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Gumroad Pricing 2024 Review: Is the E-Commerce Platform Worth It?

by Jenni Stablein · Published May 3, 2024

Popular among artists, musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs alike, Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that creators can use to sell their digital products online. With an easy-to-use interface, Gumroad helps creators sell virtually any digital product under the sun — from online courses to ebooks, digital art, and more. Gumroad is also completely free, minus the 10% transaction fee they charge on each sale you make on the platform.

While this all sounds great, how do you know if Gumroad is the best creator store platform for you? And does its 10% flat fee model really make the most sense for you? Read on to find out.

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How much does Gumroad cost?

Unlike many other e-commerce options on the market, Gumroad is free to use. It doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee. However, it does charge a 10% transaction fee on every sale (plus a 2.9% credit card processing fee or a 3.49% PayPal fee). 

While Gumroad really only has one plan (i.e. its free plan), it also offers a Discover feature which helps your products get more visibility on the platform. Creators would need to pay a minimum 30% fee to have their products boosted through this feature.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the features offered by Gumroad: 

Features$0 + 10% transaction fee
Mobile-optimized creator store
Custom domain
Online course builder 
Affiliate program 
Email marketing 
Monetization features
Marketing tools 
Promotional features 
Subscription and memberships 

Gumroad pricing

Thanks to zero monthly subscription fees, Gumroad’s pricing is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up, there’s no paywall — you’ll immediately have access to all of Gumroad’s features. 

In addition to Gumroad’s 10% transaction fee, it also charges a 2.9% credit card processing fee or a 3.49% PayPal fee on all sales. So while the platform advertises itself as free, it’s important to note that these fees can add up. 

gumroad pricing 10% flat fee transaction
Gumroad charges users a 10% transaction fee on each sale they make.

If you’d like to take advantage of Gumroad’s Discover feature, you’ll first need to reach a balance of at least $10, and will need to be verified by the Gumroad risk team to be eligible. 

From there, you get to choose what products you want featured, and what fee you’d like to pay. A general rule of thumb is the higher the fee you pay, the higher the chances of discovery. The minimum Discover boost fee starts at 30%

Eligible Gumroad users can pay to have their products get more visibility through the Discover feature.

Gumroad key features

Here’s a look at some of Gumroad’s other key platform features: 

  • Customizable Storefront: You can easily customize your Gumroad store to reflect your brand identity, including colors, logo, and layout. It also offers a drag-and-drop interface for uploading and organizing files easily. 
  • Online course builder: You can create, promote, and sell an online course all directly within the Gumroad platform. 
  • Sell subscriptions and memberships: You can offer subscription-based products or memberships so that you can generate recurring revenue. Your customers can pay over time, whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or biannually — you get to decide. 
  • Payment Processing: Gumroad handles multiple payment processing options, allowing you to easily accept payments from customers worldwide using major credit cards through Stripe and PayPal.
  • Audience analytics: You can track revenue, downloads, and customer demographics to better understand your audience and how to optimize the value of your products. 
  • Order fulfillment and security: Gumroad automatically delivers your digital products to buyers via email or download links. It also provides lightweight DRM (Digital Rights Management) to help protect from illegal distribution of your products. 
  • Full marketing suite: You can use marketing tools like discount and promotional codes, email campaigns, and affiliate marketing programs, as well as Gumroad’s Discover feature to promote your products and grow your audience. 

The best Gumroad alternative 

Not sure if Gumroad is the right platform for you? Well, here’s a Gumroad alternative you might want to consider. Meet The Leap, a free, AI-powered, all-in-one creator store designed to help creators start making money, right now. 

The Leap understands that getting started with selling digital products can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve created a free tool that helps you build, promote, and sell digital products in record time — and with minimal effort. 

What’s great about The Leap is that it empowers you to do it all from one place — from creating and selling digital products, to tracking leads, to, soon, email marketing. The Leap is truly an all-in-one creator monetization tool.

The Leap pricing

The Leap is free to use. No monthly subscription fee, and no hidden platform fees. The only thing you’ll pay is a small 2.9% Stripe payment processing fee per sale. That’s all!

The Leap key features

The Leap is the only creator store on the market that features an AI-powered digital product builder, which can generate mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and more for you in mere minutes. This saves you time and effort from brainstorming and creating your digital product, allowing you to make your first sales that much faster.

the leap ai digital product builder

The best part about The Leap is that it’s super intuitive — it’s designed with a mobile-first approach so you’ll feel like you’re creating content on your favorite social platforms. When you create a digital product on The Leap, sales pages are instantly generated, and links to these pages are automatically added to your customizable link-in-bio storefront. Easy peasy!

the leap ai digital product builder

Coming soon to The Leap is a native email marketing feature that allows creators to write and send emails to their leads and customers within the platform itself. This feature will help creators promote their product offering to their leads and turn them into paying customers. 

The Leap Gumroad
PricingFree!$0 + 10% transaction fee on each sale
Mobile-optimized creator store
Digital product builderAI-powered digital product builder helps create your products — like mini-courses, guides, and challenges — in minutes!Online course builder only
Monetization features
Generative AI
Native email🔜

Bye-bye fees, hello maximum revenue 

While Gumroad is a decent e-commerce solution for creators looking to sell digital products, it lacks smart and time-saving AI-powered features to help you streamline your digital product creation, promotion, and sales. If that’s important to you, then you might want to look for a Gumroad alternative. 

The Leap is the best Gumroad alternative on the market. Not only does it offer many of the same features as Gumroad’s, but The Leap also boasts an AI-powered digital product builder that can generate product ideas — and comprehensive, customizable digital product drafts — for you in minutes.

Plus, The Leap is completely free to use. No high transaction fees or hidden platform fees. Essentially, The Leap is the best creator store option if you want to keep all your revenue from selling digital products online. 

Ready to make some serious bucks without spending any? Try The Leap free today to build your link-in-bio creator store and sell your digital products.


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Gumroad pricing FAQ 

What is Gumroad used for?

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that creators can use to sell their digital products online. A digital product can be anything from digital art and ebooks, to music or online courses, templates, monthly subscriptions, and more. 

With Gumroad, creators can get paid easily through Stripe or PayPal. The platform also allows creators to accept tips or donations from their audience. 

Creators can also use Gumroad’s marketing toolkit to help track sales, understand customer habits, and ultimately build customer loyalty. You can use Gumroad as an online store, or use the platform’s built-in API to integrate its checkout system into your website.

Is there a free version of Gumroad?

Gumroad is technically free. However, it takes a flat 10% transaction fee on all sales. So, while you won’t be spending money on a monthly subscription, you will be giving a portion of every single sale to Gumroad. 

Is there a more affordable alternative to Gumroad? 

While there are many Gumroad alternatives out there, there is only one completely free option and it’s The Leap.

The Leap is an all-in-one creator store with an AI-powered digital product builder all for $0. The only fee you’ll see on The Leap is a small, standard 2.9% Stripe fee when you make a sale. That’s it. All the revenue is yours to keep! 


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Is The Leap better than Gumroad?

In many ways, The Leap and Gumroad offer similar functionality, including an online storefront builder and the ability to sell digital products. That being said, The Leap may be a better option for you in two distinct ways.

Firstly, The Leap is completely free to use, whereas Gumroad charges a steep 10% transaction fee on all sales.

Secondly, The Leap enables creators to build a wide range of digital products than simply online courses. With The Leap, creators can use its AI-powered digital product builder to generate product ideas and drafts for mini-courses, tutorials, guides, and more. Long story short, you can both create and sell digital products a lot faster with The Leap. 


Create and sell digital products in minutes using The Leap!

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