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YouTube Announces Mobile Editing App and AI-Powered Tools

by Nicholas Bouchard · Published Sep 26, 2023

Made On YouTube has been an event to watch for announcements that completely change the game for creators, and this year’s event was no exception. On September 21, YouTube revealed a whole new suite of YouTube tools for creators, including a mobile app — called YouTube Create — that’ll let you edit videos right on your phone.

Read on to learn more about the new YouTube Create mobile editing app, the AI-powered features YouTube is testing, and more news from the event.

What is YouTube Create?

YouTube Create was one of the biggest announcements at the Made On YouTube event. Essentially, it’s a mobile app that allows you to edit your YouTube videos — both Shorts and long-form content — without any extra editing software. 

Comparisons have already been drawn between this app and CapCut, a video-editing app launched by ByteDance — TikTok’s parent company — back in 2020.

According to YouTube, the app can handle all your video editing needs, including:

  • Precise clip editing and trimming
  • Automatic captioning
  • Built-in voiceover insertion
  • Access to a ton of filters, effects, and transitions
  • A library of royalty-free music

So, if you’ve never really wanted to be the kind of creator who’s tied to a high-end video editing suite, or paying thousands of dollars to hire a video editor, then you’re going to want to get this app on your phone ASAP.

YouTube Create is completely free, which makes it a strong alternative to professional video editing software with paid subscriptions.

Who can use YouTube Create?

youtube create mobile video editing app
Image credit: YouTube

Bad news for iPhone users. Currently, YouTube Create is only available on Android for some creators in select markets.

There’s no word from YouTube about which markets YouTube Create is currently available in, or when the app will be rolled out more broadly. So keep an eye on the Play Store (or the App Store) to snatch it up the moment it becomes available.

Why is YouTube Create a big deal?

While mobile-focused video editing apps like CapCut have been available for some time, YouTube hadn’t really had an answer until now.

Over the last few years, TikTok has quickly gained traction, prompting other platforms — including YouTube — to create their own version of an endlessly scrollable short-form video feed. Now that YouTube Shorts averages over 70 billion daily views, YouTube is trying to keep the gravy train going.

Launching YouTube Create seems to be an attempt at making it easier for all creators to produce high-quality content without needing a dedicated video-editing suite — or a competitor’s app.

Other new features announced at Made On YouTube 2023

While YouTube Create captured a lot of attention at the Made On YouTube event, the platform also announced a host of upcoming features that would make your life as a content creator a lot easier. Here are some of the highlights.

YouTube Studio AI insights

youtube studio ai insights video ideas recommendation
Image credit: YouTube

One of the challenges of being a creator is creating consistently without burning out. And when content creation depends on constantly generating new ideas, it can be hard to maintain that creative spark over time. To help address that, YouTube is adding AI-powered insights to YouTube Studio.

So, how is AI going to make your life as a creator easier? Basically, it’ll allow YouTube Studio to recommend video ideas based on what your audience likes to watch. Not only that, it’ll even draft a whole outline for you.

Brainstorming and getting started is always the toughest part of creating a new video. And now, YouTube Studio is eliminating that for you.

Dream Screen

youtube dream screen ai generated background
Image credit: YouTube

Tired of trying to find the perfect background for your videos? Don’t have the time or money for a green screen setup? YouTube has got you covered.

Thanks to a new feature called Dream Screen, which YouTube will be testing later this year, you’ll be able to use AI to generate dynamic backgrounds from a single prompt.

Want to look like you’re underwater for a YouTube Short about submarines? How about an AI-generated safari? Maybe deep inside an anthill? Dream Screen has you covered.

Dream Screen will only be available for a select group of creators in this year’s tests, but it’ll become more widely available in 2024.

Creator Music assistive search

We don’t know a lot about this new feature yet (since it’ll only be out in 2024), but the goal of Creator Music assistive search is to make it easier for YouTubers to find the right music for their videos.

Need a refresher? Launched in early 2023, Creator Music is a database of mainstream music that content creators can add to their videos without worrying about one of the most dreaded impacts on their platform: copyright strikes.

While this database can help you create better content without worrying about copyright strikes, going through it can be time-consuming. That’s where YouTube’s upcoming assistive search feature comes in. This AI-powered search tool will help find the perfect piece of music for your video based on the description you give it.

Think of it a bit like ChatGPT for finding music. You put in a prompt and you get recommended a piece of music.

Automatic dubbing with Aloud

It takes a lot of resources to make your content more accessible to audiences around the world. While creators like MrBeast have been dubbing their videos in other languages for some time, smaller creators have always had to put that specific idea into the “maybe someday” category.

Well, not anymore. YouTube will soon be bringing a feature called Aloud to the platform, which will automatically dub over your videos using AI. That means you’ll be able to reach fans all around the world without putting a ton of money into translators and voiceovers.

Which new YouTube feature are you most excited about?

YouTube Create is going to make a lot of content creators happy as soon as it becomes more broadly available. But between Dream Screen, YouTube Studio insights, and the assistive search coming to Creator Music, it looks like a lot of creators will be getting a boost in productivity — and production value — from AI. Time will tell which of these features will stick around in the long run, but we could be seeing a lot of really interesting content from channels of all sizes in coming years.

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