap Snipfeed
Price Free!

$9 – $59/month

Product builder AI-powered digital product builder 🪄

Online course builder

Creator store
AI tools AI-powered product builder creates digital products for you in minutes!

AI-powered text generator only

Email marketing

Link-in-bio landing page
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What’s Snipfeed all about, anyway?

Snipfeed is all about helping creators monetize their social audience in one click through on-demand content, direct interactions, and selling digital products.

While the platform focuses on monetization through digital services and products, what it lacks is the robust back-end to build said products.

For example, you can upload pretty much any digital product under the sun onto Snipfeed and create online courses via integrations, just don’t expect the ability to build other products on the platform directly.

Snipfeed is not free (and it’s not exactly cheap, either).

Unfortunately, Snipfeed does not offer a free plan option, meaning users must pay a monthly subscription fee in order to use the platform. Its basic plan starts at $9/month, while its premium plans range from $29 to $59/month.

That being said, Snipfeed does offer plenty of features.

In addition to an online course builder, the platform provides a bunch of helpful extras, such as a “Support Me” button for audience tipping and SMS marketing.

However, you’re limited to building online courses only with Snipfeed.

If you’re looking for a creator store that allows you to market, sell, and create digital products all in one place for an affordable price, then it might be worth your while to consider other options.

So what makes The Leap so great?

With The Leap, everything – from building and selling digital products, to email marketing, to tracking leads – is done within the same platform. Plus, you get to keep all the revenue. That’s right, The Leap won’t take any cut of your sales.

The Leap is also powered by Thinkific, a platform that has a rich history of providing creators (over 50K to be exact) with the tools they need to earn a living as a creator. Since its inception, Thinkific creators have earned over $1.6B directly through the platform and published over 154K digital products.

As the latest tool in Thinkific’s powerful toolkit, The Leap is backed by a ton of experience, and it’s putting all that experience toward helping creators make their first leap toward something big.

Drive leads and keep all your revenue

With The Leap, you have a lot of options. If you’re just getting started, you might choose to offer your digital products for free and use them as lead magnets to grow your audience. If you’re looking to sell digital products, you can choose the price point or allow your customers to pay what they want.

Whatever you decide, you can do it all through your own mobile-optimized link-in-bio storefront. And by “all,” we mean process payments, promote your products, and gather valuable customer information that helps inform successful sales.

It’s easy to set up payment processing with The Leap’s plug-and-play Stripe integration. The only thing you’ll pay is the standard 2.9% Stripe payment processing fee. That’s it! There’s no revenue sharing, so all profits are yours to keep.


Create digital products in a format your audience already knows and loves

While both Snipfeed and The Leap boast storefronts that are intended to feel as familiar to use as your social platforms, only The Leap provides a digital product builder that’s as intuitive to use as TikTok or Instagram.

Creating content already takes up enough brain power, so you obviously don’t want to spend a ton of time learning how to navigate an entirely new platform. The Leap makes it easy with AI-powered technology that generates digital product ideas and templates for you. What makes this so special? While other creator store platforms have AI chatbots, The Leap is the only platform that can actually generate digital products for you (not just make suggestions).

In a nutshell, building digital products on The Leap means you have one less thing to stress about!


Move faster and smarter with AI

One of the biggest differences between The Leap and Snipfeed is The Leap’s AI-powered digital product builder. If you’re new to creating and selling digital products and feel overwhelmed about where to begin, The Leap is here to help!

To get your creative juices flowing, The Leap’s sophisticated AI generates digital product ideas in literal seconds and builds out comprehensive drafts that you can customize to your taste.

The Leap wants your unique genius to shine, so it makes it super easy for you to incorporate personal stories, experiences, and tone of voice into digital products like mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and challenges.


Effortless distribution and fulfillment

One thing we all know and love about digital products is their excellent ROI, thanks to zero packaging or distribution fees. At least, that’s what it should be.

If you create digital products on The Leap, sales pages are instantly generated and links to these pages are automatically added to your customizable link-in-bio storefront.

Once the sales start rolling in, The Leap will automatically send your customer a unique access link to your product. Plus, to protect your intellectual property, your digital product’s access links will expire after a certain time, and can only be re-authenticated by the purchaser.



The Leap is the best option for creators who want a seamless, free experience building and selling digital products.

The Leap is best if…

  • You want to monetize by building and selling digital products without having to invest in a platform that charges a subscription fee. Since The Leap is completely free, you truly have nothing to lose (and a whole lot to gain).

Snipfeed is best if…

  • You’re a creator looking to streamline your socials and already have proven success in digital product sales, and think you can justify the cost of the platform.

Don’t forget…

The creator economy is more than just the top 1%. It includes you and the opportunity for you to build a business that you love, on your own terms.

If you’re a creator who is looking to sell digital products so that you have more freedom and stability to create fulfilling content for both you and your audience, then The Leap is the only option that gives you that power.

Why? Because not only does The Leap save you time, it also saves you money.

Snipfeed certainly offers many features. However, after you calculate its monthly subscription fees, you have to ask yourself if you’re really going to be making that much money selling digital products on the platform.

With The Leap’s built-in generative AI, creators can build digital products and an online storefront in no time and for zero dollars. If that’s not music to a creator’s ears, we don’t know what is.

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