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10 Best Link in Bio Tools for TikTok and Instagram

by Althea Storm · Updated May 9, 2023

Whether you’re a creator or have a brand, you likely have a bunch of content that you’d like to direct your audience to. The problem is, most social media platforms allow you to add only one link to your bio. This means that you have to update the link in your bios regularly. And even then, each time you replace the link with a different one, you are losing out on potential clicks to your other pages. This can seriously wear down the effectiveness of your social media strategy. The solution to this problem? Use link in bio tools. 

Link in bio tools allow you to create a landing page where you can embed links to your content. These can be links to your website, blog posts, product pages, YouTube videos, and even other social media pages. Once you’ve created a landing page, you can put the link to that page in your social media bio. 

When your followers click the link in your bio and arrive at your landing page, they can then click on any of the buttons you’ve created to visit a specific link. This way, you have just one link in your bio, but multiple links in the landing page that you can send your audience and potential customers to. 

Read on to learn why link in bio tools are important for your social media strategy, and find some great link in bio tools for specific use cases.

Social media is a powerful tool that brands and content creators can use to increase brand awareness, promote products and services, and cultivate lasting relationships with their audience. And by using link in bio tools, you can supercharge your brand-building process on social media.

Here are three reasons why link in bio tools should be a part of your social media marketing strategy:

1. Get users to the right page quickly

If you have a lot of content across different channels, the last thing you want is for your audience to have a hard time finding it. By adding several links to your content in a single landing page, your followers will be able to find all your content in one place. 

2. Sell your products and/or services more easily 

If you sell products or services, there’s a good chance you’re promoting several items to your audience every day. Normally, you’ll have to change the link in your bio each time you’re promoting something new. However, a link in bio tool saves you from swapping out links constantly, as it allows you to include multiple links to your products or services in a landing page.

3. Run more advanced marketing campaigns

If you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, grow your email list, improve your SEO, and make sales all at the same time, you know how difficult it can be. A link in bio tool allows you to add links to your site, newsletter, online store, and more in one page. Even better, you can track the effectiveness of the links using the tool’s analytics dashboard. These insights will help better inform your social media marketing efforts.

Using link in bio tools make it easier for brands to promote their products or services to their audience. If you own a brand or are the social media manager of one, here are some of the best link in bio tools for you:


With over 25 million users worldwide, Linktree is one of the most popular link in bio tools on the market. This tool helps you connect all your audience members by sharing links to your website, videos, audio/music, online stores, and other social media profiles. 

Linktree allows you to choose among nine pre-made themes and to customize your preferred theme with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. With it, you can select your brand colors and fonts. You can also add animations to links.

To ease your marketing efforts, Linktree integrates seamlessly with third-party software, such as Amazon, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp. You can also add Facebook Pixel to Linktree to retarget visitors on Facebook Ads, Google, and Instagram.

Features of Linktree
  • Unlimited links
  • Link scheduling
  • Link tracking
  • Link sharing via QR code
  • Customizable templates and themes
  • Link retargeting
  • Link styling and animation
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Email collection
  • Monetization features 
  • Third-party app integrations, including Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier 

Pricing: Free version available. Paid plans are $4/month (Starter), $7.50/month (Pro), and $19.50/month (Premium). Billed annually.


If you need a feature-rich link in bio tool that can also help you up your Instagram marketing game, Pallyy’s the one for you. This tool allows you to create two kinds of mobile-optimized landing pages: a grid that resembles your Instagram profile or a page that contains all your important links, including links to your blog, videos, products, and other social media platforms. 

If you’re going with the links page, you’ll have full control over the customization process. You’ll be able to tweak colors, add images and videos, add a dropdown function, and much more. 

Pallyy also gives you access to detailed analytics and reporting. In the analytics dashboard, you can see how your links are performing, track your competitors, curate content from other users, and even set up your own custom dashboard populated with metrics that are important for your brand.

Key features of Pallyy
  • Powerful link in bio tool
  • Schedule posts and social messages to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Display images, blog posts, and videos on social media accounts
  • Manage and reply to comments and messages within the app
  • Save captions and hashtags for future use 
  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • Custom reporting dashboard

Pricing: Free forever plan and Freemium plan (14 days free trial) available. Paid version starts at $15/month (Premium) with no feature restrictions. You’ll pay more if you need more social groups (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

If you’re looking for an easy way to engage with your Instagram followers and get them to become paying customers, is the perfect solution. This tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create custom mini-websites with just a few clicks. also allows you to link to your online shop directly in your bio, so you can sell digital products (e-books, templates, etc.), book appointments, promote events, and accept donations. also offers different block options and customizations that enable you to set up a system through which your followers can call you personally, request a shoutout, or ask for advice.

Key features of
  • Customizable colors, fonts and templates to showcase your brand 
  • Link thumbnails and animated links
  • Embed videos, social media posts music, GIFs, and more
  • Link to multiple products in one digital store 
  • Track clicks, sales, and conversions 
  • Robust analytics to get insights into your followers’ online behavior
  • Integrate with shoppable TikTok feeds
  • Integrated payment processing 
  • Custom domain support and advanced analytics

Pricing: Free forever plan available. The paid version costs $10/month (Entrepreneur).

As an influencer or content creator, you likely have an audience on more than one platform. Here are some link in bio tools that can help you connect all your platforms and audiences together:


Shorby is one of the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use link in bio tools on the market. The standout feature of Shorby is the SmartPage page builder, which helps you create unique landing pages where you embed links to all your content (blog, newsletter, YouTube channel, etc.) for your audience to explore. 

When you create a SmartPage, you can add:

  • Your branding elements – This includes your logo, company name, social media links, contact number, and even stickers. 
  • Content blocks – These are links to important pages or posts. You can make your content blocks unique by using pop animation, adding GIFs, or embedding videos.
  • Dynamic content feeds – This involves automatically displaying your newest blog posts, YouTube videos, Shopify products, podcasts, and more. 
  • Links to messaging tools – This can be a phone number or links to your WhatsApp and/or Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Schedules – Set a specific time when your links will appear on your SmartPage. This is great if you’re offering quick discounts on your digital products. 

You can even add tracking pixels to your links, so you can measure the success of the links and retarget repeat visitors across Google Ads, LinkedIn, and other channels.

Key features of Shorby
  • Add rich links, text blocks, GIFs, and catchy headlines that convince people to click
  • Swap, add or change links whenever you like
  • Customize colors, background images, buttons, and more
  • Add personalized short links to your Instagram bio
  • Display blog posts, eCommerce products, and YouTube videos
  • QR code generator
  • Link to other social profiles to improve engagement across channels
  • Weekly insights that include new traffic, number of clicks, and engagement rates
  • Retarget audiences on websites like Amazon or Clickbank or Amazon. You can retarget people who click on the custom links with ads to increase sales

Pricing: 5-day free trial. Paid plans are available at $12/month (Rocket), $24/month (Pro), and $82/month (Agency). Billed annually.

Sked Link

Sked Link is a part of Sked Social, an Instagram scheduling tool. It allows you to build a landing page where you can embed links to your blog posts, email newsletter, product sales pages, and more. You can also display a gallery of your Instagram posts with clickable URLs to direct users to the right page. 

The pages you create with Sked Link are optimized to be extremely fast, which makes for good customer experience and increases conversions. This platform also automatically adds UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking to your links, so you can see how your Instagram followers convert. You can add Meta Pixel so that you can remarket to users who have visited your link.

Key features of Sked Link 
  • Unlimited links
  • Add buttons to send users to popular blog posts, newsletter signups or your website
  • Add links to your grid to help visitors shop right from your Instagram feed 
  • Schedule and automate social media posts
  • Customize themes and templates
  • Integrate with Meta Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Track links with UTM parameters
  • Access link analytics 

Pricing: No free plan available. 7-day free trial. Paid plans are available at $25/month (Fundamentals), $75/month (Essentials), and $135/month (Professional).


Created by marketing agency FamePick, LinkFolio was designed to be an extension of your brand. With LinkFolio, you can create a stunning brand portfolio and media kit that contains the stats of social media profiles, as well as links to important pieces of content. This tool has various customization options, so you can design and edit your portfolio to match your brand aesthetic. 

The functionality of LinkFolio goes beyond creating a link you can put in your TikTok bio. Standout features include:

  • Collab Me – This feature helps you sell your products and services to your audience. With Collab Me, you can directly accept payments from your customers for things like merchandise, consulting calls, or even online courses
  • Brand Outreach – LinkFolio gives you access to over 3,000 brands and their details. This can come in handy when you’re building out an influencer marketing strategy. 
Key features of LinkFolio
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Cross-linking to other social media platform accounts
  • A customizable interface for your LinkFolio page
  • A built-in contact form for lead generation
  • A huge collection of influencer marketing industry reports, called FP Insights
  • A unique analytics tool called Folio-lytics

Pricing: Free-forever plan available. The paid version is priced at $10/month or $99/year.

Many brands and content creators are killing it on TikTok, especially ones that cater to Gen Z. They’re spending hours recording and editing videos for their audience, only to be restricted from adding links to their TikTok posts. If you can relate, here are some link in bio tools that can help: was created by Later, a social media scheduling app. With, you can create a mini web page and drop the link in your TikTok bio to help your followers learn more about you and your brand.

You can customize your page with buttons, text colors, and themes, and drive traffic by adding featured media and linking to your website, latest blog post, or e-commerce site. offers a Featured Banner where you can insert your most important links.

If you’re running an e-commerce business, integrates seamlessly with Shopify, so you can sell your products. Analytics from your connected Shopify store flows into your analytics dashboard, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

Key features of
  • Customizable design and layout
  • The free plan offers both the link-in-bio tool and the social media scheduling tool
  • Content blocks to create a more engaging web page
  • Add up to five links per post
  • Featured media, share buttons, and a clickable gallery in a single link
  • Advanced analytics tracking to maximize conversions

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $18/month (Starter), $40/month (Growth), and $80/month (Advanced).


Campsite is a link in bio tool that lets you create a custom landing page on which you add unlimited links to whatever you’re promoting. 

With Campsite’s landing page editor, you can customize your landing page to match your brand colors and font style. You can also beautify your landing page with image carousels, audio and video embeds, email opt-in forms, and more. 

For images, Campsite can pull your Instagram images automatically — or you can create your own custom images with links attached to them. Campsite also integrates with Canva so you can create images on the fly.

Key features of Campsite
  • Unlimited links
  • Link scheduling
  • Link animation
  • Share links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more
  • Pre-made themes and templates
  • Customize landing page colors and fonts 
  • Beautiful Unsplash stock images 
  • Unique QR code to help people find your page
  • Use your own custom domain
  • Track campaigns with UTM parameters 
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Integrate with MailChimp and Google sheets
  • Retarget visitors with Facebook Pixel or Google AdWords

Pricing: Free-forever plan available. Paid plans start at $7/month (Pro) and $24/month (Pro+).

If Instagram is a big part — or only part — of your marketing strategy, here are the best link in bio tools you can choose from:

Tap Bio

Tap Bio is a link in bio tool that turns a regular link into an interactive Instagram Story. These Stories are known as cards and you can use them to share various links, including links to blog posts, other social networks, online stores, etc. 

Key features of Tap Bio
  • Mobile-optimized landing page builder
  • Multiple card options for linking different kinds of content
  • Email sign-up form card
  • Connect more than one Instagram account 
  • Tracking of card statistics
  • Add links that allow people call or email you
  • Retarget users on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adsense

Pricing: Free version with one card available. Paid plans start at $5/month (Silver).


The Milkshake app lets you create an Instagram mini-website right from your smartphone, directing your followers to all your content. You can connect your website, online store, other social profiles, and much more. You can also add your About page, business description, and other links.

Designed for the mobile Instagram app, your Milkshake mini-site allows your followers to swipe through your content the same way they would their Instagram Stories. 

On the free plan, Milkshake will add cards with their branding to the end of your deck. You can customize the cards by upgrading to a paid plan. 

Key features of Milkshake
  • Card layouts and templates 
  • Create up to five swipeable mini-websites for your Instagram profile
  • Share your IG website on your Stories
  • Customize your cards’ and themes’ colors and images
  • Add buttons that link to your sales page
  • Access analytics and insights 
  • Share links through which people can call you, and send you emails and messages

Pricing: Free forever.

When considering which link in bio tool is right for you, you’ll need to figure out two things: your budget, and the features that are most important to you. 

The tools outlined above are helpful for different use cases. However, you may find that some tools have less or more features than you need. The best way to confirm which tool is perfect for you or your brand is to simply try them out yourself. Most of the tools on this list offer free plans or free trials, so you’ll likely not lose out if you decide that a particular tool isn’t your cup of tea. 

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