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Beacons Pricing 2024 Review: Is the Creator Platform Worth It?

by Nicholas Bouchard · Published May 3, 2024

Being a creator is more than just making and posting content. From writing emails to preparing invoices, there are many miscellaneous tasks creators need to manage. That’s where Beacons come in. The platform claims to be an “all-in-one creator platform.” In addition to being a link-in-bio tool, it also functions as an email marketing platform, accounting tool, and more.

But how much will using Beacons cost you? Is it an expense that makes sense for where your creator business is at? Read on to find out.

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How much does Beacons cost?

Beacons offers four different plans: the Free plan, the Creator plan at $10/month, the Creator Pro plan at $30/month, and the VIP plan at $50/month. That means you have the option to start with a lower-tiered plan and upgrade as your creator business grows.

However, it’s important to note that Beacons’ Free plan isn’t exactly free — users need to pay a hefty 9% transaction fee for each sale made on the platform. The same rate applies to the Creator plan as well. To waive the transaction fees completely, you’ll need to shell out $30-50/month for either the Creator Pro or VIP plan.

Here’s a look at the key features you’ll get from each of Beacons’ plans:

FeaturesFreeCreatorCreator ProVIP
Selling unlimited digital products
Booking unlimited appointments
Collecting unlimited email contacts
Customizable link in bio
Customizable website
Traffic analytics
Creating invoices
Multi-currency support
Custom domain
Selling memberships
Custom product links
Custom media kit link
Remove Beacons branding
Buy now, pay later
Dedicated customer support
White-glove onboarding
NFC card
Email sends500500UnlimitedUnlimited
Courses you can offer1 course1 course1 courseUnlimited courses
Media kit updatesWeeklyWeeklyDailyDaily
AI generations10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Transaction fee9%9%0%0%

Beacons pricing: Free plan

If you want a link-in-bio tool that can help you handle email marketing, build checkout pages, and more, then Beacons’ Free plan might be the one for you. It boasts a lot of features catering to different needs, so it’s a good place to start.

A free Beacons plan will allow you to manage just about every aspect of your creator business, though there are some important features missing that you’ll only find on paid plans. Another thing worth considering is that the Free plan does come with a 9% transaction fee on each sale made. If you’re serious about selling digital products online, those fees can add up quickly.

Key features of Beacons’ Free plan include:

  • Unlimited digital products and checkout pages: Whether you’re about to start selling your first product or you’ve got a whole range, Beacons can help you sell them.
  • Unlimited email contacts: Collecting emails is a great way to build a platform-agnostic audience.
  • Unlimited appointments: Book paid consultations or just coffee chats to say hi, as many times as you need to.
  • Up to 500 email sends: If you’re just dipping your toes into email marketing, then this plan is more than enough for you.
  • 10 AI generations: Beacons’ AI tools can help you generate images, personalized copy, and even emails.
  • 1 online course: When you’re ready to share your expertise through a paid course, you can build it and share it on Beacons. Note that there’s no video hosting included on this plan, though, so your videos will have to be hosted elsewhere.

Beacons pricing: Creator plan

Whether you need more AI assistance or you just want a custom domain, the Creator plan will run you $10/month. It includes everything you’ll find on the Free plan, with just a few differences, namely:

  • Unlimited AI generations: Use Beacons’ suite of AI tools for all your marketing and branding needs. The Creator plan lets you create as many AI-generated graphics and text as you want.
  • Custom domain: If you don’t want a pre-generated domain for your link-in-bio page, an upgrade to the Creator plan is all you need.

There aren’t a ton of features on the Creator plan that you can’t get out of the Free plan, so you should only consider the upgrade if you don’t want to take the brand hit from a pre-generated domain, or if you plan to scale up your marketing efforts by making full use of Beacons’ AI tools. It’s also important to remember that Creator plan subscribers need to pay a steep 9% transaction fee for every sale made on the platform.

Beacons pricing: Creator Pro plan

The Creator Pro plan will set you back $30/month, quite a jump from the previous tier. So what do you get for this jump in price?

  • Unlimited email sends: For when your email list grows beyond 500 sends.
  • Unlimited memberships: Paid memberships are a great way to trade exclusive content for a little bit of extra income.
  • Buy now, pay later: Offer your audience access to services like Klarna or Affirm, so they can still pick up those big-ticket items without breaking the bank.
  • Remove Beacons branding: Customize every aspect of your Beacons store with this plan.

If you’re bringing in a strong income with your digital products, upgrading to the Creator Pro Plan might be a good idea, especially because it comes with zero transaction fees.

Beacons pricing: VIP plan

For creators with big goals and bigger budgets, there’s the Beacons VIP plan. For $50/month (with zero transaction fees), you can get access to:

  • Unlimited courses: Become the infopreneur you’ve always wanted to be with unlimited courses and video hosting.
  • Dedicated support and white-glove onboarding: Whether you run into problems at the start or further down the line, Beacons’ priority support will get you back up and running in no time.
  • NFC card: This digitally enhanced business card gives you a direct link to your Beacons page. Perfect for meetups and in-person collaborations.

The best Beacons alternative

What if you could get an all-in-one creator store that allows you to start monetizing your content, keep all your links in one place, and use AI to build digital products faster? How’s that for a Beacons alternative?

Well, meet The Leap. It not only exists, it’s also completely free to use.

Let’s dive into why The Leap is your best Beacons alternative.

The Leap key features

When you size up The Leap as an alternative to Beacons, you’ll see that it can do pretty much everything Beacons can do, plus an important extra: an AI-powered digital product builder that can help you generate a wide range of digital products like mini-courses, guides, and more in minutes.

The LeapBeacons
PriceFree!$0-$50 a month (with 0%-9% transaction fee)
Product builderAI-powered digital product builder helps you generate products like mini-courses, tutorials, and guides in minutes!Online course builder only
Creator store
Generative AI✅ For creating digital products fast✅ For generating text and images
Email marketingComing soon!

Let’s take a closer look at The Leap’s key features and advantages:

  • Price: You can use most of Beacons’ features for free until you start hitting a paywall. But with The Leap, you can use everything for free.
  • Product builder: With Beacons, you’re limited to building online courses only. On the contrary The Leap offers a one-of-a-kind, AI-powered digital product builder that can help you create a range of products, like guides, challenges, mini-courses, and tutorials. Whether you’re building your first digital product or your 50th, you’ll get the advice you need to make every product a winner.
  • Creator store: Create a custom, no-nonsense online store with all your links and products, and put a link to it on all your social platforms. Building your store with The Leap is super simple. Just pick a handle, write a description, and customize the look of your Leap store.
  • Generative AI: Many platforms have AI chatbots that can give you suggestions if you get stuck, but The Leap’s built-in generative AI can help you build digital products in mere minutes.
  • Email marketing: The Leap doesn’t offer email marketing features yet, but they’re coming sooner than you think!
The Leap’s AI-powered digital product builder helps you build a variety of digital learning products.

You can use The Leap’s AI-powered digital product to generate digital product ideas and drafts in minutes.

The Leap pricing

The Leap is totally free to use. With everything The Leap offers, you’d have to shell out a ton of money to get equivalent tools. Here’s how much you could save by using The Leap as your all-in-one creator store:

  • AI-powered product builder: Saves you $50/month compared to similar platforms.
  • Online storefront and link-in-bio tool: Saves you $20/month.
  • Payment processing: Saves you $100+/month.
  • Order delivery: Saves you $35/month.

Total saved: approximately $205/month.

The Leap isn’t just free. It’s going to save you a ton of money and a bunch of time!


Start monetizing your audience with The Leap, your all-in-one creator store.

Make The Leap

Beacons is a great platform for creators who want to start monetizing their content. It offers a suite of helpful tools that can help you build up your income, from a link-in-bio tool to an online store. But if you want a tool that can do all that and give you access to an AI-powered digital product builder that helps you create and sell digital products faster, then The Leap is your best choice.

Try The Leap free today to build your link-in-bio creator store and sell your digital products!


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Beacons pricing FAQ

What exactly is Beacons?

Beacons is a content creator toolkit that’s part link-in-bio tool, part online storefront, part email marketing tool, and more. Creators can use Beacons to offer digital products and 1:1 calls, build and sell online courses, send nurturing emails, and even manage administrative tasks like creating invoices and tax forms.

Do you have to pay for Beacons?

Beacons offers a Free plan (with 9% transaction fee on each sale), which means you get a chance to try out the platform before subscribing to a paid plan. Its Creator plan is $10/month (9% transaction fee), its Creator Pro plan is $30/month (0% transaction fee), and its VIP plan is $50/month (0% transaction fee).

Is there a free alternative to Beacons?

Yes, The Leap is an alternative that shares similar functionality as Beacon’s (like a link-in-bio tool and an online store for selling digital products), while being completely free to use!

The Leap is an all-in-one creator store with an AI-powered digital product builder all for $0. The only fee you’ll see on The Leap is a small, standard 2.9% Stripe fee when you make a sale. That’s it. All the revenue is yours to keep! 


Start monetizing your audience with The Leap, your all-in-one creator store.

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