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10 Best Creator Store Platforms for Monetizing Your Knowledge 

by Jenni Stablein · Published May 22, 2024

Monetizing your knowledge through selling digital products is quickly becoming one of the best ways for many creators to make some serious cash. Whether you’re selling online courses, how-to guides, ebooks, or templates, the sweet, sweet prospect of passive income is on the rise.

So, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot more creator store platforms pop up on the market. But with various features, price tiers, and transaction fee equations to figure out, how do you know which creator store is best for you? 

In this article, we break down the pricing and key features of the 10 best creator store platforms to help you decide which one is the right fit.

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Best creator store platforms at a glance

Best overall The Leap 
Designed to help creators start making money online, The Leap enables you to create, sell, and market digital products all from one place quickly and easily — and all for free!
Best simple optionGumroad
With an easy-to-use interface, this e-commerce platform allows creators to sell virtually any digital product under the sun.
Best premium optionShopify
Shopify offers a plethora of pro features and tools like Shopify Payments, Shopify Email, and more for a premium price tag.

With tons of creator store platforms on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best option. But we’re here to help! Continue reading for an in-depth overview of the best creator store platforms available.

Best creator store platforms

Whether you’re just getting started in your creator journey, or you’re a seasoned seller of digital products looking to scale your business, read on to learn more about the best 10 creator store options. 

PlatformPricingProduct builderEmail marketing features
The LeapFree, with no transaction fee!AI-powered product builder creates digital products for you in minutes!Free (limits may apply)
StanCreator plan: $29/month

Creator Pro plan: $99/month
Course builderPremium plan only
BeaconsFree plan: $0/month (9% transaction fee)

Basic plan: $10/month (9% transaction fee)

Creator Pro plan: $30/month (0% transaction fee)

VIP plan: $50/month (0% transaction fee)
Course builderFree (limits may apply)
PensightBasic plan: $0/month

Pro plan: $29/month

Biz plan: $99/month
Course builderPaid plans only
SnipfeedPro plan: $20/month

Pro Plus plan: $59/month
Course builderPaid plans only
Gumroad$0/month (10% transaction fee)Course builderFree (limits may apply)
LinktreeFree plan: $0/month

Starter plan: $5/month

Pro plan: $9/month

Premium plan: $24/month
PayhipFree plan: $0/month (5% transaction fee)

Plus plan: $29/month (2% transaction fee)

Pro plan: $99/month (0% transaction fee)
Course builderFree (limits may apply)
Sellfy Starter plan: starting at $19/month

Business plan: starting at $49/month

Premium plan: starting at $99/month
Paid plans only
Shopify Basic plan: starting at $29/month

Shopify plan: starting $79/month

Advanced plan: starting at $298/month
Paid plans only

1. The Leap 

Boasting a link-in-bio storefront, a digital product builder, and built-in email marketing features, The Leap is an all-in-one creator store designed to help creators start making money, right now.

The Leap’s AI-powered digital product builder is what really makes it stand out. While other platforms may have AI chatbots that can give content suggestions, The Leap features a one-of-its-kind AI-powered authoring tool that’s able to generate digital learning products for you — like mini-courses, guides, and tutorials — in just minutes. This saves you tons of time and brainpower, enabling you to start selling and earning quickly.

The Leap’s free and user-friendly digital product builder also makes it easy for you to create lead magnets, which helps you grow your email list, ultimately leading to more cash. To use The Leap’s product builder, simply create a free account, then enter your content niche and what product you’d like to create, and voilà! The Leap’s AI will generate digital product ideas and a customizable draft for you in a snap.

When you create digital products on The Leap, sales pages are instantly generated, and links to these pages are automatically added to your link-in-bio storefront. The platform also offers an opt-in form feature for you to collect emails, in addition to the ability to create automated email flows and broadcasts for nurturing your leads effortlessly.

The best part about The Leap? You get access to all of its features for free with zero transaction fees.

Key features


Free! Build your creator store and start earning with The Leap today.


Start monetizing your audience with The Leap, your all-in-one creator store.

2. Stan

Stan is a popular creator store platform with many features that help creators monetize their expertise. The platform’s link-in-bio landing page doubles as an online storefront where creators can sell digital products, subscriptions, webinars, or online courses they’ve created with Stan’s course builder. Stan also has a native calendar feature that allows creators to sell 1:1 consultations, coaching sessions, or private lessons.

stan store creator link in bio sell digital products

Stan offers a host of marketing features to help you sell your products. Its basic plan allows users to build out their email list with opt-in forms, while its pro plan provides users with more robust email marketing capabilities, as well as pixel tracking to retarget followers. 

It’s important to note that Stan does not offer a free plan option. While Stan comes with a lot of the bells and whistles that help you drive engagement and monetize as a creator, you’ll have to prepare to pay a price for even the most basic features — and even more for advanced features like email marketing and pixel tracking. 

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Key features

  • Link-in-bio storefront with mobile-optimized checkout
  • Online course builder
  • Email list builder
  • Email marketing features
  • Calendar booking tool
  • Pixel tracking


14-day free trial available. After that, a basic plan is $29/month, and the advanced plan is $99/month.

3. Beacons

Beacons is a creator store platform that’s part link-in-bio tool, part analytics toolkit, and part income dashboard. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of room for customization, too. 

While Beacons offers three tiers of paid plans, its free plan is pretty robust in terms of its features, including helpful monetization tools like a customizable link-in-bio store, an auto-updating media kit, invoice creation, audience analytics, and email marketing. There’s a small catch though: Beacon’s free plan comes with a 9% transaction fee, so it’s not completely free. 

beacons creator store platform sell digital products

Beacons has also introduced some new features recently, like an online course builder, a desktop website builder, and enhanced design customization for email marketing — not to mention a handy AI email copy generator that transforms any link into succinct email copy. 

Keeping all these features in mind, Beacons is a great option for creators looking to stretch their dollars with a platform that allows them to sell digital products, conduct email marketing, and manage their income.

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Key features

  • Link-in-bio storefront with mobile-optimized checkout 
  • Online course builder
  • Email marketing tools including AI email copy generator 
  • Audience analytics
  • Desktop website builder (coming soon)
  • Income dashboard  


Free plan available (with 9% transaction fees). Paid plans go from $10-$50/month.

4. Pensight 

Relatively new to the market, Pensight has already gained significant popularity as a creator store platform. It’s an online storefront with a built-in course builder, various marketing tools, and the ability to sell, schedule, and host one-on-one calls like consultations and coaching lessons. 

pensight creator store platform sell digital products

The platform really has a “do-it-all” mentality, providing one link-in-bio space for creators to launch digital products and subscriptions, send newsletters, build and sell online courses, as well as offer coaching services.

One of Pensight’s most appealing attributes is that it has a free plan option, and that it charges zero transaction fees for its paid plans. Heads up though that while Pensight offers several features for monetizing your knowledge, many of those more revenue-generating features aren’t included in its free plan. 

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Key features

  • Link-in-bio storefront with mobile-optimized checkout 
  • Course builder (advanced features like drip content and comment sections available only with paid plans)
  • Email marketing (only with paid plans)
  • Native calendar bookings
  • Video call integrations
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions (only with paid plans)


Pensight offers a free Basic plan with limited monetization features. For more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to its Pro plan ($29/month) or the Biz plan ($99/month). 

5. Snipfeed 

Snipfeed is all about helping creators monetize their audience via digital product sales, on-demand content, and direct interactions. This creator store platform provides users with an online course builder, a booking tool for selling appointments, and video integrations to host 1:1 calls and livestreams.

snipfeed creator store platform sell digital products

Keep in mind that Snipfeed isn’t free, meaning users must pay to use the platform. Its Pro plan is $20/month, and its Pro Plus plan is $59/month. However, the expense does come with plenty of attractive features, including SMS and email marketing, a tip jar, and loads of Zapier integrations to streamline your workflow.

Snipfeed’s drag-and-drop course builder is definitely a bonus, as it’s easy to use and even allows you to track your students’ progress, receive user reviews, and add bonus content for paid subscribers.

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Key features

  • Link-in-bio storefront with mobile-optimized checkout
  • Online course builder with drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Video call integrations
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions


Snipfeed offers its Pro plan at $20/month, and its Pro Plus plan at $59/month. If you’re not ready to commit to a paid plan, Snipfeed also offers a free trial for all of its plan tiers.

6. Gumroad 

Gumroad is an easy-to-use creator store platform for selling any digital product, from ebooks to templates. It also gives creators the ability to sell memberships and subscriptions for recurring income. 

If you already have your own website, Gumroad’s embeddable checkout button and widget can come in handy, as they allow you to sell products directly from your own channels. Gumroad also has pretty robust audience analytics, which is a major plus for creators. 

gumroad creator store platform sell digital products

One important thing to note is that while Gumroad lets you sell virtually any digital product under the sun, it does not support the building of many digital products. You can create online courses on Gumroad, but other than that, your options are limited. This means you have to build the bulk of your digital products on a separate platform, and then come back to Gumroad to upload them.

While Gumroad charges a 10% transaction fee per sale (plus credit card processing fees), it doesn’t charge a subscription fee for using the platform. So, technically, Gumroad is free to use.

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Key features

  • Online storefront with mobile-optimized checkout
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions 
  • Online course builder 
  • Audience analytics
  • Embeddable checkout button 


Free, with a 10% transaction fee per sale (plus credit card processing and PayPal fees). 

7. Linktree 

Best known for being the OG link-in-bio tool on the market, Linktree has over 40 million users worldwide. While Linktree is first and foremost a link-in-bio tool, it comes with certain monetization features that give the creator platform some online store functionality, helping creators sell products, collect tips, and more. 

linktree creator store platform

For the best monetization options on Linktree, you’ll need to use one of its integrations to several popular online storefronts and digital payment platforms like Paypal, Shopify, and Square. And while the platform makes it super easy for you to accept tips and request funds, it isn’t the strongest platform for selling digital products

That being said, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use link-in-bio tool with some basic monetization features, then Linktree could be a good option for you. Some might want to pursue alternatives to Linktree with more advanced features, or a more all-in-one creator platform altogether.

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Key features

  • Online storefront via third-party integrations (or host and sell digital products with paid account)
  • Email list builder (only with paid plans)
  • Email marketing via Mailchimp integration
  • Advanced audience analytics (only with paid plans)
  • Accept tips and request funds via in-app payment integrations


Linktree offers a Free plan with limited features. For additional and advanced features, you can purchase a Starter plan for $5/month, a Pro plan for $9/month, or a Premium plan for $24/month.

Linktree also offers a 7-day free trial for its Pro plan, if you want to try out its premium features without committing right away.

8. Payhip

Payhip is a creator store platform with a focus on creators looking to sell digital downloads. In addition to its online storefront tool, the platform’s online course builder is tricked out with an assortment of useful features like drip content, quizzes, and assignments.

payhip creator store platform sell digital products

If you’re not looking to sell online courses, no worries. Payhip supports practically every digital product on the market. From ebooks to templates, simply upload them to your storefront and you’re ready to cash in. The platform also allows you to sell — and schedule — coaching sessions through its native calendar booking feature, as well as offer memberships and subscriptions.

If you’re looking to grow your business, Payhip offers users a marketing suite that includes coupons, an upselling feature, and referrals. For email marketing, Payhip has a robust array of integrations with apps like Mailchimp and Zapier to help you build your email list and send newsletters to your customers.

Key features

  • Online storefront with mobile-optimized checkout
  • Online course builder
  • Email marketing integrations (Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.)
  • Marketing features like upselling, coupons, and referrals
  • Native calendar bookings
  • Audience analytics


Payhip offers a Free plan with a 5% transaction fee, a Plus plan for $29/month with a 2% transaction fee, and a Pro plan for $99/month with no transaction fee.

All Payhip’s plans offer the same features. The only difference between the tiers is the percentage of transaction fees you pay per sale.

9. Sellfy 

Sellfy is a creator platform that’s geared towards selling both physical and digital products. So, if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get those products flying off the (digital) shelves, then this might be a good option for you.

sellfy creator store platform sell digital products

One of Sellfy’s main selling points is that it has a user-friendly website builder that can get your online store up and running in just a few minutes. From there, you can upload an unlimited amount of digital products, and even sell subscriptions and on-demand video. But, beware, the platform places a cap on just how much you can earn per pricing tier. If you plan on making more than $10,000 a year, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher-tiered plan.

While it lacks a digital product builder, Sellfy does offer a variety of marketing features geared towards conversion, like coupon codes and email marketing, which are available with even the lowest tier plan. If you want more advanced features, like product upselling and cart abandonment automation, you’ll have to level up your plan.

Key features

  • Online storefront with mobile-optimized checkout 
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Email collection
  • Native email
  • Coupon codes, upselling, and cart abandonment


Sellfy’s Starter plan starts at $19/month, its Business plan starts at $49/month, and its Premium plan starts at $99/month. Prices vary depending on whether you want to pay monthly, annually, or bi-annually.

10. Shopify 

Well-known for helping businesses and entrepreneurs sell their products, Shopify is a top dog in the online store sphere. In addition to physical merch, this platform allows creators to sell virtually any digital product, from online courses to templates and more. 

To start selling digital products, you’ll need to download and use Shopify’s free Digital Downloads app. From there, upload your product, disable the shipping option, and Shopify will deliver your products directly to your customers. You can also sell memberships and subscriptions, but you’ll need to integrate another app through Shopify’s app store. 

While Shopify is a popular online store platform, it does require much more of a learning curve than other creator store platforms, and navigating its many apps may seem complicated to some. And while the platform has all sorts of robust features, including a powerful email marketing tool, it does come at a premium. 

Key features 

  • Online storefront with mobile-optimized checkout 
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions through third-party app integrations 
  • Email marketing (at additional cost depending on number of emails sent) 
  • Email list builder 
  • Advanced audience analytics 


Shopify recommends its Basic plan (starting at $29/month) for solo entrepreneurs, its Shopify plan (starting $79/month) for small teams, and its Advanced plan (starting at $298/month) if you really want to scale your business. You can choose to pay for your plan in monthly or yearly installments.

Shopify charges transaction fees when you sell with third-party payment gateways (2% for Basic plan, 1% for Shopify plan, and 0.5% for Advanced plan). However, it waives these fees if you sell using the Shopify Payments app.

Choosing the best creator store platform  

When it comes to choosing a single platform from this list of the best creator store platforms, it might seem difficult at first. There are several factors to consider, most importantly your business needs, your audience’s needs, and your budget.

If you’re still feeling stumped after this article, may we make a suggestion? If you want to create, sell, and promote your digital products in no time at all, then The Leap is the only totally free, all-in-one creator store for you.

In addition to an AI-powered digital product builder and link-in-bio storefront, with The Leap, you also get an email list builder, audience analytics, and built-in email marketing features. What more do you need to supercharge your creator business? 

Ready to build your dream creator store and start monetizing your knowledge? Try The Leap free today! 


Start monetizing your audience with The Leap, your all-in-one creator store.

Best creator store platforms FAQ 

What is the best place to sell digital products?

The best place to sell digital products online is a creator store platform that has e-commerce functionality, like the ability to upload and sell digital products and services.

The best creator store platform will not only give you the ability to sell digital products, but it should also offer you the option to create digital products, as well as offer more advanced marketing and sales features for understanding your audience and nurturing your leads. 

Where is the best place to build an online store as a creator?

As a creator looking to establish an online store, choosing the right platform is crucial for success. While there are several options available, the best place to build a creator store is on a platform that has a user-friendly interface, customization options, and the ability to effortlessly set up your store, manage sales, process payments, and even build digital products to either sell or offer for free as lead magnets.

Ideally, you find a creator store like The Leap, which offers all of these features for free (plus, zero transaction fees), so you get to keep all the revenue generated from your products or services.


Build, market, and sell digital products all in one spot with The Leap!

Is The Leap or Stan Store better?

The Leap and Stan Store offer similar functionality, including an online storefront builder and digital product builder. While the platforms are similar, The Leap is different from Stan in two big ways.

First, The Leap is totally free to use, whereas Stan is only accessible through paid subscription ($29-99/month).

The second reason has to do with both platforms’ digital product builders. The Leap’s AI-powered authoring tool allows users to create a range of engaging digital learning products — including mini-course, guides, tutorials, and challenges — faster and with less effort, whereas Stan’s tool only lets you build online courses.

So, if you’re looking for a creator store where you can truly do it all in one place, then The Leap is a better option. 


Create and sell digital products in minutes using The Leap!

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