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TikTok’s New Posted Drafts Feature Lets You Edit Published Posts

by Teresa Lam ยท Published Nov 29, 2022

Ever made a TikTok video that you thought was perfectly edited, only to spot mistakes in it after it’s published? If you can relate, TikTok has come to the rescue with a helpful new feature — meet posted drafts.

TikTok’s latest feature automatically saves your recently published videos in a new “Posted drafts” folder, found under the “Drafts” tab. These posted drafts are editable within three days after a video goes live. So whether you notice a typo in your caption, or change your mind about the sound featured in the video, you’ll have a 72-hour window to re-edit and upload your post again.

Prior to this update, TikTok users were not able to edit a TikTok video after publishing it, and could only delete the original video and create another one if they wish to upload a new version. Posted drafts will save you from having to start from scratch, especially when you just want to make small adjustments to your video.

Follow the steps below to try out this new feature.

How to find posted drafts on TikTok

1. Log in to the TikTok app.

2. Tap on the Drafts folder at the top left of your feed.

3. When you’re in the Drafts page, tap on the Posted drafts folder at the top left.

tiktok posted drafts how to find edit revert published posts videos

4. From the Posted drafts page, you can select the published video that you wish to adjust. Remember, these drafts will disappear after three days. Here, you’ll be able to see how many days you have left until the end of the editing period for each draft.

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