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10 Best Snipfeed Alternatives for Your Link in Bio (2024)

by Jenni Stablein · Published Mar 25, 2024

Relatively new to the market, Snipfeed is quickly becoming popular among creators thanks to its user-friendly interface and its broad range of tools for monetizing digital content. That being said, Snipfeed’s services come with paid subscription plans and fairly steep transaction fees, which might explain why some creators are shopping for Snipfeed alternatives.

If you’re on the fence about Snipfeed and looking for other options, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we go over the pricing and features of 10 Snipfeed alternatives, so that you can make a better-informed decision when choosing the right platform for you.

Read on to learn more about the best Snipfeed alternatives for you and your budget.

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Snipfeed alternatives at a glance

Best overallThe Leap
Do it all in one place and for free with The Leap’s link-in-bio tool, online storefront, and AI-powered digital product builder.
Best for simplified sellingKo-fi
Perfect for creators who prioritize simplicity and direct support from fans.
Best for advanced featuresSendOwl
Great for creators who don’t mind paying a little extra for advanced features like gated access and 2-factor authentication.
Best for versatile sellingPayhip
For creators who are looking to scale and appreciate flexible pricing plans and transaction fee structures.

Snipfeed is a link-in-bio and creator monetization tool, designed to help you direct followers to your landing page and convert them into customers for your digital offerings. With Snipfeed, you can monetize digital products and exclusive content such as virtual events or consultation calls. The platform also allows you to accept tips and donations from your fans.

While Snipfeed boasts several features that help you monetize your content, the platform does come with a price tag. Snipfeed doesn’t offer a free plan, and its Basic plan starts at $9/month with a hefty 10% transaction fee. Its Pro plan will cost you $29/month and Pro Plus plan for $59/month, both with a 2% transaction fee.

Best Snipfeed alternatives

While Snipfeed is quickly becoming a popular platform for creators to sell digital products, there are a lot of other platforms out there that offer features Snipfeed doesn’t, or that offer Snipfeed’s functionality for a much lower price — or for free! 

Below, we deep dive into the top 10 Snipfeed alternatives currently on the market. 

PlatformFree planPricingTransaction feesDigital product builderStorefront functionalityAudience analytics 
SnipfeedBasic: $9/month

Pro: $29/month

Pro Plus: $59/month
Basic: 10%

Pro: 2%

Pro Plus: 2%
✅ Via integrations
The Leap Free!0%✅ Built-in AI-powered digital product builder🪄
StanCreator: $29/month

Creator Pro: $99/month
0%✅ Course builder
BeaconsBasic: $10/month

Marketing Bundle: $30/month

VIP: starting at $100/month
Free plan: 9%

Paid plans: 0%
✅ Course builder
Ko-fiKo-fi Gold: $6-8/month Free plan: 5%

Ko-fi Gold: 0%
✅ Paid plan only
ThriveCartStandard: $495 (one-time payment)

Pro: $690 (one-time payment)
SellfyStarter: $19/month

Business: $49/month

Premium: $99/month
DPD$10/month for 20 products or 1GB of storage

$16/month for 35 products or 2GB of storage

$30/month for 120 products or 6GB of storage
SendOwlStarter: $9/month

Growth: $15/month

Pro: $39/month
Starter: 5%

Growth: $0.33 per transaction

Pro: $0.17 per transaction
PayhipPlus: $29/month

Pro: $99/month
Free plan: 5%

Plus: 2%

Pro: 0%

1. The Leap 

Are you searching for the ultimate tool to help you make money as a creator? Then you’ll want to get in on The Leap.

The Leap is the latest tool from the leading creator educator platform Thinkific. A free, all-in-one platform, The Leap serves as a link-in-bio tool, an online storefront, and an easy-to-use digital product builder, allowing creators to to effortlessly create, market, and sell digital products from a single location.

Designed with lead generation and sales in mind, The Leap empowers creators to transform their knowledge and expertise into engaging digital learning products, and their audience into paying customers with speed and simplicity.

Unlike Snipfeed and similar platforms, The Leap has a built-in AI-powered digital product builder that enables you to create digital products — like tutorials, mini-courses, guides, and challenges — in literally minutes. Its intuitive authoring tool makes digital product creation a breeze, allowing you to easily turn your offerings into lead magnets, thereby growing your email list.

In addition, The Leap provides you with audience analytics including sales and lead reports, giving you the valuable insights you need to develop in-demand digital products and earn more.

The best part about The Leap? All of its features are completely free!

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized link-in-bio online storefront
  • Payment processing via Stripe
  • AI-powered digital product builder for mini-courses, tutorials, guides, and challenges
  • Email list builder
  • Native email (coming soon)
  • Audience analytics
  • 100% free!


Free! Try The Leap today to build your creator store and sell your digital products in no time at all.


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2. Gumroad 

Gumroad is another popular platform among creators for selling digital products directly to their audience. Not only is this e-commerce platform easy to use, it allows creators to sell any digital products — from ebooks to templates — as well as memberships and subscriptions for recurring income. 

snipfeed alternative gumroad link in bio creator store platform

If you already have your own website, Gumroad’s embeddable checkout button and widget can come in handy, allowing you to sell products directly from your own channels. 

One important thing to note is that while Gumroad allows you to sell virtually any digital product, it does not have a built-in digital product builder. This means you have to create your digital products using a separate platform or tool, and then come back to Gumroad to upload them.

While both Gumroad and Snipfeed charge a 10% transaction fee per sale (plus credit card processing fees), Gumroad does not charge a subscription fee on top of that. Gumroad also has pretty robust audience analytics, which is a major plus for creators. 

Key features

  • Online storefront
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions 
  • Audience analytics
  • Embeddable checkout button 


Free, with a 10% transaction fee per sale (plus credit card processing and PayPal fees). 

3. Stan 

One of the most popular creator monetization platforms, Stan is a strong contender for a Snipfeed alternative. Why? Because Stan offers creators a robust link-in-bio landing page to sell digital products, coaching sessions, and memberships. It also offers an advanced analytics dashboard and the ability to track sales and engagement.

snipfeed alternative stan link in bio creator store platform

One reason creators like Stan is because it’s easy to set up. Another reason is that Stan can help you build your email list with handy tools like sign-up forms and lead magnet generators. Plus, it provides creators with an online course builder, meaning you can create and sell your courses using the same platform.

While Stan is packed with features, its price point might seem a bit steep to some creators. Its cheapest plan starts at $29/month (for reference, that’s the same price as Snipfeed’s Pro plan). However, Stan comes with 0% transaction fees, which can end up saving you money in the long run compared to Snipfeed. 

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized online storefront builder
  • Built-in marketing tools including email list builder 
  • Audience analytics 
  • Online course builder 
  • Sell membership and subscriptions


Creator plan for $29/month and Creator Pro plan for $99/month, both with 0% transaction fees. Stan also offers a 14-day free trial. 

4. Beacons

Beacons is a creator platform that’s part link-in-bio tool, part analytics toolkit, and part income dashboard. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of room for customization, too. 

While Beacons offers a paid Pro plan, its free plan is pretty robust in terms of its features. Without paying a dime, you can access features like a media kit, invoice generator, and audience analytics. You pretty much get everything you’ll get with the Pro plan minus the ability to have a custom domain, unlimited sub-pages, or to remove Beacons’ branding.

snipfeed alternative beacons creator store link in bio tool

Beacons recently announced new features that are soon coming into the mix, like an online course builder, a desktop website builder, and enhanced design customization for email marketing — not to mention a handy AI email copy generator that transforms any link into succinct email copy. Keeping all these features in mind, Beacons is a great option for creators looking to stretch their dollars with a platform that allows them to sell digital products, conduct email marketing, and manage their income.

Key features

  • Online storefront with mobile-optimized checkout 
  • Online course builder
  • Email marketing tools including AI email copy generator 
  • Audience analytics
  • Desktop website builder
  • Income dashboard  


Both the Free plan and Creator plan ($10/month) come with 9% transaction fees. To waive the transaction fees, you’ll have to pay $30/month for the Creator Pro plan, or $50/month for the VIP plan.

5. Ko-fi 

Built by creators, for creators, Ko-fi operates a bit like Patreon in that it provides a platform that allows fans to support creators through donations or memberships. Ko-fi has become especially popular among creators, because it allows them to get paid immediately by fans with a 0% fee on tips. 

snipfeed alternative ko-fi creator store link in bio tool

While Ko-fi is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to accept donations from fans, its Ko-fi Shop is another popular feature that allows creators to sell their digital products from one landing page. 

While it may not be the most customizable creator storefront, the Ko-fi Shop is pretty robust, allowing creators to sell digital downloads like ebooks and online courses as well as subscriptions and tiered memberships, and paywall premium content. It also offers the ability to accept commissions directly through the storefront. 

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized online storefront 
  • Sell subscriptions, memberships, and commissions
  • Direct payment via Stripe or PayPal 
  • Third-party integrations with Zapier, WordPress, and more 


While Ko-fi has a free plan, it does take a 5% transaction fee on all sales. Still, that’s only half of what Snipfeed takes. However, Ko-fi’s Gold plan starts at $6/month, charges 0% transaction fees on all sales, and offers advanced audience analytics. 

6. ThriveCart

An online shopping cart and checkout platform, ThriveCart comes with some serious marketing features to help creators sell their digital products wherever they want with just a link. The platform is all about conversions, and so it helps creators boost conversion with what it calls “profit boosters,” aka advanced marketing features like one-click upselling, customer retargeting, coupon codes, subscriptions, bump offers, and more. 

snipfeed alternative thrivecart creator store link in bio tool

ThriveCart also offers a plethora of analytics reports including funnel stats, revenue forecasting, and link tracking. It has third-party integrations to help with things like invoicing, tax calculation, or fulfillment services. 

At the end of the day, this platform is geared towards creators who mean business. ThriveCart is feature-rich and also makes selling digital products easy by allowing creators to embed a checkout link on their blog, website, or social channels. 

Key features

  • Online shopping cart and checkout
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions
  • Embeddable checkout link 
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Audience analytics


Lifetime access to the Standard plan is available with a one-time payment of $495, or the Pro plan with a one-time payment of $690. 

7. Sellfy 

Sellfy is all about getting creators’ storefronts up and running in just a few clicks. The platform’s main selling point is to help you sell safely and get paid instantly (and securely). While Sellfy isn’t free, it’s transparent about its costs with no hidden fees. 

snipfeed alternative sellfy creator store link in bio tool

This e-commerce platform allows you to sell both digital products and physical merchandise. It also has robust file-hosting services, which offer creators unlimited bandwidth to truly sell as many products as they want.

Speaking of robust, let’s talk about Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools. Not only does this platform include built-in email marketing, including cart abandonment emails, but it also offers Facebook and Twitter ad pixels, and the ability to launch an affiliate program where you can reward your affiliates with a commission for every sale they make on behalf of your store.  

Unlike Snipfeed, Sellfy has zero transaction fees. However, it does charge a monthly subscription fee.

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized online storefront
  • Sell memberships, subscriptions, and streaming video 
  • Embeddable checkout buttons
  • Built-in email marketing tools 
  • Affiliate marketing 


Starter plan at $19/month, Business plan at $49/month, or Premium plan at $99/month, all with zero transaction fees. 

8. DPD

DPD is a unique Snipfeed alternative in that it’s a feature-rich e-commerce platform without an online storefront. If you’re wondering how that works, it’s actually pretty simple. Essentially, DPD is an online shopping cart that allows creators to sell their digital products through embeddable checkout buttons that are all managed on a DPD-hosted dashboard. 

snipfeed alternative dpd creator store link in bio tool

This is super handy because it means that creators can sell virtually anywhere, i.e. their website, blog, social channels, and more. It’s as simple as copy, paste, and sell. The platform supports a wide range of file formats, so you can sell anything from ebooks to online courses, templates, music files, and more. 

DPD also boasts a ton of security features like PDF stamping, encryption, and SSL checkouts. While DPD offers flexible pricing plans with zero transaction fees, each plan does have a cap on how many digital products you can actually sell, so definitely something to keep in mind. That being said, with 0% transaction fees, if you’re not selling a ton of digital products, DPD can still work out to be cheaper than alternative platforms like Snipfeed. 

Key features

  • Online shopping cart and checkout provider 
  • Embedded checkout buttons
  • Built-in marketing tools like upselling, coupons, and discount codes
  • Audience analytics 
  • Advanced security features 


$10/month for 20 products or 1GB of storage; $16/month for 35 products or 2GB of storage; or $30/month for 120 products or 6GB of storage. 

9. SendOwl

SendOwl is an e-commerce platform for selling digital products that has an almost overwhelming amount of feature,s from payment and security options to robust integrations. Aimed at helping creators, solopreneurs, internet marketers, small businesses, and high-volume sellers alike, SendOwl pretty much does it all except offer the ability to build said digital products.

snipfeed alternative sendowl creator store link in bio tool

Still, most creators will likely be very satisfied with SendOwl features, including some unique offerings like PDF stamping, 2-factor authentication, download limits, and software license keys for extra security. SendOwl also allows creators to offer subscriptions, memberships, gated access, drip files, audio files, videos, podcasts, and more.

The e-commerce platform supports multiple currencies and payment methods, and offers a tip jar and pay-what-you-want pricing feature. Its built-in marketing tools are plentiful including abandoned cart analytics and automated email follow-ups.

While SendOwl isn’t free, it offers flexible pricing plans with free trial periods. 

Key features

  • Online storefront
  • Embeddable checkout buttons
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Supports multiple currencies and third-party payment methods
  • Audience analytics 


Starter plan at $9/month (plus 5% transaction fee) for 10GB storage; Growth plan at $15/month (plus $0.33 per transaction) for 100GB storage; or Pro plan at $39/month (plus $0.17 per transaction) for 200 GB storage.

SendOwl offers a three-month free trial with its Starter plan and a 14-day free trial for its Growth and Pro plans.

10. Payhip

Payhip’s whole MO is to help creators sell anything they want from anywhere they want online. It’s an all-in-one platform that supports any digital product you can think of — from ebooks and stock music, to templates and fonts — plus the ability to offer courses, coaching, memberships, and subscriptions.

snipfeed alternative payhip creator store link in bio tool

Payhip’s online storefront and online shopping cart functionality enable creators to sell directly through their social channels, blog, or website in just one click. 

In addition to its online store builder, Payhip provides an online course builder, which creators can use to create lessons and monetize their knowledge through paid subscriptions and drip content. It’s important to note that while Payhip does allow you to create online courses, it can’t produce other types of digital products. 

Payhip makes getting paid easy through PayPal or Stripe and while this platform isn’t completely free, it offers flexible plans with various transaction fee options.

Key features

  • Online storefront and shopping cart 
  • Online course builder
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Get paid via PayPal and Stripe


Payhip offers three plans — each offers the same features but charges a different % of transaction fees. Its Free plan charges a 5% transaction fee. Its Plus plan is $29/month (plus a 2% transaction fee), and the Pro plan is $99/month with 0% transaction fee.

Choosing the best Snipfeed alternative

When deciding on the best Snipfeed alternative, you’ll want to keep in mind several factors. For example, what are your business needs, your audience’s needs, and what is your budget? 

If you want to both sell and create digital products on one platform, then the solution is a no-brainer: The Leap is the best option for you.

Now that you have all the best Snipfeed alternatives in your back pocket, all you have to do is decide on the best fit for you. 

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Snipfeed alternatives FAQ 

How much does Snipfeed cost?

Snipfeed pricing offers three subscription plans starting with its Basic plan at $9/month, which includes 10% transaction fees. Its Pro plan is $29/month and Pro Plus plan is $59/month, both with 2% transaction fees.

Is there a free alternative to Snipfeed? 

Luckily, the answer is yes! The Leap is a free alternative to Snipfeed. That’s right, it’s an all-in-one creator storefront with an AI-powered digital product builder all for the alarming cost of zero dollars. The only fee you’ll see on The Leap is a standard 2.9% Stripe transaction fee. That’s it. No other subscription or hidden fees. All the revenue is yours to keep! 

Is The Leap or Snipfeed better?

In many ways, The Leap and Snipfeed offer similar functionality, including an online storefront builder and link-in bio tool. That being said, The Leap is different from Snipfeed in two major ways.

First things first, The Leap is completely free to use, whereas Snipfeed is only accessible through a paid subscription and includes high transaction fees.

The second (and very important) difference is that while Snipfeed offers third-party integrations, it doesn’t have a built-in digital product builder. On the flip side, not only does The Leap have a digital product builder, but its authoring tool is AI-powered, which allows users to create digital products faster and with less effort. 

So, is The Leap or Snipfeed better? We’ll let you do the math


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